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Behaviour and Information Technology 6

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1987 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1987 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1987 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1987 Volume 6 Issue 4

BIT 1987 Volume 6 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart
Proof-Reading on VDUs BIBA 3-13
  Anthony Creed; Ian Dennis; Stephen Newstead
On the Limits of Expert Systems and Engineering Models in Process Control BIBA 15-36
  Bernhard Zimolong; Shimon Y. Nof; Ray E. Eberts; Gavriel Salvendy

Short Paper

An Expert System within a Supportive Interface for UNIX BIB 37-41
  Jennifer Jerrams-Smith
Performance and Preference in Videotex Menu Retrieval: A Review of the Empirical Literature BIBA 43-68
  James N. MacGregor; Eric S. Lee
Individual Differences and Ergonomic Factors in Performance on a Videotex-Type Task BIBA 69-88
  Perry R. Morrion; Grant Noble
A Menu Selection Algorithm BIBA 89-94
  Harold Thimbleby

BIT 1987 Volume 6 Issue 2

Editorial BIB 95-96
  Tom Stewart
An Evaluation of Jump-Ahead Techniques in Menu Selection BIBA 97-108
  Alan Laverson; Kent Norman; Ben Shneiderman
Information Technology and Job Design: A Case Study on Computerized Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Working BIBA 109-124
  Nigel J. Kemp; Chris W. Clegg
Proof-Reading: VDU and Paper Text Compared for Speed, Accuracy and Fatigue BIBA 125-133
  R. T. Wilkinson; Helen M. Robinshaw
Metaform: Updatable Form Screens and their Application to the Use of Office Metaphors in Query Language Instruction BIBA 135-157
  David Volk Beard; Marilyn M. Mantei; Toby J. Teorey
Characterizing User Performance in Command-Driven Dialogue BIBA 159-205
  N. V. Hammond; P. J. Barnard; J. Morton; J. B. Long; I. A. Clark

Book Review

"Computer Ethics," by Deborah G. Johnson BIB 207-208
  David J. Pullinger

BIT 1987 Volume 6 Issue 3


Editorial: ERGODESIGN'86 -- The Evolution of the Electronic Workplace BIB 213-214
  Tom Stewart
Conflict between Computers and Furniture BIB 215-218
  Karl Dittert
Ergo Design as a Corporate Strategy BIB 219-227
  R. Blaich
Methods of Planning the Electronic Workplace BIBA 229-238
  K. D. Eason
Design as a Mirror of Culture BIB 239-242
  Gillo Dorfles
Mental and Physical Strain at VDT Workstations BIBA 243-255
  Michael J. Smith
Biomechanical Aspects of Sitting: An Application to VDT Terminals BIBA 257-269
  Gunnar B. J. Andersson
Software Ergonomics of Interface Design BIBA 271-278
  Jean-Claude Sperandio
Office Productivity: Contributions of the Workstation BIBA 279-284
  David L. Dressel; Joellen Francis
Toshiba House Reorganization: The Pragmatic Use of Space in an Existing Industrial Building BIB 285-289
  David A. Hutchison
The Effects of CIM on Work Structures BIBA 291-298
  Heinz Stupp
The Product Development Process: The Wenger 1/1 Office Printer BIBA 299-301
  Ansgar Brossardt
Ergonomic Keyboard Design BIBA 303-309
  Rolf Ilg
Ergonomically Determined Pointing Device (Mouse) Design BIBA 311-314
  Charles N. Abernethy; Diane G. Hodes
A Portable Input Unit for an Electronic Workstation BIBA 315-322
  M. Bareket; R. Holtzman; M. Olin; E. Rosin
Control of Data Processing Systems by Voice Commands BIBA 323-326
  F. F. Leopold; F. L. van Nes
The Analysis of Stress and Strain at the Videotex Workplace BIBA 327-335
  Kurt Landau; Fridrun Jaercke
Inadequate Instruction in the Electronic Workplaces as a Cause of Mental Strain BIBA 337-341
  Ambrose Boner
On the Design of Human-Computer Interaction for Administrative Offices BIBA 343-346
  Helmut von Benda
The Influence of Furniture Height on Backpain BIBA 347-352
  A. C. Mandal
A User-Designed Terminal Table System BIBA 353-361
  Rindert Vellinga
Evolution and Process of the Design of the Sensor Chair BIBA 363-368
  Paul T. Cornell; Terry West
Ergonomic Field Analysis of the Software Design Workstation BIBA 369-379
  Ivana Coniglio; Anna Maria Paci
Proxemics Field Research in Software Design Offices BIB 381-390
  Francesca Pregnolata Rotta-Loria; Chiara Bandini; Patrizia Borni; Carlotta Lovisetto; Rossella Ottonelli; Marina Zaninetti

BIT 1987 Volume 6 Issue 4

Editorial BIB 391-392
  Tom Stewart
The Answer is in the Question: A Protocol Study of Intelligent Help BIBA 393-402
  Amy Aaronson; John M. Carroll
Synthetic Speech in Practice: Acceptance and Efficiency BIBA 403-410
  J. C. Roelofs
Evidence for Global Feature Superiority in Menu Selection by Icons BIBA 411-426
  Udo Arend; Klaus-Peter Muthig; Jens Wandmacher
Eliciting Knowledge for Software Development BIBA 427-440
  Richard J. Koubek; Gavriel Salvendy; Ray E. Eberts; Hubert Dunsmore
A Psychological Study of Advance Manufacturing Technology: The Concept of Coupling BIBA 441-453
  J. M. Corbett
Introducing a Sales Order Processing System: The Importance of Human, Organizational and Ergonomic Factors BIBA 455-465
  Christopher J. Rowe
The Politics of the Quality of Worklife in Automated Offices in the USA BIBA 467-482
  Benjamin C., III Amick
Human Biases and Computer Decision-Making: A Discussion of Jacob et al. BIBA 483-487
  J. St B. T. Evans