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Proceedings of the HCI'92 Conference on People and Computers VII

Fullname:Proceedings of the Seventh Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:People and Computers VII
Editors:Andrew Monk; Dan Diaper; Michael D. Harrison
Location:University of York, U.K.
Dates:1992-Sep-15 to 1992--18
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Standard No:ISBN 0-521-44591-4; hcibib: BCSHCI92
  1. Invited Papers
  2. Cognitive Models of Programming and Computer Use
  3. Practical Evaluation Methods for Improving a Prototype
  4. Graphics -- Design and Techniques
  5. Applying Models of User and System
  6. Hypertext and Multimedia
  7. The Design Process
  8. Cooperative Systems
  9. Building Adaptive Systems
  10. Graphical User Interfaces
  11. Panel Sessions
  12. Laboratory Overviews

Invited Papers

The Ecology of Work and Interface Design BIBA 3-20
  Jens Rasmussen
Molecular Graphics: From Pen Plotter to Virtual Reality BIBA 21-27
  R. E. Hubbard
User Interface Architectures for an Information Age BIBA 29-41
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen

Cognitive Models of Programming and Computer Use

The Use of Unfamiliar Programming Languages by Experienced Programmers BIBAK 45-56
  Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck
Modelling the Relationship Between Planning, Control, Perception and Execution Behaviours in Interactive Worksystems BIBAK 57-72
  Walter Smith; Becky Hill; John Long; Andy Whitefield
The Effects of Skill Development and Feedback on Action Slips BIBAK 73-86
  Wai On Lee

Practical Evaluation Methods for Improving a Prototype

What is Gained and Lost when Using Evaluation Methods Other than Empirical Testing BIBAK 89-102
  Heather W. Desurvire; Jim M. Kondziela; Michael E. Atwood
EVADIS II: A New Method to Evaluate User Interfaces BIBAK 103-115
  Harald Reiterer
From User's Problems to Design Errors: Linking Evaluation to Improving Design Practice BIBAK 117-134
  A. G. Sutcliffe; M. V. Springett

Graphics -- Design and Techniques

Inferring Graphical Constraints with Rockit BIBAK 137-153
  Solange Karsenty; James A. Landay; Chris Weikart
On the Use of LOTOS to Describe Graphical Interaction BIBAK 155-173
  F. Paterno'; G. Faconti
Effective Graphics: Accessing Spatial Relations BIBAK 175-189
  Jon Slack; Cristina Conati

Applying Models of User and System

Pace and Interaction BIBAK 193-207
  Alan Dix
Systematic Menu Design BIBAK 209-226
  William Edmondson; Robert Spence
User Modelling and User Interface Design BIBAK 227-239
  Chris Kelly; Lynne Colgan

Hypertext and Multimedia

Hypertext Document Retrieval and Assembly in Legal Domains BIBAK 243-256
  Peter Thomas; Vijay Mital
Does a Video Diary Help Recall? BIBAK 257-269
  Margery Eldridge; Michael Lamming; Mike Flynn
An Ethnographic Approach to Analysing Navigation and Task Structure in Interactive Multimedia: Some Design Issues for Group Use BIBAK 271-287
  Lydia Plowman

The Design Process

A Structured Design of Word Processing Functionality BIBAK 291-306
  Carla Huls; Alice Dijkstra
Design Principles for Improving Service Integration for End-Users in Broadband Communication Systems BIBAK 307-322
  Ian Denley; Andy Whitefield; Paul Byerley; Ulla-Britt Voigt; Sibylle Hermann; Jon May
CICS/ESA Usability: A Measure of Success BIBAK 323-338
  S. R. Hakiel; G. E. Mann

Cooperative Systems

Sociologists Can be Surprisingly Useful in Interactive Systems Design BIBAK 341-353
  Ian Sommerville; Tom Rodden; Pete Sawyer; Richard Bentley
CoOpLab: Practical Experiences with Evaluating a Multi-User System BIBAK 355-368
  Michele E. Morris; Tony A. Plant; Philip T. Hughes
ShareME -- Shared Multimedia Environments: Some Issues on Interaction in Distributed Multimedia Information Environments BIBAK 369-388
  Kaisa Vaananen; Wolfgang Hubner

Building Adaptive Systems

A Taxonomy of Adaptive User Interfaces BIBAK 391-414
  Uwe Malinowski; Thomas Kuhme; Hartmut Dieterich; Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt
The Re-Use and Integration of Existing Software: A Central Role for the Intelligent User Interface BIBAK 415-427
  E. A. Edmonds; B. S. Murray; J. Ghazikhanian; S. P. Heggie
Analysis of User Behaviour as Time Series BIBAK 429-444
  Alan Dix; Janet Finlay; Russell Beale

Graphical User Interfaces

An Assessment of Font Preferences for Screen-Based Text Display BIBAK 447-461
  Patrick A. Holleran
Using Animated Demonstrations to Teach Graphics Skills BIBAK 463-474
  Patrick Waterson; Claire O'Malley

Panel Sessions

HCI, Where's the Practice? BIB 477-479
  Jonathan Earthy; David Pullinger; Chris Fowler; Stephen Page; Alistair Sutcliffe
CSCW: Power, Control, Conflict BIB 481-483
  Colston Sanger; Nigel Gilbert; David Wastell; Wendy Mackay; Steve Easterbrook
Interface Construction for the Millennium: Beyond Objects and Widget Pushers BIB 485-487
  David England; Peter Johnson; Roger Took; Stephen W. Draper
Human Factors and Flight Deck Automation BIB 489-491
  Andrew McClumpha; Peter Bugge; Vic Lebacqz; Kathy Abbott; Marianne Rudisill; Paul Wilson
HCI: The Search for Solutions BIB 493-495
  Dan Diaper; Mark Addison

Laboratory Overviews

The Human-Computer Interaction Group at the University of York BIBK 499-501
  M. D. Harrison; A. F. Monk; P. C. Wright
Some Research at Glasgow Interactive Systems cenTre BIBK 503-506
  Stephen W. Draper
The State-of-the-Art at the Research Institute for Theoretical Informatics BIBK 507-509
  Florin Rotaru; Eduard Antoniu; Felix Paulet
Human-Computer Interaction Engineering: A Laboratory Overview of the Ergonomics Unit, University College London BIBK 511-514
  John Long
Rank Xerox Cambridge EuroPARC BIBK 515-518
  Allan MacLean
Human Interface Design: Laboratory Overview BIBK 519-521
  Simon Hakiel
Logica Cambridge Ltd -- Laboratory Overview BIBK 523-525
  Rosalind Barden; Angela Lucas
The LUTCHI Research Centre BIBK 527-529
  Ernest Edmonds; James L. Alty; Anthony Clarke; Stephen Scrivener