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Behaviour and Information Technology 5

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1986 Volume 5 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1986 Volume 5 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1986 Volume 5 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1986 Volume 5 Issue 4

BIT 1986 Volume 5 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart
System Response Time Effects on User Productivity BIBA 3-13
  Gale L. Martin; Kenneth G. Corl
Expert-Novice Differences for Software: Implications for Problem-Solving and Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 15-29
  Woodrow Barfield
Word Processing Technology and Perceptions of Control among Clerical Workers BIBA 31-37
  Anat Rafaeli; Robert I. Sutton
Application of Guidelines for Designing User Interface Software BIBA 39-46
  Jane N. Mosier; Sidney L. Smith
Standards versus Guidelines for Designing User Interface Software BIBA 47-61
  Sidney L. Smith

Short Paper

Towards an Ergonomic Design of Software BIB 63-70
  Ahmet Cakir
Ergonomic Procurement Guidelines for Visual Display Units as a Tool for Progressive Change BIBA 71-80
  Olov Ostberg; Lennart Moller; Gunnar Ahlstrom
How a Real-Life System Stands Up to the Commandments BIBA 81-87
  Bharat Malde
The Role of Graphics in Item Selection from Menus BIBA 89-95
  Paul Muter; Candace Mayson

BIT 1986 Volume 5 Issue 2

Editorial BIB 97-98
  Tom Stewart
Space, Colour and Typography on Visual Display Terminals BIBA 99-118
  F. L. Van Nes
Strategies and Biases in Human Decision-Making and Their Implications for Expert Systems BIBA 119-140
  Varghese S. Jacob; Larry D. Gaultney; Gavriel Salvendy
Ethical Dilemmas Constraining the Use of Expert Systems BIB 141-143
  Gordon J. Speller; John A. Brandon
Formalizations in Systems Development BIBA 145-155
  Lars Mathiassen; Andreas Munk-Madsen
Content and Representation Effects with Reasoning Tasks in PROLOG Form BIBA 157-168
  T. C. Ormerod; K. I. Manktelow; E. H. Robson; A. P. Steward

Short Paper

What's on the Menu? The Influence of Menu Content on the Selection Process BIBA 169-172
  Luc Giroux; Rachel Belleau
The Importance of Item Distinctiveness on Performance Using a Menu Selection System BIBA 173-182
  Jeffrey P. Schwartz; Kent L. Norman
Observations on Meeting Usability Goals for Software Products BIBA 183-193
  John L. Bennett

Book Reviews

"Ergonomics and Health in Modern Offices," edited by Etienne Grandjean BIB 195-198
  James A. Boyless
"New Information Technology in the Education of Disabled Children and Adults," by D. Hawkridge, T. Vincent, and G. Hales BIB 195-198
  Mark Douglas
"Information Systems: Theory and Practice (3e)," by John G. Burch, Jr., Felix R. Strater, and Gary Grudnitski BIB 195-198
  Margaret Rock

BIT 1986 Volume 5 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 201-202
  Tom Stewart
Learning to Use a Word-Processing System as a Function of Training Strategy BIBA 203-216
  Sara J. Czaja; Katka Hammond; James J. Blascovich; Helen Swede
Learning Complex Computer Programs BIBA 217-225
  Carl Martin Allwood; Torbjorn Wikstrom
Educational Aspects of Television Subtitling in Deaf Education BIBA 227-236
  R. G. Baker; R. I. Damper
Technical Aspects of Television Subtitling in the Education of the Deaf BIBA 237-248
  R. P. Dudley; A. C. Downton; R. W. King
User Navigation in Complex Database Systems BIBA 249-257
  D. Canter; J. Powell; J. Wishart; C. Roderick
A Quantitative Assessment of Changes in Work Activities Resulting from Computer-Assisted Design BIBA 259-271
  Ann Majchrzak; Paul Collins; Dave Mandeville
Layout Simulation for Keyboards BIBA 273-281
  Issachar Gilad; Moshe A. Pollatschek
The Customizable Keyboard BIBA 283-287
  Moshe A. Pollatschek; Issachar Gilad

Book Reviews

"Dichotomies of the Mind: A Systems Science View of the Mind and Personality," by Walter Lowen BIB 291-298
  John Benjafield
"Information Technologies and Social Transformation," edited by Bruce R. Guile BIB 291-298
  D. J. Pullinger
"Human-Computer Interaction. Volume 1. Advances in Human Factors/Ergonomics," edited by G. Salvendy BIB 291-298
  Murray A. Sinclair
"Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology," by Valentino Braitenberg BIB 291-298
  David Fryer
"Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction," edited by Andrew Monk BIB 291-298
  Jakob Nielsen

BIT 1986 Volume 5 Issue 4

Editorial BIB 299-300
  Tom Stewart
A Workshop on Spatial and Temporal Visual Aspects of VDUs BIBA 301-307
  Peter J. Haubner
Visibility Aspects of VDUs in Term of Contrast and Luminance BIBA 309-333
  S. Kokoschka
Ergonomic Aspects of Image Polarity BIBA 335-348
  Uwe Pawlak
An Analytical Method for Predicting Perceived Flicker BIBA 349-358
  Joyce E. Farrell
A Practical Guide to Flicker Measurement: Using the Flicker-Matching Technique BIBA 359-373
  Bernice E. Rogowitz
Retinal Adaptation to Non-Uniform Fields: Average Luminance or Symbol Luminance? BIBA 375-379
  Bruce A. Rupp; Stanley E. Taylor

Book Reviews

"Advances in Human Factors/Ergonomics. Volume 2. Human-Computer Dialogue Design," edited by Roger W. Ehrich and Robert C. Williges BIB 381-384
  Martin Maguire; Dale Hewitt
"Communicating Technical Information: A New Guide to Current Uses and Abuses in Scientific and Engineering Writing," by Robert R. Rathbone BIB 381-384
  Margaret Mann