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Behaviour and Information Technology 4

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1985 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1985 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1985 Volume 4 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1985 Volume 4 Issue 4

BIT 1985 Volume 4 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart
Context and Self-Selection Effects in Name Learning BIBA 3-17
  W. P. Jones; T. K. Landauer
Human Information-Processing Strategies and Style BIBA 19-29
  Ivan T. Robertson
Adaptive Personalized Interfaces -- A Question of Viability BIBA 31-45
  Saul Greenberg; Ian H. Witten
Introducing CAD Systems. Problems and the Role of User-Developer Communication in Their Solution BIBA 47-61
  Wilhelm Schaffitzel; Uwe Kersten
Identifying Causes of Failure: A Case Study in Computerized Stock Control BIBA 63-72
  Christopher J. Rowe

Book Review

"Human Aspects of Office Automation," edited by B. G. F. Cohen BIB 73-74
  Ken Eason

Conference Report

Ergodesign 84, Montreux, 6-9 November 1984 BIB 75-76
  E. Grandjean

BIT 1985 Volume 4 Issue 2

Editorial BIB 79-80
  Tom Stewart
Learning a Menu Selection Tree: Training Methods Compared BIBA 81-91
  Diana Parton; Keith Huffman; Patty Pridgen; Kent Norman; Ben Shneiderman
Characterizing User Navigation Through Complex Data Structures BIBA 93-102
  David Canter; Rod Rivers; Graham Storrs
Keywords for Information Retrieval on Interactive Videotex BIBA 103-112
  Bernard A. Weerdmeester; Rolf H. Van Velthoven; Toon G. M. Vrins
Predicting Performance in Computer Programming Courses BIBA 113-129
  Richard J. Koubek; William K. LeBold; Gavriel Salvendy
The Association between Visual Discomfort and the Use of Visual Display Units BIBA 131-149
  Peter Alan Howarth; Howell Owen Istance


Reducing Customer Difficulties in International Dialling BIB 151-161
  J. M. Clegg
Tentative Classification of Global Software BIB 163-170
  Hirokazu Negishi

Book Reviews

"Office Automation, Organisation and the Nature of Work," by Judith Wainwright and Arthur Francis BIB 171-173
  Ken Eason
"Transnational Data Flows in the Information Age," by C. J. Hamelink BIB 171-173
  J. Eric Davies
"Computer Networks: Fundamentals and Practice," by M. D. Bacon, A. V. Stokes, and J. Bacon BIB 171-173
  Bill Tuck

BIT 1985 Volume 4 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 175-176
  Tom Stewart
Viewers' Responses to Delays in Simulated Teletext Reception BIBA 177-188
  William C. Treurniet; Paul J. Hearty; Miguel A. Planas
Human Factors Design Considerations for Public Videotex Input Devices BIBA 189-200
  D. Goodman; J. Dickinson; M. J. Francas
Prospective Work Design of a Human-Centred CNC Lathe BIBA 201-214
  J. M. Corbett
Analysis of the VDT-Worker Interface BIBA 215-230
  D. G. Wyatt
A Structural Model of the Impact of Physicians' Perceptions of Computers on the Use of Hospital Information Systems BIBA 231-238
  James G. Anderson; Stephen J. Jay; Harlan M. Schweer; Marilyn A. Anderson
The Development of a Standardized, Computer-Based Abbreviation Algorithm BIBA 239-247
  Dennis K. McBride; Joseph V. Lambert; Norman E. Lane


Icons in Man-Machine Communications BIB 249-254
  Herman Ruge Jervell; Kai A. Olsen
Are Computer Programmers Knit-Wits? BIB 255-257
  David Fryer

Book Review

"Computers in Health Care. Volume 1. Concepts and Issues in Health Care Computing," by H. D. Covvey, N. H. Craven, and N. H. McAlister BIB 259
  Mark Douglas

BIT 1985 Volume 4 Issue 4

Editorial BIB 261-262
  Tom Stewart
Ergonomics in Information Technology in Europe -- A Review BIBA 263-287
  B. Shackel
On the Interaction between System and User Characteristics BIBA 289-308
  Gerrit C. Van Der Veer; Michael J. Tauber; Yvonne Wærn; Bert Van Muylwijk
A Network User Interface: Incorporating Human Factors Guidelines into the ISO Standard for Open Systems Interconnection BIBA 309-326
  G. Hannemyr; P. R. Innocent
Predicting the Usage of an Advanced Communication Technology BIBA 327-335
  Charles E. Grantham; Jerry J. Vaske
Generating English Paraphrases from Relational Query Expressions BIBA 337-348
  Barry G. T. Lowden; Anne De Roeck
Some Psychological Attributes of Potential Computer Command Names BIBA 349-365
  Yvonne Rogers; D. J. Oborne