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Proceedings of the HCI'07 Conference on People and Computers XXI

Fullname:Proceedings of the 21st Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:HCI...but not as we know it
Editors:Dorothy Rachovides; Devina Ramduny-Ellis
Location:Lancaster University, England, United Kingdom
Dates:2007-Sep-03 to 2007-Sep-07
Standard No:ISSN 1477-9358; 1-902505-95-6, 978-1-902505-95-4; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: BCSHCI07-2
Links:Online Proceedings
  1. BCSHCI 2007-09-03 Volume 2
    1. Short Papers
    2. Student Papers
    3. Posters
    4. Interactive Experience
    5. Panels
    6. Organisational Overviews
    7. Workshops
    8. Tutorials
    9. HCI Practice Day
    10. Doctoral Consortium

BCSHCI 2007-09-03 Volume 2

Short Papers

Blogs, Reflective Practice and Student-Centred Learning BIBAPDFFull-Text 1
  Russell Beale
Erotic Life as a New Frontier in HCI BIBAPDFFull-Text 2
  Olav W. Bertelsen; Marianne Graves Petersen
An Empirical Investigation into Dual-Task Trade-offs while Driving and Dialing BIBAPDFFull-Text 3
  Duncan P. Brumby; Dario D. Salvucci; Andrew Howes
Habitats: A Simple Way to Bridge Artifacts, Professions, and Theories in Ubiquitous Design BIBAPDFFull-Text 4
  Martin Brynskov; Gunnar Kramp
Lessons Learned Implementing an Educational System in Second Life BIBAPDFFull-Text 5
  Richard Stephen Clavering; Andrew Robert Nicols
Learning Beans: Design, Implementation and Evaluation BIBAPDFFull-Text 6
  Fintan Culwin
Designing for Appropriation BIBAPDFFull-Text 7
  Alan Dix
Evaluating Advanced Interaction Techniques for Navigating Google Earth BIBAPDFFull-Text 8
  Emmanuel Dubois; Philippe Truillet; Cédric Bach
Envisioning Future Mobile Spatial Applications BIBAPDFFull-Text 9
  Peter Fröhlich; Rainer Simon; Elisabeth Muss; Andrea Stepan; Peter Reichl
Thanks for the Memory BIBAPDFFull-Text 10
  Richard Harper; Dave Randall; Nicky Smyth; Carwyn Evans; Lisa Heledd; Robin Moore
Automatic vs. Manual Multi-Display Configuration: A Study of User Performance in a Semi-Cooperative Task Setting BIBAPDFFull-Text 11
  Thomas Heider; Thomas Kirste
Head-Shaped Tangible Interface for Affective Expression BIBAPDFFull-Text 12
  Christian Jacquemin
Expert Habits vs. UI Improvements: Re-Design of a Room Booking System BIBAPDFFull-Text 13
  Per A. Jonasson; Morten Fjeld; Aiko Fallas Yamashita
GazeSpace: Eye Gaze Controlled Content Spaces BIBAPDFFull-Text 14
  Sven Laqua; Shane Udaraka Bandara; Angela Sasse
Contextualizing the Blogosphere: A Comparison of Traditional and Novel User Interfaces of the Web BIBAPDFFull-Text 15
  Sven Laqua; Nnamdi Ogbechie; Angela Sasse
Bluetooth Friendly Names: Bringing Classic HCI Questions into the Mobile Space BIBAPDFFull-Text 16
  Barry Lavelle; Daragh Byrne; Gareth J. F. Jones; Alan F. Smeaton
Investigating the Usability of PDAs with Ageing Users BIBAPDFFull-Text 17
  Sheila McCarthy; Heather Sayers; Paul McKevitt
ALT Text and Basic Accessibility BIBAPDFFull-Text 18
  Tom McEwan; Ben Weerts
Calling Time: An Effective and Affective Evaluation of Two Versions of the MIT Beer Game BIBAPDFFull-Text 19
  Nicola Millard; Rosalind Britton
Overcoming the Distance between Friends BIBAPDFFull-Text 20
  Johanna Renny Octavia; Elise van den Hoven; Hans De Mondt
Validating the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Tool Cross-Culturally BIBAPDFFull-Text 21
  Lidia Oshlyansky; Paul Cairns; Harold Thimbleby
Voice Art: Investigating Paralinguistic Voice as a Mode of Interaction to Create Visual Art BIBAPDFFull-Text 22
  Dharami Perera; R. T. Jim Eales; Kathy Blashki
Interaction Design in the Wild BIBAPDFFull-Text 23
  Dorothy Rachovides; David Frohlich; Maxine Frank
Meaningful Personalization at a Self-Service Kiosk BIBAPDFFull-Text 24
  Jamie Sands; Graham Johnson; David Benyon; Gregory Leplatre
A Pattern-Based Usability Inspection Method: First Empirical Performance Measures and Future Issues BIBAPDFFull-Text 25
  Martin Schmettow; Sabine Niebuhr
Usability -- Not as we know it! BIBAPDFFull-Text 26
  Paula Alexandra Silva; Alan Dix
Names and Reference in User Interfaces BIBAPDFFull-Text 27
  Harold Thimbleby; Michael Harrison
Internalist and Externalist HCI BIBAPDFFull-Text 28
  Harold Thimbleby; Will Thimbleby
Designing Educational Software Inline with the Creative Learning Process: Just how Important is the Preparation Phase? BIBAPDFFull-Text 29
  Sylvia Truman
Is an Apology Enough? How to Resolve Trust Breakdowns in Episodic Online Interactions BIBAPDFFull-Text 30
  Asimina Vasalou; Astrid Hopfensitz; Jeremy Pitt
Use Study on a Home Video Editing System BIBAPDFFull-Text 31
  Hans Weda; Marco Campanella

