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Behaviour and Information Technology 3

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1984 Volume 3 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1984 Volume 3 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1984 Volume 3 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1984 Volume 3 Issue 4

BIT 1984 Volume 3 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart
Tolerant Software for the Recognition of User-Defined Commands in a Data-Base Environment BIBA 3-12
  Perry R. Morrison; Grant Noble
Enhancing NOTEPAD Teleconferencing for the BLEND Electronic Journal BIBA 13-23
  D. J. Pullinger
OAM: An Office Analysis Methodology BIBA 25-39
  Marvin Sirbu; Sandor Schoichet; Jay S. Kunin; Michael Hammer; Juliet Sutherland
Videotext Technology: An Overview with Special Reference to Transaction Processing as an Interactive Service or Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Text on TV and Were Terrified that Someone Would Tell You BIBA 41-71
  Peter Gilligan; John Long
Text-to-Speech Conversion in Telecommunications BIBA 73-78
  Rolf Carlson; Bjorn Granstrom


Some Human-Factors Implications of Expert Systems BIB 79-83
  V. David Hopkin
What Individuality Means for Systems Design BIB 85-91
  J. H. F. Huddleston

BIT 1984 Volume 3 Issue 2

Ergonomics of the User Interface

Editorial BIB 95
  Tom Stewart
Introduction: The Ergonomics of the User Interface BIB 97-98
  E. A. Edmonds; T. R. G. Green
Wayfinding: An Approach Using Signposting Techniques BIBA 99-107
  I. D. Benest; M. H. N. Potok
Fatal Error in Pass Zero: How Not to Confuse Novices BIBA 109-118
  Benedict Du Boulay; Ian Matthew
The Application of Path Algebras to Interactive Dialogue Design BIBA 119-132
  J. L. Alty
Towards the Experimental Study of Usability BIBA 133-143
  K. D. Eason
Automatic Speech Recognition -- A Solution in Search of a Problem? BIBA 145-152
  Jeremy B. Peckham
Use of Flexible Voice Output Techniques for Machine-Man Communication BIBA 153-161
  A. P. Stephens; J. N. Holmes
Interaction with Machines by Voice: A Telecommunications Perspective BIBA 163-177
  J. A. Waterworth

Book Reviews

"Office Technology in the 1980's: Office Workstations," by M. A. Condon BIB 179-181
  F. R. Brigham
"Planning and Understanding: A Computational Approach to Human Reasoning," by Robert Wilensky BIB 179-181
  Andy Whitefield

BIT 1984 Volume 3 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 183-184
  Tom Stewart
Ease of Annotation in Proof-Reading Tasks BIBA 185-194
  P. Wright; A. Lickorish
The User Interface to Computer-Based Information Systems: A Survey of Current Software Design Practice BIBA 195-203
  Sidney L. Smith; Jane N. Mosier
Beyond User Friendly -- Towards the Assimilation of Multifunctional-Workstation Capabilities BIBA 205-220
  Jill Smith
Office Planning and Design: The Impact of Organizational Change Due to Advanced Information Technology BIBA 221-233
  Peter Ellis
Computer Power to the People: Computer Resource Centres or Home Terminals? Two Scenarios BIBA 235-248
  Bo Hedberg; Marilyn Mehlmann
An Approach to IKBS Development Based on a Review of "Conceptual Structures: Information Processing in Mind and Machine" by J. F. Sowa BIBA 249-255
  Dan Diaper

BIT 1984 Volume 3 Issue 4

Ergodesign 84 -- Ergonomics and Design in the Electronic Office:

Editorial BIB 259-260
  Tom Stewart
Foreword BIB 261
  Etienne Grandjean

Ergodesign 84 -- Ergonomics and Design in the Electronic Office: 1. Review and Introductory Papers

Information Technology -- A Challenge to Ergonomics and Design BIBA 263-275
  B. Shackel
The Integration of Ergonomics into Design -- A Review BIBA 277-283
  Tomas A. R. Berns
Standards Related to the Design of VDT Workstations and Their Environment BIBA 285-289
  Bengt Asker
Lighting Characteristics, Legibility and Visual Comfort of Displays BIBA 291-299
  Helmut Krueger
Postures and the Design of VDT Workstations BIBA 301-311
  Etienne Grandjean
Aspects Ergonomiques du Logiciel et de la Structuration du Travail BIBA 313-318
  Jacques Inguenaud
The Role of Ergonomics in Office-Systems Design BIBA 319-327
  Tom Stewart
Planning for the Future Office -- Today BIBA 329-340
  Don Korell

Ergodesign 84 -- Ergonomics and Design in the Electronic Office: 2. Field Studies, Office Furniture and Hardware

Ergonomic Studies in Computer-Aided Design BIBA 341-346
  G. H. Van Der Heiden; E. Grandjean
Prevalence of Data Operators' Musculoskeletal Symptoms During the Workday and Workweek BIBA 347-351
  Ritva Kukkonen; P. Huuhtanen; P. Hakala
Electromyography and Office-Chair Design; A Pilot Study BIBA 353-357
  A. K. Burton
A New Concept in Chair Design BIBA 359-362
  Erwin Hort
Improving VDT Workplaces in Offices by Use of a Physiologically Optimized Screen with Black Symbols on a Light Background: Basic Considerations BIBA 363-369
  D. Bauer
Limits of Visual Perception in the Technology of Visual Display Terminals BIBA 371-377
  F. L. Van Nes
Design Aspects of the Burroughs ET 1100 Ergonomic Workstation BIBA 379-380
  Thomas C. Abrahamsen
Contribution of Ergonomics to the Design of Antireflection Devices in the Development of VDU Workplaces BIBA 381-385
  A. M. Paci
Product Development of an Ergonomic Keyboard BIBA 387-390
  J. Buesen

Ergodesign 84 -- Ergonomics and Design in the Electronic Office: 3. Ergonomics Applied to Design

Skyline Self-Service Ticketing Terminal: Design and Ergonomics BIBA 391-397
  Douglas F. Kelley
Behavioural Data in the Design of Ergonomic Computer Terminals and Workstations -- A Case Study BIBA 399-403
  Charles N. Abernethy
A Study of a Modified VDT-Stand Arrangement BIBA 405-409
  T. Marek; C. Noworol; A. Gedliczka; L. Matuszek
ComforTable -- A Generic Desk for the Automated Office BIBA 411-416
  Olov Ostberg; Bengt Warell; Leif Nordell
Designing for Users: Implications for Manufacturers and Employers BIBA 417-422
  Karen Lee Kessel
Workstation Design for VDT (Product Design Project) BIBA 423-430
  K. Munshi; N. R. Joseph
Ergonomics in India: A Case Study on Workspace Design for an Alphacomp Phototypesetting Machine BIBA 431-438
  G. G. Ray; D. V. K. Sudhakar; K. Trivedi
Elan Scala: A Proposal for an Office Furniture System BIBA 439-443
  Joh Holenstein
Integrating Technology and Environment BIBA 445-449
  Neville Osrin