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Proceedings of the HCI'97 Conference on People and Computers XII

Fullname:Proceedings of the Twelfth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:People and Computers XII
Editors:Harold Thimbleby; Brid O'Conaill; Peter J. Thomas
Location:Bristol, England
Dates:1997-Aug-12 to 1997-Aug-15
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 3-540-76172-1; hcibib: BCSHCI97
Links:Publisher Page
Making Passwords Secure and Usable BIBAK 1-19
  Anne Adams; Martina Angela Sasse; Peter Lunt
Strategies for Organising Email BIBAK 21-38
  Olle Balter
Navigating Telephone-Based Interfaces with Earcons BIBAK 39-56
  Stephen Brewster
Do Users Always Benefit When User Interfaces Are Consistent? BIBA 57-66
  David A. Caulton; Ken Dye
Conceptual Design Reconsidered: The Case of the Internet Session Directory Tool BIBAK 67-84
  Louise Clark; M. Angela Sasse
Computer Anxiety and the Human-Computer Interface BIBAK 85-100
  Donald Day; Paivi Makirinne-Crofts
Towards a Situated Action Calculus for Modelling Interactions BIBAK 101-116
  Alberto Faro; Daniela Giordano
Explorations in Sonic Browsing BIBAK 117-131
  M. Fernstrom; L. Bannon
Remote Homeplace Communication: What is It Like and How Might We Support It? BIBAK 133-153
  David M. Frohlich; Kathy Chilton; Paul Drew
A Making-Movies Metaphor for Structuring Software Components in Highly Interactive Applications BIBAK 155-173
  Michelle Jacomi; Stephane Chatty; Philippe Palanque
The Impact of Time and Place on the Operation of Mobile Computing Devices BIBAK 175-190
  Chris Johnson
The Impact of Marginal Utility and Time on Distributed Information Retrieval BIBAK 191-204
  Chris Johnson
Computer-Assisted Remote Control for the User with Motor Impairment BIBAK 205-221
  Peter E. Jones
Research and the Design of Human-Computer Interactions or 'What Happened to Validation?' BIBAK 223-243
  John Long
Using Diagrams to Support the Analysis of System 'Failure' and Operator 'Error' BIBAK 245-261
  Lorna Love; Chris Johnson
The Interactional Affordances of Technology: An Ethnography of Human-Computer Interaction in an Ambulance Control Centre BIBA 263-281
  David Martin; John Bowers; David Wastell
Why, What, Where, When: Architectures for Cooperative Work on the World Wide Web BIBAK 283-301
  Devina Ramduny; Alan Dix
BUILD-IT: A Computer Vision-Based Interaction Technique for a Planning Tool BIBAK 303-314
  M. Rauterberg; M. Fjeld; H. Krueger; M. Bichsel; U. Leonhardt; M. Meier
Formally Comparing and Informing Notation Design BIBAK 315-336
  C. R. Roast
Direct Object Manipulation vs. Direct Concept Manipulation: Effect of Interface Style on Reflection and Domain Learning BIBAK 337-357
  Kamran Sedighian; Marv Westrom
HyperAT: HCI and Web Authoring BIBAK 359-378
  Yin Leng Theng; Cecile Rigny; Harold Thimbleby; Matthew Jones
Separating User Knowledge of Domain and Device: A Framework BIBAK 379-395
  Peter Timmer; John Long
Eliciting Information Portrayal Requirements: Experiences with the Critical Decision Method BIBAK 397-415
  William B. L. Wong; Philip J. Sallis; David O'Hare