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Proceedings of the HCI'93 Conference on People and Computers VIII

Fullname:Proceedings of the Eighth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:People and Computers VIII
Editors:James L. Alty; Dan Diaper; D. Guest
Location:Loughborough University
Dates:1993-Sep-07 to 1993-Sep-10
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Standard No:ISBN 0-521-46633-4; hcibib: BCSHCI93
  1. Invited Papers
  2. User Interface Design
  3. User Modelling
  4. Tools and Techniques
  5. Evaluation Issues
  6. User Evaluation
  7. Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
  8. Programming
  9. Hypertext

Invited Papers

The Design of Reliable HCI: The Hunt for Hidden Assumptions BIBAK 3-15
  Erik Hollnagel
Beyond Human Computer Interaction: Designing Useful and Usable Computational Environments BIBAK 17-31
  Gerhard Fischer

User Interface Design

Precipitating Change in System Usage by Function Revelation and Problem Reformulation BIBAK 35-47
  Wai On Lee; Philip J. Barnard
Icon Design and its Effect on Guessability, Learnability, and Experienced User Performance BIBAK 49-59
  Jackie Moyes; Patrick W. Jordan
Adapting to Interface Resources and Circumventing Interface Problems: Knowledge Development in a Menu Search Task BIBAK 61-77
  Wai On Lee

User Modelling

A Survey of Usability Engineering Within the European IT Industry -- Current Practice and Needs BIBAK 81-94
  Andrew Dillon; Marian Sweeney; Martin Maguire
Modelling User Performance in Visually Based Interactions BIBAK 95-110
  Jon May; Lisa A. Tweedie; Philip J. Barnard
Developing Runnable User Models: Separating the Problem Solving Techniques from the Domain Knowledge BIBAK 111-121
  Ann Blandford; Richard M. Young

Tools and Techniques

PowerTools: New Generation Data Presentation Tools BIBAK 125-142
  Eugenio Zabala; Richard W. Taylor
A Generic User Interface Constructor for Planning and Scheduling Applications BIBAK 143-156
  Jan van Putten; Nardie Scharenborg; Auke Woerlee
Objects, Invariants and Treacle: Animation in the Views System BIBAK 157-171
  Lon Barfield; Eddy Boeve; Steven Pemberton
A Method for Multimedia Interface Design BIBAK 173-190
  Peter Faraday; Alistair Sutcliffe
A Novel Device for Using the Hand as a Human-Computer Interface BIBAK 191-202
  Christoph Maggioni
Reusing User Interface Designs: Experiences with a Prototype Tool and High-Level Representations BIBAK 203-216
  T. T. Carey; M. S. Ellis; M. Rusli
Beyond Hacking: A Model Based Approach to User Interface Design BIBAK 217-231
  S. Wilson; P. Johnson; C. Kelly; J. Cunningham; P. Markopoulos
Specifying and Prototyping Dynamic Human-Computer Interfaces for Stochastic Applications BIBAK 233-246
  C. W. Johnson

Evaluation Issues

Interface Semantics and Users' Device Models: Identifying Evaluation Issues for Direct Manipulation Design BIBAK 249-265
  M. V. Springett; A. S. Grant
User-Centred Evaluation of Explanation Facilities in Information Systems BIBAK 267-276
  H. Johnson

User Evaluation

Critical Incidents and Critical Themes in Empirical Usability Evaluation BIBAK 279-292
  John M. Carroll; Jurgen Koenemann-Belliveau; Mary Beth Rosson; Mark Kevin Singley
The Development of DRUM: A Software Tool for Video-Assisted Usability Evaluation BIBAK 293-309
  Miles Macleod; Ralph Rengger
The Three-Dimensional Graphical User Interface: Evaluation for Design Evolution BIBAK 311-331
  A. G. Sutcliffe; U. K. Patel

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

A Formal Approach to the Presentation of CSCW Systems BIBAK 335-352
  C. W. Johnson
Theory-Based Negotiation Frameworks for Supporting Group Work BIBAK 353-365
  Beth Adelson
Autonomous Support for Group Working: The Aide de Camp Project BIBAK 367-382
  F. P. Coenen; I. Finch; T. J. M. Bench-Capon; M. J. R. Shave
A Study of Turn-Taking in a Computer-Supported Group Task BIBAK 383-394
  Andy McKinlay; Rob Procter; Oliver Masting; Robin Woodburn; John Arnott


A Longitudinal Study of Transfer between Programming Languages by Experienced Programmers BIBAK 397-410
  Jean Scholtz
Expertise and Display-Based Strategies in Computer Programming BIBAK 411-423
  Simon P. Davies
MRE: A Flexible and Customisable Program Visualisation Architecture BIBAK 425-439
  Mike Brayshaw


Why HyperTalk Debugging is More Painful than it Ought To Be BIBAK 443-462
  Marc Eisenstadt
Towards Cognitively Salient Relations for Hypertext Navigation BIBAK 463-477
  Henry Bloomfield; Peter Johnson
Combining Systems and Manuals BIBAK 479-488
  Harold Thimbleby