Student Papers

Visualising Bluetooth Interactions: Combining the Arc Diagram and DocuBurst Techniques BIBAPDFFull-Text 32
  Daragh Byrne; Barry Lavelle; Gareth J. F. Jones; Alan F. Smeaton
Breaking the Campus Bubble: Informed, Engaged, Connected BIBAPDFFull-Text 33
  Nick Day; Corina Sas; Alan Dix; Mokoko Toma; Chris Bevan; Dave Clare
Teaching Severely Autistic Children to Recognise Emotions: Finding a Methodology BIBAPDFFull-Text 34
  Salima Elzouki; Marc Fabri; David Moore
MARPLE Investigates: An 'Adversarial' Approach to Evaluating User Experience BIBAPDFFull-Text 35
  Jane Holt; Simon Lock
Designing for Photolurking BIBAPDFFull-Text 36
  Haliyana Khalid; Alan Dix
Mapping the Demographies of Virtual Humans BIBAPDFFull-Text 37
  Rabia Khan; Antonella De Angeli
Design in Evaluation: Reflections on Designing for Children's Technology BIBAPDFFull-Text 38
  Emanuela Mazzone; Diana Xu; Janet Read


How Effective is it to Design by Voice? BIBAPDFFull-Text 39
  Mohammad Alsuraihi; Dimitris Rigas
Ten Emotion Heuristics: Guidelines for Assessing the User's Affective Dimension Easily and Cost-Effectively BIBAPDFFull-Text 40
  Eva de Lera; Muriel Garreta-Domingo
Challenges of Evaluating the Information Visualization Experience BIBAPDFFull-Text 41
  Sarah Faisal; Paul Cairns; Ann Blandford
Mental Health Issues and Pervasive Computing BIBAPDFFull-Text 42
  David Haniff
Interaction Manifolds: Theory from Experiments BIBAPDFFull-Text 43
  Cecily Morrison; Alan Blackwell

Interactive Experience

The Emotion Sampling Device (ESD) BIBAPDFFull-Text 44
  Linda Hole; Oliver Williams
Clever Tracking User Behaviour over the Web: Enabling Researchers to Respect the User BIBAPDFFull-Text 45
  Evdokiya Ignatova; Willem-Paul Brinkman


HCI 2.0? Usability meets Web 2.0 BIBAPDFFull-Text 46
  Alan Dix; Laura Cowen
A Conference Panel -- but not as we know it! BIBAPDFFull-Text 47
  Tom McEwan; Nick Bryan-Kinns; David England; Janet Finlay; Eamonn O'Neill

Organisational Overviews

HCI and Creative Problem-Solving at Lancaster BIBAPDFFull-Text 48
  Tom Ormerod; Linden Ball; Alan Dix; Corina Sas
Introducing the Companions Project: Intelligent, Persistent, Personalised Interfaces to the Internet BIBAPDFFull-Text 49
  David Benyon; Oli Mival


