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Proceedings of the HCI'88 Conference on People and Computers IV

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:People and Computers IV
Editors:Dylan M. Jones; Russel Winder
Location:University of Manchester
Dates:1988-Sep-05 to 1988-May-09
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Standard No:ISBN 0-521-36553-8; hcibib: BCSHCI88
  1. Analysis for Early Design
  2. Systems Design: Methods, Tools and Processes
  3. Implementation Tools
  4. Systems Support
  5. Input/Output
  6. Dialogue Design
  7. Artificial Intelligence Issues
Preface BIBA 3-5
  Martin Thomas
Computers for the People: HCI in Prospect. An Introduction to the HCI'88 Conference Proceedings BIB 7-10
  Dylan Jones

Analysis for Early Design

Implications of Current Design Practice for the Use of HCI Techniques BIBAK 13-34
  Victoria Bellotti
Task-Related Knowledge Structures: Analysis, Modelling and Application BIBAK 35-62
  Peter Johnson; Hilary Johnson; Ray Waddington; Alan Shouls
Abstract, Generic Models of Interactive Systems BIBAK 63-77
  Alan Dix
Analysing the Scope of Cognitive Models in Human-Computer Interaction: A Trade-Off Approach BIBAK 79-93
  Tony Simon

Systems Design: Methods, Tools and Processes

The Design and Evaluation of an Animated Programming Environment BIBAK 97-109
  Kaizad B. Heerjee; Michael T. Swanston; Colin J. Miller; William B. Samson
Overcoming Obstacles to the Validation of User Requirements Specifications BIBAK 111-122
  M. A. R. Kirby; C. J. H. Fowler; L. A. Macaulay
The Representation of User Interface Style BIBAK 123-143
  William M. Newman
Some Experiences in Integrating Specification of Human Computer Interaction within a Structured System Development Method BIBAK 145-160
  Alistair Sutcliffe
Humans, Computers, and Contracts BIBAK 161-175
  A. J. Gundry

Implementation Tools

A User Oriented Design Process for User Recovery and Command Reuse Support BIBAK 179-198
  Yiya Yang
Issues Governing the Suitability of Programming Languages for Programming Tasks BIBAK 199-215
  Marian Petre; Russel Winder
SEE: A Safe Editing Environment; Human-Computer Interaction for Programmers BIBAK 217-233
  J. Rodger Harris

Systems Support

User-Driven Adaptive Behaviour, A Comparative Evaluation and an Inductive Analysis BIBAK 237-255
  A. Brooks; C. Thorburn
Contextual Structure Analysis of Microcomputer Manuals BIBAK 257-274
  Hiroyasu Chimura; Hiroshi Kato; Hiroyuki Mitani; Takahiro Sato
Information Flow in a User Interface: The Effect of Experience and Context on the Recall of MacWrite Screens BIBAK 275-289
  J. Terry Mayes; Stephen W. Draper; Alison M. McGregor; Keith Oatley
Can Cognitive Complexity Theory (CTT) Produce an Adequate Measure of System Usability? BIBAK 291-307
  Christine Knowles
Training for Optimising Transfer between Word Processors BIBAK 309-328
  Clare Pollock
Measuring User Satisfaction BIBAK 329-338
  Jurek Kirakowski; Mary Corbett


A Review of Human Performance and Preferences with Different Input Devices to Computer Systems BIBAK 341-362
  N. P. Milner
A Gesture Based Text Editor BIBAK 363-371
  L. K. Welbourn; R. J. Whitrow
Towards the Construction of a Maximally-Contrasting Set of Colours BIBAK 373-389
  Darren Van Laar; Richard Flavell
Gripe: A Graphical Interface to a Knowledge Based System which Reasons about Protein Topology BIBAK 391-406
  Kathryn Seifert; Christopher Rawlings
Graphical Prototyping of Graphical Tools BIBAK 407-420
  David England
A Comparison of Hypertext, Scrolling and Folding as Mechanisms for Program Browsing BIBAK 421-435
  Andrew F. Monk; Paul Walsh; Alan J. Dix
Hypertext Tips: Experiences in Developing a Hypertext Tutorial BIBAK 437-451
  Lynda Hardman
Optimum Display Arrangements for Presenting Visual Reminders BIBAK 453-464
  John M. Findlay; Simon P. Davies; Robert Kentridge; Anthony J. Lambert; Justine Kelly
Flexible Intelligent Interactive-Video BIBAK 465-475
  T. Webb; D. G. Jameson
The Application of Cognitive Psychology to CAD BIBAK 477-488
  Andrew Dillon; Marian Sweeney

Dialogue Design

How Much is Enough? A Study of User Command Repertoires BIBAK 491-507
  Paddy Anstey
Generative Transition Networks: A New Communication Control Abstraction BIBAK 509-527
  Gilbert Cockton
Text Processing by Speech: Dialogue Design and Usability Issues in the Provision of a System for Disabled Users BIBAK 529-544
  Jill Hewitt; Stephen Furner

Artificial Intelligence Issues

User Requirements for Expert System Explanation: What, Why and When? BIBAK 547-564
  Yvonne Rogers
Knowledge Elicitation: Dissociating Conscious Reflections from Automatic Processes BIBAK 565-579
  R. J. Stevenson; K. I. Manktelow; M. J. Howard
GOMS Meets STRIPS: The Integration of Planning with Skilled Procedure Execution in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 581-594
  Tony Simon; Richard M. Young