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Proceedings of the HCI'07 Conference on People and Computers XXI

Fullname:Proceedings of the 21st Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:HCI...but not as we know it
Editors:Linden J. Ball; M. Angela Sasse; Corina Sas; Thomas C. Ormerod; Alan Dix; Peter Bagnall; Tom McEwan
Location:Lancaster University, England, United Kingdom
Dates:2007-Sep-03 to 2007-Sep-07
Standard No:ISSN 1477-9358; ISBN 1-902505-94-8, 978-1-902505-94-7; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: BCSHCI07-1
Links:Online Proceedings
  1. BCSHCI 2007-09-03 Volume 1
    1. Creative and Aesthetic Experiences
    2. Everyday Interaction
    3. Communicating and Sharing Experiences
    4. Mobile and Remote Interaction
    5. Tracking Usability Issues
    6. From Theory to Technique
    7. HCI: Surveying the Domain
    8. Extending HCI

BCSHCI 2007-09-03 Volume 1

Creative and Aesthetic Experiences

Docile Avatars: Aesthetics, Experience, and Sexual Interaction in Second Life BIBAPDFFull-Text 1
  Shaowen Bardzell; Jeffrey Bardzell
Encouraging Witting Participation and Performance in Digital Live Art BIBAPDFFull-Text 2
  Jennifer G. Sheridan; Nick Bryan-Kinns; Alice Bayliss
Creativity Support: Insights from the Practices of Digital-Atomic Artists BIBAPDFFull-Text 3
  R. T. Jim Eales; Dharami Perera

Everyday Interaction

Usability is the Best Policy: Public Policy and the Lived Experience of Transport Systems in London BIBAPDFFull-Text 4
  Philip Inglesant; M. Angela Sasse
A Card-Sorting Probe of E-Banking Trust Perceptions BIBAPDFFull-Text 5
  Tim French; Kecheng Liu; Mark Springett
Multiple Carets, Multiple Screens and Multi-Tasking: New Behaviours with Multiple Computers BIBAPDFFull-Text 6
  Russell Beale; William Edmondson

Communicating and Sharing Experiences

eKISS: Sharing Experiences in Families Through a Picture Blog BIBAPDFFull-Text 7
  Thomas Daslgaard; Mikael B. Skov; Bo Ramsdahl Thomassen
"The Devil You Know Knows Best": How Online Recommendations can Benefit from Social Networking BIBAPDFFull-Text 8
  Philip Bonhard; M. Angela Sassa; Clare Harries

Mobile and Remote Interaction

Investigating Microphone Efficacy for Facilitation of Mobile Speech-Based Data Entry BIBAPDFFull-Text 9
  Joanna Lumsden; Irina Kondratova; Scott Durling
A Technique for Incorporating Dynamic Paths in Lab-Based Mobile Evaluations BIBAPDFFull-Text 10
  Murray Crease; Jo Lumsden; Bob Longworth
Exploring Potential Usability Gaps when Switching Mobile Phones: An Empirical Study BIBAPDFFull-Text 11
  Aiko Fallas Yamashita; Wolmet Barendregt; Morten Fjeld

Tracking Usability Issues

Indentifying Web Usability Problems from Eye-Tracking Data BIBAPDFFull-Text 12
  Claudia Ehmke; Stephanie Wilson
Cueing Retrospective Verbal Reports in Usability Testing Through Eye-Movement Replay BIBAPDFFull-Text 13
  Nicola Eger; Linden J. Ball; Robert Stevens; Jon Dodd
Experiences with Structured Interviewing of Children During Usability Tests BIBAPDFFull-Text 14
  Arnold Vermeeren; Mathilde M. Bekker; Ilse E. H. van Kesteren; Huib de Ridder
ExpECT: An Expanded Error Categorisation Method for Text Input BIBAPDFFull-Text 15
  Akiyo Kano; Janet C. Read; Alan Dix; I. Scott MacKenzie

From Theory to Technique

Using Formal Models to Design User Interfaces: A Case Study BIBAPDFFull-Text 16
  Judy Bowen; Steve Reeves
Agile Human-Centered Software Engineering BIBAPDFFull-Text 17
  Thomas Memmel; Fredrik Gundelsweiler; Harald Reiterer
A Case Study of How User Interface Sketches, Scenarios and Computer Prototypes Structure Stakeholder Meetings BIBAPDFFull-Text 18
  Maria Johansson; Mattias Arvola

HCI: Surveying the Domain

A Survey on Common Practice in Designing Audio in the User Interface BIBAPDFFull-Text 19
  Christopher Frauenberger; Tony Stockman; Marie-Luce Bourget
HCI... not as it should be: Inferential Statistics in HCI Research BIBAPDFFull-Text 20
  Paul Cairns

Extending HCI

A Toolkit Approach to Sketched Diagram Recognition BIBAPDFFull-Text 21
  Beryl Plimmer; Isaac Freeman
Using Hierarchies to Support Non-Visual Access to Relational Diagrams BIBAPDFFull-Text 22
  Oussama Metatla; Nick Bryan-Kinns; Tony Stockman
Inspiring Design: The Use of Photo Elicitation and Lomography in Gaining the Child's Perspective BIBAPDFFull-Text 23
  Lynne Hall; Susan Jones; Marc Hall; Joanne Richardson; John Hodgson