3rd International Workshop on Ubiquitous and Collaborative Computing (iUBICOM) BIBAPDFFull-Text 50
  Rahat Iqbal; Jacques Terken
2nd International Workshop on Formal Methods for Interactive Systems BIBAPDFFull-Text 51
  Paul Curzon; Antonio Cerone
Design, Use and Experience of E-Learning Systems BIBAPDFFull-Text 52
  Willem-Paul Brinkman; Annette Payne; Nayna Patel; Darren Griffin; Joshua Underwood
Usability of User Interfaces: From Monomodal to Multimodal BIBAPDFFull-Text 53
  Silvia Abrahão; Jean Vanderdonckt
Designing for Attention (2) BIBAPDFFull-Text 54
  Mary Zajicek; Claudia Roda
Towards a UX Manifesto BIBAPDFFull-Text 55
  Effie Lai-Chong Law; Arnold P. O. S. Vermeeren; Marc Hassenzahl; Mark Blythe
Designing Human Centred Technologies for the Developing World: HCI but not as we know it BIBAPDFFull-Text 56
  Rose Luckin; Lynne Dunckley; Andrew M. Dearden
The End of Cognition? BIBAPDFFull-Text 57
  Phil Turner
Emotion in HCI BIBAPDFFull-Text 58
  Christian Peter; Russell Beale; Elizabeth Crane; Lesley Axelrod
From HCI to Media Experience: Methodological Implications BIBAPDFFull-Text 59
  Elizabeth F. Churchill; Jeffrey Bardzell
Supporting Human Memory with Interactive Systems BIBAPDFFull-Text 60
  Denis Lalanne; Elise van den Hoven
Second International Workshop on Physicality BIBAPDFFull-Text 61
  Devina Ramduny-Ellis; Alan Dix; Steve Gill


Using Personas Effectively BIBAPDFFull-Text 62
  Peter Bagnall
Introducing HCI: A Practitioner's Guide BIBAPDFFull-Text 63
  Steve Cummaford; John Long
Old Cards, New Tricks: Applied Techniques in Card Sorting BIBAPDFFull-Text 64
  William Hudson
Ajax Usability and Design BIBAPDFFull-Text 65
  William Hudson
Managing Iterative Projects More Effectively: Theories, Techniques and Heuristics of HCI Practitioners BIBAPDFFull-Text 66
  John Long; Steve Cummaford
Introduction to Social Network Analysis BIBAPDFFull-Text 67
  Panayiotis Zaphiris; Ulrike Pfeil

HCI Practice Day

Information Architecture with IBM Task Modeler BIBAPDFFull-Text 68
  Colin Bird; Mark Farmer
Creating and Analysing Models in IBM Task Modeler BIBAPDFFull-Text 69
  Mark Farmer; Colin Bird
Eye Tracking in Practice BIBAPDFFull-Text 70
  Tony Renshaw; Natalie Webb

Doctoral Consortium

The Role of Input Devices in the Gaming Experience BIBAPDFFull-Text 71
  Eduardo H. Calvillo Gámez
Figuring Configuration: "everyday" users and end-user configuration of Pervasive Computing Environments BIBAPDFFull-Text 72
  Thom Heslop
Facilitating the Communication between Malaysian Grandparents and Grandchildren Living Abroad through Computer-Mediated Communication BIBAPDFFull-Text 73
  Nazean Jomhari
Interaction Manifolds: Understanding Behaviour Around a Shareable Interface BIBAPDFFull-Text 74
  Cecily Morrison
Social support in empathic online communities for older people BIBAPDFFull-Text 75
  Ulrike Pfeil
Interaction Designers' Use of Their Repertoire in Meetings with Clients BIBAPDFFull-Text 76
  Per Sökjer
The Design and Evaluation of an Assistive Multimodal Interface BIBAPDFFull-Text 77
  Phillip Strain
Issues with the Construct of Quality BIBAPDFFull-Text 78
  Nele Van den Ende; Jettie Hoonhout; Lydia Meesters
Safer prescribing in intensive care: designing a system to reduce errors BIBAPDFFull-Text 79
  Kathryn Went