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Proceedings of the HCI'89 Conference on People and Computers V

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:People and Computers V
Editors:Alistair Sutcliffe; Linda Macauley
Location:University of Nottingham
Dates:1989-Sep-05 to 1989-May-08
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Standard No:ISBN 0-521-38430-3; hcibib: BCSHCI89
  1. Conference Theme Invited Keynote Paper
  2. Other Invited Keynote Papers
  3. Invited Plenary Debate Papers
  4. Design Methods 1 -- Requirements and Task Analysis
  5. User Interface Management Systems
  6. HCI Tools and Applications
  7. Design Methods 2 -- IKBS and User Centred Design
  8. Hypertext and Hypermedia
  9. Evaluation 1 -- Concepts and Methods
  10. Evaluation 2 -- Tools and Practice
  11. Cognitive Ergonomics
Preface BIB 1-2
  Russel Winder
Editorial BIB 3-5
  Alistair Sutcliffe; Linda Macaulay

Conference Theme Invited Keynote Paper

Conceptions of the Discipline of HCI: Craft, Applied Science, and Engineering BIBAK 9-32
  John Long; John Dowell

Other Invited Keynote Papers

Feeding the Interface Eaters BIBAK 35-48
  John M. Carroll
Judging Software Design BIBK 49-56
  Ernest Edmonds
Designing Systems to Match Organisational Reality BIBAK 57-69
  Ken Eason
UIMS: Promises, Failures and Trends BIBAK 71-84
  Joelle Coutaz

Invited Plenary Debate Papers

Integrating Cognitive and System Models in Human Computer Interaction BIBAK 87-103
  Phil Barnard; Michael Harrison
Bugs: The Issue Facing HCI BIBK 105-107
  Harold Thimbleby
Giving HCI Away BIBAK 109-117
  Dan Diaper

Design Methods 1 -- Requirements and Task Analysis

From Users to Dialogues: Enabling Authors to Build an Adaptive, Intelligent System BIBAK 121-135
  Helen Tang; Nigel Major; Rod Rivers
A Family of Task Models for Interface Design BIBAK 137-148
  Ray Waddington; Peter Johnson

User Interface Management Systems

Dialogue Specification in the GRADIENT Dialogue System BIBAK 151-168
  J. L. Alty; J. Mullin
A New User Interface Architecture BIBAK 169-189
  Yigal Hoffner; John Dobson; David Iggulden
Exploratory User Interface Design Using Scenarios and Prototypes BIBAK 191-201
  Mark van Harmelen

HCI Tools and Applications

A Software Development Environment for End-Users BIBAK 205-216
  R. J. Hendley; N. Jurascheck
Evaluating a Colour Coding Programming Support Tool BIBAK 217-230
  Darren Van Laar
The Wizard's Apprentice: A Program to Help Analyse Natural Language Dialogues BIBAK 231-243
  Dan Diaper
Menu-Based Extensions to GNU Emacs BIBAK 245-257
  Russell A. Ritchie; George R. S. Weir

Design Methods 2 -- IKBS and User Centred Design

A Client-Centred Methodology for Building Expert Systems BIBAK 261-275
  Andrew Basden
Developing a User Requirements Specification for IKBS Design BIBAK 277-289
  K. R. Howey; M. R. Wilson; S. Hannigan

Hypertext and Hypermedia

Extending Hypertext for Learning: An Investigation of Access and Guidance Tools BIBAK 293-304
  Nick Hammond; Lesley Allinson
Towards a Rapid Prototyping Environment for Interface Design: Desirable Features Suggested by the Electronic Spreadsheet BIBAK 305-314
  Thomas T. Hewett
MEMOIRS: A Personal Multimedia Information System BIBAK 315-326
  M. W. Lansdale; D. R. Young; C. A. Bass

Evaluation 1 -- Concepts and Methods

A 'Late' Evaluation of a Messaging System Design and the 'Target' of 'Early' Evaluation Methods BIBAK 331-344
  John Dowell; John Long
Evaluation for Design BIBAK 345-358
  Peter Wright; Andrew F. Monk
An Evaluation of the Usability of a Human Factors Based Requirements Capture Methodology BIBAK 359-371
  Chris Fowler; Linda Macaulay; Adrian Castell; Andrew Hutt

Evaluation 2 -- Tools and Practice

System Monitoring: Garbage Generator or Basis for Comprehensive Evaluation System? BIBAK 375-394
  M. Maguire; M. Sweeney
Direct Manipulation Prototype User Interface Monitoring BIBAK 395-407
  Miles Macleod
An Integrated Approach to Monitoring the Behaviour and Performance of Inference Systems BIBAK 409-425
  Mike Brayshaw; John Domingue; Tim Rajan
HIMS: A Tool for HCI Evaluations BIBAK 427-439
  C. J. Theaker; R. Phillips; T. M. E. Frost; W. R. Love

Cognitive Ergonomics

Cognitive Dimensions of Notations BIBAK 443-460
  T. R. G. Green
Relating Ideal and Non-Ideal Verbalised Knowledge to Performance BIBAK 461-473
  Philip Barnard; Judi Ellis; Allan MacLean
Exploiting Natural Intelligence: Towards the Development of Effective Environments for Learning to Program BIBAK 475-486
  T. Boyle; B. Drazkowski
Skill Levels and Strategic Differences in Plan Comprehension and Implementation in Programming BIBAK 487-502
  Simon P. Davies