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Proceedings of the HCI'86 Conference on People and Computers II

Fullname:Proceedings of the Second Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:People and Computers: Designing for Usability
Editors:Michael D. Harrison; Andrew F. Monk
Location:University of York
Dates:1986-Sep-23 to 1986-Sep-26
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Standard No:ISBN 0-521-33259-1 (out of print); hcibib: BCSHCI86
  1. Invited Papers
  2. Case Studies in Usable Design
  3. Iterative Design and Evaluation: Rapid Prototyping
  4. Office Automation
  5. Intelligent Interfaces
  6. Structuring Interaction
  7. Formal Design Methods
  8. Knowledge of the User as a Design Guide
  9. Case Studies: Evaluation
  10. Display Based Systems: Evaluation

Invited Papers

People and Computers: Designing for Usability: An Introduction to HCI-86 BIBA 3-23
  John Long
Formal Methods and the Design of Effective User Interfaces BIBA 24-43
  Bernard Sufrin
Ergonomics in Design for Usability BIBA 44-64
  B. Shackel
Understanding the Nature of the Office for the Design of Third Wave Office Systems BIBA 65-77
  Niels Bjorn-Andersen
Ease of Use -- The Ultimate Deception BIBA 78-94
  Harold Thimbleby

Case Studies in Usable Design

Human Factors in the Columbus Space Station BIBA 97-114
  Ian Alexander; Ged Morrisroe; Pat Norris; Andrew Tindell
Tools for Management and Support of Multiple Constraints in a Writer's Assistant BIBA 115-131
  Claire O'Malley; Mike Sharples
MacCadd, An Enabling Software Method Support Tool BIBA 132-154
  John Jones

Iterative Design and Evaluation: Rapid Prototyping

ECS -- A Technique for the Formal Specification and Rapid Prototyping of Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 157-179
  Heather Alexander
Rapid Prototyping of Dialogue for Human Factors Research: The EASIE Approach BIBA 180-195
  Allan MacLean; Phil Barnard; Michael Wilson
The Role of Iterative Evaluation in Designing Systems for Usability BIBA 196-214
  Thomas T. Hewett

Office Automation

Towards the Successful Design and Implementation of Computer Based Management Information Systems in Small Companies BIBA 217-234
  Brenda Wroe
A Study of Group Interaction over a Computer-Based Message System BIBA 235-248
  Sylvia Wilbur; Tony Rubin; Stephen Lee
Usability Engineering in Office Product Development BIBA 249-259
  J. B. Brooke

Intelligent Interfaces

Identifying the Knowledge Requirements of an Expert System's Natural Language Processing Interface BIBA 263-280
  Dan Diaper
Design and Evaluation of the AID Adaptive Front-End to Telecom Gold BIBA 281-295
  Peter Totterdell; Paul Cooper
Plan Recognition for Intelligent Advice and Monitoring BIBA 296-315
  Colin Davenport; George Weir

Structuring Interaction

Application Modelling in a User Interface Management System BIBA 319-335
  J. L. Alty; P. McKell
The Design of Two Innovative User Interfaces BIBA 336-351
  Harold Thimbleby
Principles and Interaction Models for Window Managers BIBA 352-366
  A. J. Dix; M. D. Harrison

Formal Design Methods

Modelling Generic User-Interfaces with Functional Programs BIBA 369-385
  Steve Cook
Text Representation and Manipulation in a Mouse-Driven Interface BIBA 386-401
  Roger Took
Proving Properties of Interactive Systems BIBA 402-416
  Stuart Anderson
Where Do We Draw the Line? -- Derivation and Evaluation of User Interface Software Separation Rules BIBA 417-431
  Gilbert Cockton

Knowledge of the User as a Design Guide

A Viewdata-Structure Editor Designed Around a Task/Action Mapping BIBA 435-446
  Richard M. Young; John E. Harris
The Use of Complexity Theory in Evaluating Interfaces BIBA 447-463
  George Kiss; Roy Pinder
User Programs: A Way to Match Computer Systems and Human Cognition BIBA 464-481
  Colin Runciman; Nick Hammond
Using an Expert System to Convey HCI Information BIBA 482-497
  Michael Wilson; Philip Barnard; Allan MacLean

Case Studies: Evaluation

New Technology Work Aids for the Physically Disabled BIBA 501-526
  Kate Howey
Structural Visibility and Program Comprehension BIBA 527-545
  David J. Gilmore
Voice versus Keyboard: Use of a Comparative Analysis of Learning to Identify Skill Requirements of Input Devices BIBA 546-562
  Peter Johnson; John Long; David Visick

Display Based Systems: Evaluation

Empirical Evaluation of Map Interfaces: A Preliminary Study BIBA 565-585
  Graham J. Hitch; Alistair G. Sutcliffe; John M. Bowers; Lucy M. Eccles
Evaluating the Meaningfulness of Icon Sets to Represent Command Operations BIBA 586-603
  Yvonne Rogers
Optimizing the Usability of Computer-Generated Displays BIBA 604-613
  Thomas S. Tullis