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Behaviour and Information Technology 8

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 4
  5. BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 5
  6. BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 6

BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart
Asynchronous Parallelism in Human Behaviour: A Cognitive Science Perspective on Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 3-12
  William H. Edmondson
Paralanguage and Human-Computer Interaction. Part 1: Identification of Recorded Vocal Segregates BIBA 13-21
  S. E. Avons; R. G. Leiser; D. J. Carr
Paralanguage and Human-Computer Interaction. Part 2: Comprehension of Synthesized Vocal Segregates BIBA 23-32
  R. G. Leiser; S. E. Avons; D. J. Carr
Reading Dynamically Displayed Text BIBA 33-42
  T. Jin Kang; Paul Muter
Graphical Displays in Information Systems: Some Data Properties Influencing the Effectiveness of Alternative Forms BIBA 43-56
  John A. Sparrow
Efficiency and Satisfaction in Videotex Database Production BIBA 57-63
  Stephen T. Kerr
Using the Proforma PROGRAM Command BIBA 65-74
  M. J. Collett

BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 2

Editorial BIB 75-76
  Tom Stewart
User Perceptions and Expectations of an Information Retrieval System BIBA 77-88
  Biju Joseph; Esther R. Steinberg; A. Russell Jones
Evolution of Attitudes Toward Computers: A Retrospective View BIBA 89-98
  Ella Paton Gardner; Peg Young; Stephen R. Ruth
Social Meaning of Personal Computers for Managers and Professionals: Methodology and Results BIBA 99-107
  Frank R. Safayeni; R. Lyn Purdy; Christopher A. Higgins
Information Technology and the Accountant: A Case Study BIBA 109-123
  M. King; L. McAulay
The Menu Metaphor: Food for Thought BIBA 125-134
  Kent L. Norman; John P. Chin
The Effects of the Availability of Menu Information During Command Learning in a Word Processing Application BIBA 135-144
  Simon P. Davies; Anthony J. Lambert; John M. Findlay
Legibility Testing of Visual Display Screens BIB 145-153
  Olov Ostberg; Houshang Shahnavaz; Rikard Stenberg

BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 155-156
  Tom Stewart
Computer Aided Manufacturing and Worker Well-Being: A Review of Research BIBA 157-174
  Jeffrey R. Edwards
Allocating Functions in Computer Integrated Manufacturing: A Review and a New Method BIBA 175-190
  Chris Clegg; Susannah Ravden; Martin Corbett; Graham Johnson
Situation Analysis of Design Tasks for CAD Systems BIBA 191-206
  R. N. Pikaar
Back to Thinking Mode: Diaries for the Management of Information Systems Development Projects BIBA 207-217
  Leif Obel Jepsen; Lars Mathiassen; Peter Axel Nielsen
Taskmaster: An Interactive, Graphical Environment for Task Specification, Execution and Monitoring BIBA 219-233
  James D. Arthur; K. S. Raghu
Density in Scatterplots and the Estimation of Correlation BIBA 235-244
  Thomas W. Lauer; Gerald V. Post

BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 4

Editorial BIB 245-246
  Tom Stewart
Artifacts as Psychological Theories: The Case of Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 247-256
  John M. Carroll; Robert L. Campbell
An Analogue and Propositional Hybrid Model for the Perception of Computer Generated Graphical Images BIBA 257-272
  Woodrow Barfield; Gavriel Salvendy; James Foley
Some Uses of the Microcomputer as a Simulation Tool in the Design and Development of Electronic Visual Display Devices BIBA 273-278
  Elwyn Edwards
Statistical Methods for Testing the Conformance of Products to User Performance Standards BIBA 279-283
  F. R. Brigham
Developing and Evaluating an Interactive System for Producing Human-Computer Interfaces BIBA 285-299
  Deborah Hix
The Increasing Utility of Incorporating Keywords in Menu Systems as Users Increase in Experience BIBA 301-308
  Eric Lee; Glena Chao
Aged Related Differences in Learning to Use a Text-Editing System BIBA 309-319
  Sara J. Czaja; Katka Hammond; James J. Blascovich; Helen Swede

BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 5

Editorial BIB 321-322
  Tom Stewart

Towards a Theory of HCI

A Conceptual Model of Human-Computer Interaction? BIBA 323-334
  Graham Storrs

Computers as Educational Tools

Computerized Tests and Time: Measuring, Limiting and Providing Visual Cues for Response Time in On-Line Questioning BIBA 335-351
  Sheizaf Rafaeli; Noam Tractinsky
Learning Studies in the Use of Computer Aided Design Systems for Discrete-Parts Manufacture BIBA 353-368
  K. Case; B. S. Acar
The Effects of Two- or Three-Dimensional Graphics on the Problem-Solving Performance of Experienced and Novice Decision Makers BIBA 369-385
  Woodrow Barfield; Robert Robless

Impacts on Organizations

Evolution of Information Systems in Organizations BIBA 387-398
  Timo Saarinen
'The Dark Side' of IT: A Personal Comment BIB 399-402
  Chris Clegg

BIT 1989 Volume 8 Issue 6

Editorial BIB 403-404
  Tom Stewart
Modes of Presentation for On-Line Help: Full Screen, Split Screen and Windowed Formats BIBA 405-416
  Joan M. Cherry; Michael J. Fischer; Barbara M. Fryer; Melanie J. Steckham
User Support: Revealing Structure Instead of Surface BIBA 417-435
  Riitta Hellman
Survey Steered Design: Evaluating User Recovery and Command Reuse Support by Questionnaire BIBA 437-459
  Yiya Yang
Human Factors in Electronic Mail System Design BIBA 461-474
  Ann Hjalmarsson; Lars Oestreicher; Yvonne Wærn
A Review of Speech Recognition Applications in the Office BIBA 475-486
  Jan M. Noyes; Clive R. Frankish