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Proceedings of the HCI'94 Conference on People and Computers IX

Fullname:Proceedings of the Ninth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:People and Computers IX
Editors:Gilbert Cockton; Stephen W. Draper; George R. S. Weir
Location:Glasgow, Scotland
Dates:1994-Aug-23 to 1994-Aug-26
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Standard No:ISBN 0-521-48557-6; hcibib: BCSHCI94
  1. Invited Papers
  2. Methodology of Interactive Systems Development
  3. Crafting Interaction: Styles, Metaphors, Modalities and Agents
  4. Modelling Humans, Computers and their Interaction
  5. Notations and Tools for Design
  6. Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Invited Papers

The Future of Graphic User Interfaces: Personal Role Managers BIBAK 3-8
  Ben Shneiderman; Catherine Plaisant
Beyond the Workstation: Mediaspaces and Augmented Reality BIBAK 9-18
  Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

Methodology of Interactive Systems Development

Transferring HCI Modelling and Design Techniques to Practitioners: A Framework and Empirical Work BIBAK 21-36
  Simon Buckingham Shum; Nick Hammond
The Use of Visual Indexing as an Interview Support Technique BIBAK 37-51
  David Fulton
A Domain Analysis of Air Traffic Management Work can be Used to Rationalise Interface Design Issues BIBAK 53-65
  John Dowell; Ian Salter; Solaleh Zekrullahi
Manuals as Structured Programs BIBAK 67-79
  Mark Addison; Harold Thimbleby
Improving Education through Computer-Based Alternative Assessment Methods BIBAK 81-90
  Jody Paul
Visual Programming in a Visual Domain: A Case Study of Cognitive Dimensions BIBAK 91-108
  Francesmary Modugno; T. R. G. Green; Brad A. Myers
Evaluating Evaluation Methods BIBAK 109-121
  A. Dutt; H. Johnson; P. Johnson

Crafting Interaction: Styles, Metaphors, Modalities and Agents

A Comparison of Placement Strategies for Effective Visual Design BIBAK 125-143
  Jean Vanderdonckt; Missiri Ouedraogo; Banta Ygueitengar
Evaluation of Alternative Operations for Browsing Hypertext BIBAK 145-162
  Maria da Graca Campos Pimentel
On the Problem of Selecting Interaction Objects BIBAK 163-178
  Francois Bodart; Jean Vanderdonckt
Minimising Conceptual Baggage: Making Choices about Metaphor BIBAK 179-194
  Ben Anderson; Michael Smyth; Roger P. Knott; Marius Bergan; Julie Bergan; James L. Alty
Keeping an Eye on your Interface: The Potential for Eye-Based Control of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) BIBAK 195-209
  Howell O. Istance; Peter A. Howarth
A Linguistic Approach to Sign Language Synthesis BIBAK 211-222
  Alan Conway; Tony Veale
Generalisation and the Adaptive Interface BIBAK 223-238
  Jonathan Hassell; Michael Harrison
Agent-Based Interaction BIBAK 239-245
  Russell Beale; Andrew Wood

Modelling Humans, Computers and their Interaction

Multi-Perspective Modelling of Interface Design Issues: Undo in a Collaborative Editor BIBAK 249-260
  Richard M. Young; Gregory D. Abowd
Qualitative Models of User Interfaces BIBAK 261-272
  Mark Treglown
Modelling Interaction using Template Abstractions BIBAK 273-284
  Chris Roast
The Formal Analysis of Human-Computer Interaction During Accident Investigations BIBAK 285-297
  Chris Johnson

Notations and Tools for Design

XUAN: Enhancing UAN to Capture Temporal Relationships among Actions BIBAK 301-312
  Phil Gray; David England; Steve McGowan
Structured Notations to Support Human Factors Specification of Interactive Systems BIBAK 313-326
  Kee Yong Lim; John Long
Discount Dialogue Modelling with Action Simulator BIBAK 327-338
  Andrew F. Monk; Martin B. Curry
Executable Task Analysis: Integration Issues BIBAK 339-352
  Conn V. Copas; Ernest A. Edmonds
Beyond Data Models for Automated User Interface Generation BIBAK 353-366
  Angel R. Puerta; Henrik Eriksson; John H. Gennari; Mark A. Musen

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Designing a User Interface for Folding Editors to Support Collaborative Work BIBAK 369-381
  Richard J. King; Ying K. Leung
Collaborative Use of X-Windows Applications in Observational Astronomy BIBAK 383-396
  Darryn Lavery; Alistair Kilgour; Pete Sykes
Que Sera Sera -- The Problem of the Future Perfect in Open and Cooperative Systems BIBAK 397-408
  Alan Dix
Viewpoints, Actionpoints and Spatial Frames for Collaborative User Interfaces BIBAK 409-423
  Steve Benford; Lennart E. Fahlen