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Proceedings of the HCI'98 Conference on People and Computers XIII

Fullname:Proceedings of the Thirteenth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:People and Computers XIII
Editors:Hilary Johnson; Laurence M. Nigay; Chris R. Roast
Location:Sheffield, United Kingdom
Dates:1998-Sep-01 to 1998-Sep-04
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 3-540-76261-2; hcibib: BCSHCI98
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  1. Usability Testing: Methods and Empirical Studies
  2. Design: Process, Task Analysis, Requirements and Specification
  3. Visual Interfaces
  4. Innovative User Interfaces: Multimedia and Multi-modal User Interfaces, Wearable Computers and Virtual Reality

Usability Testing: Methods and Empirical Studies

Usable Software and Its Attributes: A Synthesis of Software Quality, European Community Law and Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 3-21
  Ronan Fitzpatrick; Catherine Higgins
Analysis of Problems Found in User Testing Using an Approximate Model of User Action BIBAK 23-35
  Wai On Lee
Software Support for Usability Measurement: An Application to Systems Engineering Data Exchange Development BIBAK 37-52
  James Britton; Linda Candy; Ernest Edmonds
The Persona Effect: How Substantial Is It? BIBAK 53-66
  Susanne van Mulken; Elisabeth Andre; Jochen Muller
The Influence of Target Size, Distance and Direction on the Design of Selection Strategies BIBAK 67-82
  Xiangshi Ren; Shinji Moriya
A Study of Two Keyboard Aids to Accessibility BIBAK 83-97
  Shari Trewin; Helen Pain

Design: Process, Task Analysis, Requirements and Specification

Combining Goals and Functional Requirements in a Scenario-Based Design Process BIBAK 101-121
  Hermann Kaindl
Understanding a Task Model: An Experiment BIBAK 123-137
  Nadine Ozkan; Cecile Paris; Sandrine Balbo
Analysing Requirements to Inform Design BIBAK 139-157
  Michele Ryan; Alistair Sutcliffe
Generalizing Claims and Reuse of HCI Knowledge BIBAK 159-176
  Alistair Sutcliffe; John Carroll
Detecting and Resolving Temporal Ambiguities in User Interface Specifications BIBAK 177-188
  Paul Chesson; Lorraine Johnston; Philip Dart
The Design of New Technology for Writing On-Line Help BIBAK 189-206
  Cecile Paris; Nadine Ozkan; Flor Bonifacio

Visual Interfaces

Representation Matters: The Effect of 3D Objects and a Spatial Metaphor in a Graphical User Interface BIBAK 209-219
  Wendy Ark; D. Christopher Dryer; Ted Selker; Shumin Zhai
The Effect of Layout on Dispatch Planning and Decision Making BIBAK 221-238
  William B. L. Wong; David O'Hare; Philip J. Sallis
Distortion-Oriented Workspace Awareness in DOME BIBAK 239-252
  Philip Weir; Andy Cockburn

Innovative User Interfaces: Multimedia and Multi-modal User Interfaces, Wearable Computers and Virtual Reality

Towards Principles for the Design and Evaluation of Multimedia Systems BIBAK 255-271
  Peter Johnson; Fabio Nemetz
How Can Multimedia Designers Utilize Timbre? BIBAK 273-286
  Dimitrios I. Rigas; James L. Alty
Using Earcons to Improve the Usability of a Graphics Package BIBAK 287-302
  Stephen Brewster
A New Concept Touch-Sensitive Display Enabling Vibro-Tactile Feedback BIBAK 303-312
  Masahiko Kawakami; Masaru Mamiya; Tomonori Nishiki; Yoshitaka Tsuji; Akito Okamoto; Toshihiro Fujita
Preliminary Investigations into the Use of Wearable Computers BIBAK 313-325
  Chris Baber; David Haniff; Lee Cooper; James Knight; Brian Mellor
On the Problems of Validating DesktopVR BIBAK 327-338
  Chris Johnson