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Behaviour and Information Technology 9

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 4
  5. BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 5
  6. BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 6

BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart

Individual Differences in User Behaviour

Job Design Predictors of Stress in Automated Offices BIBA 3-16
  Pascale A. Sainfort
Some Effects of Menu Characteristics and User Personality on Performance with Menu-Driven Interfaces BIBA 17-29
  Rudy Van Hoe; Karel Poupeye; Andre Vandierendonck; Geert De Soete
Perceived Costs and Benefits as Determinants of User Behaviour: An Experiment with Matchmaking BIBA 31-45
  Dov Te'eni

Public Access Computing: Videotex Shopping

Using Videotex for Shopping -- A Qualitative Analysis BIBA 47-61
  Paul Buckley; John Long
Ordering Goods with Videotex: Or Just Fill in the Details BIBA 63-80
  P. Susan Fenn; Paul K. Buckley

A Field Study of User Errors

Naive Users and the Lotus Interface: A Field Study BIBA 81-89
  J. R. Doyle

BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 2

Editorial BIB 91-92
  Tom Stewart

Information Retrieval and Databases

COMODA: A Conversation Model for Database Access BIBA 93-110
  Thomas E. Whalen; Andrew S. Patrick
A Comparison of Words and Icons as External Memory Aids in an Information Retrieval Task BIBA 111-131
  M. W. Lansdale; M. Simpson; T. R. M. Stroud

Tools and Techniques in HCI

Context and Selective Retreat in Hierarchical Menu Structures BIBA 133-146
  G. E. Field; M. D. Apperley
Action-Effect Rules: A Technique for Evaluating an Informal Specification Against Principles BIBA 147-155
  Andrew Monk

Case Study

Scanning in the Supermarket: For Better or Worse? A Case Study in Introducing Electronic Point of Sale BIBA 157-169
  Kirstie Cutler; Christopher Rowe

BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 173-174
  Tom Stewart

Comprehension in Human-Computer Interaction

The Role of Instruction and Verbalization in Improving Performance on Complex Search Tasks BIBA 175-190
  Dianne C. Berry; Donald E. Broadbent
Knowledge Representation in Human Problem Solving: Implications for Expert System Design BIBA 191-200
  David C. Gibson; Gavriel Salvendy
Plans, Goals and Selection Rules in the Comprehension of Computer Programs BIBA 201-214
  Simon P. Davies
The Effects of Display Size and Text Splitting on Reading Lengthy Text from Screen BIBA 215-227
  Andrew Dillon; John Richardson; Cliff McKnight

Computing and Society -- Public Attitudes

Computer Anxiety and Attitudes Towards Microcomputer Use BIBA 229-241
  Magid Igbaria; Alok Chakrabarti

Case Study in Usability

Usability of Product X -- Lessons from a Real Product BIBA 243-253
  Chris Marshall; Brendan McManus; Amanda Prail

BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 4

Editorial BIB 255-256
  Tom Stewart

Impact of IT at the Individual Level

Individual Adjustment during Technological Innovation: A Research Framework BIBA 257-271
  Debra L. Nelson; Marilyn G. Kletke
Ergonomic Predictors of Visual System Complaints in VDT Data Entry Work BIBA 273-282
  Lawrence M. Schleifer; Steven L. Sauter; Randall J. Smith; Sheri Knutson
Visible Planning on Paper and on Screen: The Impact of Working Medium on Decision-Making by Novice Graphic Designers BIBA 283-296
  Alison Black
Expert Support Systems: An Intermediate Reality for Management BIBA 297-305
  Thow-Yick Liang

Impact of IT at the Organizational Level

A Comparison of Computer Conferences with Face-to-Face Meetings for Small Group Business Decisions BIBA 307-317
  Norman P. Archer
The Measurement of Information Technology Absorption into Information Handling Processes in Business BIBA 319-335
  John A. Sparrow

Impact of IT at the Market Level

Information Technology and Securities Market BIBA 337-349
  Yash P. Gupta; Glen McCoy

BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 5

Editorial BIB 351-352
  Tom Stewart

Empirical Studies of Computer Users

Correlates of Computer Misuse: Data from a Self-Reporting Sample BIBA 353-369
  Vincent F. Sacco; Elia Zureik
Instructions and Demonstration as Media for Training New Users of Automatic Speech Recognition Devices BIBA 371-379
  C. Baber; R. B. Stammers; D. M. Usher
Human Perception of Robot Safe Speed and Idle Time BIBA 381-389
  Mansour Rahimi; Waldemar Karwowski
Relationship between the Amount and Equivocality of Information Processed and Receptivity to Change in Information Systems BIBA 391-395
  Gary J. Mann

Information Technology and Disability

Developments in IT Training for People with Disabilities BIBA 397-407
  Gerald Midgley
Vocational Training in the Use of New Technologies for People with Disabilities BIBA 409-424
  Gerald Midgley; Michael Floyd

Tutorial Review

Applying Visual Psychophysics to User Interface Design BIBA 425-438
  David S. Travis

BIT 1990 Volume 9 Issue 6

Editorial BIB 439-440
  Tom Stewart

The Visual Presentation of Information

Miniatures versus Icons as a Visual Cache for Videotex Browsing BIBA 441-449
  Jakob Nielsen
Navigational Techniques to Improve the Display of Large Two-Dimensional Spaces BIBA 451-466
  David V. Beard; John Q., II Walker
Reading Computer-Displayed Moving Text With and Without Self-Control Over the Display Rate BIBA 467-477
  Hsuan-Chih Chen; Kin-Tong Chan

The Design of Human-Computer Systems

Specifying Human-Computer Interface Requirements BIBA 479-492
  Alphonse Chapanis; William J. Budurka
Coherence- and Correspondence-Driven Work Domains: Implications for Systems Design BIBA 493-502
  Kim J. Vicente
Communication Action and Decision Support System Development: An Integrative Approach BIBA 503-516
  Marius A. Janson; L. Douglas Smith; Ronald Dattero