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Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on BEyond time and errors: novel evaLuation methods for Information Visualization

Fullname:BELIV'10: BEyond time and errors: novel evaLuation methods for Information Visualization
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Dates:2010-Apr-10 to 2010-Apr-11
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-0007-0; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: BELIV10
Links:Workshop Website | Umbrella Conference Website
  1. New Metrics I
  2. New Metrics II
  3. Methods
  4. Tasks / Data
  5. Insight Evaluations
  6. Mass Evaluations
  7. Physiological Measurements
  8. Evaluation Lessons

New Metrics I

Developing qualitative metrics for visual analytic environments BIBAFull-Text 1-7
  Jean Scholtz
Many roads lead to Rome: mapping users' problem solving strategies BIBAFull-Text 8-15
  Eva Mayr; Michael Smuc; Hanna Risku

New Metrics II

Exploring information visualization: describing different interaction patterns BIBAFull-Text 16-23
  Margit Pohl; Sylvia Wiltner; Silvia Miksch
Towards information-theoretic visualization evaluation measure: a practical example for Bertin's matrices BIBAFull-Text 24-28
  Innar Liiv


Learning-based evaluation of visual analytic systems BIBAFull-Text 29-34
  Remco Chang; Caroline Ziemkiewicz; Roman Pyzh; Joseph Kielman; William Ribarsky

Tasks / Data

A descriptive model of visual scanning BIBAFull-Text 35-42
  Stéphane Conversy; Christophe Hurter; Stéphane Chatty
Generating a synthetic video dataset BIBAFull-Text 43-48
  Mark A. Whiting; Jereme Haack; Carrie Varley

Insight Evaluations

Is your user hunting or gathering insights?: identifying insight drivers across domains BIBAFull-Text 49-54
  Michael Smuc; Eva Mayr; Hanna Risku
Comparing benchmark task and insight evaluation methods on timeseries graph visualizations BIBAFull-Text 55-62
  Purvi Saraiya; Chris North; Karen Duca

Mass Evaluations

Do Mechanical Turks dream of square pie charts? BIBAFull-Text 63-70
  Robert Kosara; Caroline Ziemkiewicz

Physiological Measurements

Comparing information graphics: a critical look at eye tracking BIBAFull-Text 71-78
  Joseph H. Goldberg; Jonathan I. Helfman

Evaluation Lessons

Evaluating information visualization in large companies: challenges, experiences and recommendations BIBAFull-Text 79-86
  Michael Sedlmair; Petra Isenberg; Dominikus Baur; Andreas Butz