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Behaviour and Information Technology 11

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 4
  5. BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 5
  6. BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 6

BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 1

Editorial BIB i-ii
  T. F. M. Stewart

Human Variety Adds Richness to Life

Designing for Diversity: The User Interface for a Hypermedia Information System on a University Campus BIBA 1-12
  Joan M. Cherry; James M. Turner; Geoffrey M. Rockwell
A Comparative Study of Gestural, Keyboard, and Mouse Interfaces BIBA 13-23
  Catherine G. Wolf
A Framework to Identify Applications of Information Technology to Improve Service Quality BIBA 24-31
  Ravinder Nath
Learning Text Editing Tasks from Examples: A Procedural Approach BIBA 32-45
  Dan H. Mo; Ian H. Witten

Older and Wiser but Not Necessarily Happier

Technological Change and the Older Employee: Implications for Introduction and Training BIBA 46-52
  Michael Staufer
Training and Experience as Predictors of Job Satisfaction and Work Motivation when Using Computers: A Correlational Study BIBA 53-60
  Howard Kahn; Ivan T. Robertson

BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 2

Editorial BIB i-ii
  T. F. M. Stewart

Experiments in Human-Computer Interpretation

A Task-Action Trace for Exploratory Learners BIBA 63-70
  Stephen J. Payne; Andrew Howes
The Influence of Screen Size and Text Layout on the Study of Text BIBA 71-78
  David de Bruijn; Sjaak de Mul; Herre van Oostendorp
Analogously Based Reusability BIBA 79-98
  Neil Maiden; Alistair Sutcliffe


The Concept and Correlates of Computer Anxiety BIBA 99-108
  Gholamreza Torkzadeh; Irma E. Angulo
Automatic Speech Recognition in Practice BIBA 109-122
  Dylan M. Jones; Clive R. Frankish; Kevin Hapeshi
Unheard of Working Conditions BIB 123-124
  Heimrich Kanis; Frank Leopold; Bart Kip; Jan Wulffele

Book Review

"Architecture; The Story of Practice," by Dana Cuff BIB 125-126
  Kathleen Carter

BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 3

Editorial BIB i
  T. F. M. Stewart

Special Issue: Methods and Frameworks for System Design

Editorial: Collection of Papers from Symposium on 'Methods and Frameworks for System Design' BIB ii
  Mike Fitter
The Process of Deriving Requirements for a Hospital Information System BIBA 131-140
  Gillian Symon; Mike Fitter; Clare Radstone; Ian Kunkler; Barry Hancock
Job Design within a Human Centred (System) Design Framework BIBA 141-150
  I. Franklin; D. Pain; E. Green; J. Owen
Supportive Evaluation Methodology: A Method to Facilitate System Development BIBA 151-159
  Dave Robinson; Mike Fitter
Human and Organizational Issues in Information Systems Development BIBA 160-174
  P. Hornby; C. W. Clegg; J. I. Robson; C. R. R. Maclaren; S. C. S. Richardson; P. O'Brien
Information Systems Design and Planned Organization Change: Applying Unger's Theory of Social Reconstruction BIBA 175-183
  Frank Blackler

Book Reviews

"Design at Work: Co-Operative Design of Computer Systems," by Joan Greenbaum and Morten Kyng BIB 184-187
  Mike Robinson
"Cognitive Aspects of Computer-Supported Tasks," by Yvonne Wærn BIB 184-187
  R. H. R. Harper

BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 4

Editorial BIB i-ii
  T. F. M. Stewart

It's Just the Same, Only Different

Teleshopping or Going Shopping? An Information Acquisition Perspective BIBA 189-198
  Ilan Salomon; Frank S. Koppelman
Learning New Programming Languages: An Analysis of the Process and Problems Encountered BIBA 199-215
  Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck

Experiments in Interface Design

Can Speech be Used for Alarm Displays in 'Process Control' Type Tasks? BIBAK 216-226
  C. Baber; N. A. Stanton; A. Stockley
An Empirical Comparison of Menu-Selection (CUI) and Desktop (GUI) Computer Programs Carried Out by Beginners and Experts BIBA 227-236
  Matthias Rauterberg
Information Systems Design: An Empirical Study of Feedback Effects BIBA 237-244
  Jane E. Humble; Robert T. Keim; James C. Hershauer

Book Review

"Computer Systems Development: History, Organization and Implementation," by A. Friedman with D. Cornford BIB 245-246
  Jorgen Bansler

BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 5

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart

Developing Theory in Human-Computer Interaction

Integrating Theory Development with Design Evaluation BIBA 247-255
  John M. Carroll; Mark K. Singley; Mary Beth Rosson
Human Aspects in Object-Oriented Design: An Assessment and a Methodology BIBAK 256-261
  Zhengxin Chen

Conducting Experiments to Address Simple Issues

VDU Work, Contrast Adaptation, and Visual Fatigue BIBAK 262-267
  Reidulf G. Watten; Ivar Lie; Svein Magnussen
Problem-Solving Performance as a Function of Problem Type, Number Progression, and Memory Load BIBAK 268-280
  Mary J. LaLomia; Michael D. Coovert; Eduardo Salas
The Need for a New Experimental Environment for HCI Research into Multi-Agent, Real-Time Systems BIBAK 281-292
  Philip A. Scown

Involving Users -- A Case Study

User Participation in Context: A Case Study in a UK Bank BIBAK 293-307
  Pat Hornby; Chris Clegg

BIT 1992 Volume 11 Issue 6

Editorial BIB i-ii
  Tom Stewart
Imaginal Technology and Management Information Processing: A Review of the Applied Literature BIBA 309-318
  Joel D. Nicholson; Nick Maddox; William P. Anthony; Walt Wheatley
Some Surprising Differences between Novice and Expert Errors in Computerized Office Work BIBA 319-328
  Jochen Prumper; Dieter Zapf; Felix C. Brodbeck; Michael Frese
The Influence of Computerized Feedback on Overconfidence in Knowledge BIBAK 329-333
  Dan Zakay

Short Paper

Time Course of Contrast Adaptation to VDU-Displayed Text BIBAK 334-337
  Svein Magnussen; Stein Dyrnes; Mark W. Greenlee; Knut Nordby; Reidulf Watten
Job Satisfaction and Visual Display Unit (VDU) Usage: An Explanatory Model BIBA 338-344
  Jane M. Carey

Case Study

What Price Usability Audits? The Introduction of Electronic Mail into a User Organization BIBA 345-353
  Bharat Malde

Book Review

"Human-Computer Interaction (Research Directions in Cognitive Science: European Perspectives, Vol. 3)," edited by J. Rasmussen, H. B. Anderson, and N. O. Bernsen BIB 354-355
  Liam Bannon