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Behaviour and Information Technology 7

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1988 Volume 7 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1988 Volume 7 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1988 Volume 7 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1988 Volume 7 Issue 4

BIT 1988 Volume 7 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart
Legibility of Video Display Units During Off-Angle Viewing BIBA 3-9
  Stephen J. Morrissey; Rose W. Chu
Colour Cues as Location Aids in Lengthy Texts on Screen and Paper BIBA 11-30
  P. Wright; A. Lickorish
Selected Graph Design Variables in Four Interpretation Tasks: A Microcomputer-Based Pilot Study BIBA 31-49
  John G. Casali; Kenneth B. Gaylin
The Effect of Tree Structure on Search in a Hierarchical Menu Selection System BIBA 51-65
  Kent L. Norman; John P. Chin
Monitoring Computer Users' Behaviour in Office Environments BIBA 67-78
  Alan L. Teubner; Jerry J. Vaske
Users' Experiences of COM -- A Computer-Mediated Communication System BIBA 79-99
  Lillemor Adrianson; Erland Hjelmquist

Book Reviews

"Foundations of Programming," by Jacques Arsac BIB 101-102
  Tom Axford
"Information Technology and the Role of the Librarian," by William Masterson BIB 101-102
  Hillary Dyer

BIT 1988 Volume 7 Issue 2

Editorial BIB 107
  Tom Stewart
The Knowledge Elicitation Problem: A Psychological Perspective BIBA 111-130
  J. St B. T. Evans
On the Memorability of Icons in an Information Retrieval Task BIBA 131-151
  M. W. Lansdale
Expert-Novice Knowledge Organization: An Empirical Investigation Using Computer Program Recall BIBA 153-171
  Iris Vessey
An Empirical Comparison of Menu Selection, Command Entry and Combined Modes of Computer Control BIBA 173-182
  Jonathan F. Antin
The Effects of Feedback During Delays in Simulated Teletext Reception BIBA 183-191
  Miguel A. Planas; William C. Treurniet
The Social Shaping of Technology: The Case of a CNC Lathe BIBA 193-204
  P. T. Kidd
The Interaction between the Use of Information Technology and Organizational Culture BIBA 205-213
  Yves V. H. Morieux; Ewan Sutherland

Human-Computer Interaction and Electronic Communication

Editorial Introduction BIB 215
  David J. Pullinger
HICOM -- Enter a New Communications Network BIB 216-218
  Mark Shuttleworth
Requirements for Mailbox Group Working BIB 219-222
  Paul Wilson
The State of the COSMOS -- Current Research and Future Possibilities BIB 223-226
  Sylvia Wilbur
Using an Electronic Communication System BIB 227-230
  D. J. Pullinger

BIT 1988 Volume 7 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 231-233
  Tom Stewart
Evaluating Expert Created, Idiographic Command Sets for Novice, Nomothetic Purposes BIBA 235-261
  Perry R. Morrison
Callers' Perceptions of Post-Dialling Delays: The Effects of a New Signalling Technology BIBA 263-274
  Stephen J. Lupker; Gregory J. Fleet; Brian R. Shelton
Hierarchical Planning as Method for Task Analysis: The Example of Office Task Analysis BIBA 275-293
  Suzanne Sebillotte
The Effects of an Active Development of the Mental Model in the Training Process: Experimental Results in a Word Processing System BIBA 295-304
  Michael Frese; Karen Albrecht; Alexandra Altmann; Jutta Lang; Patricia Von Papstein; Reinhard Peyerl; Jochen Prumper; Heike Schulte-Gocking; Isabell Wankmuller; Rigas Wendel
Attitudes to Computers of Managers in the Hospitality Industry BIBA 305-321
  P. R. Gamble
The Contributions of Cognitive Engineering to the Design and Use of Expert Systems BIBA 323-342
  Chaya Garg-Janardan; Gavriel Salvendy

BIT 1988 Volume 7 Issue 4

Editorial BIB 343-344
  Tom Stewart
Technology Adaptation: A Typology for Strategic Human Resource Management BIBA 345-359
  Urs E. Gattiker
An Empirical Investigation of Two Electronic Mail Systems BIBA 361-372
  Frank Safayeni; Eric Lee; James MacGregor
A Cognitively Based Methodology for Evaluating Human Performance in the Computer-Aided Design Task Domain BIBA 373-397
  Joseph Sharit; Donna L. Cuomo
Problems Associated with the Off-Line Programming of Robots BIBA 399-416
  Al Humrich; Iain Wilson
Human Intelligence Models and Their Implications for Expert System Structure and Research BIBA 417-430
  John Cook; A. Dale Whittaker; Ronald H. Thieme; Owen R. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
What We Know and What We Need to Know: The User Model versus the User's Model in Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 431-442
  Pamela Briggs
The Concept of an Information Management System and its Use within Design Studies BIBA 443-455
  M. A. Tainsh
A Feature Matching Approach to the Retrieval of Graphical Information BIBA 457-465
  James N. MacGregor; Eric S. Lee
Effects of Display Format on Proof-Reading with VDUs BIBA 467-478
  Anthony Creed; Ian Dennis; Stephen Newstead