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Proceedings of the 2010 International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence

Fullname:AmI 2010: First International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence
Editors:Boris de Ruyter; Reiner Wichert; David V. Keyson; Panos Markopoulos; Norbert Streitz; Monica Divitini; Nikolaos Georgantas; Antonio Mana Gomez
Location:Malaga, Spain
Dates:2010-Nov-10 to 2010-Nov-12
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6439
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-16917-5 hcibib: AmI10; ISBN: 978-3-642-16916-8 (print), 978-3-642-16917-5 (online)
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Automating Routine Tasks in AmI Systems by Using Models at Runtime BIBAKFull-Text 1-10
  Estefanía Serral; Pedro Valderas; Vicente Pelechano
Service Obtrusiveness Adaptation BIBAKFull-Text 11-20
  Miriam Gil; Pau Giner; Vicente Pelechano
A Dynamic Time Warping Approach to Real-Time Activity Recognition for Food Preparation BIBAFull-Text 21-30
  Cuong Pham; Thomas Plötz; Patrick Olivier
Refining Interaction Designs through Simplicity BIBAKFull-Text 31-40
  Pablo Muñoz; Pau Giner; Vicente Pelechano
Semantic Visualization of Wireless Sensor Networks for Elderly Monitoring BIBAKFull-Text 41-50
  Carsten Stocklöw; Felix Kamieth
Privacy Management and Control in ATRACO BIBAKFull-Text 51-60
  Bastian Könings; Björn Wiedersheim; Michael Weber
Place in Perspective: Extracting Online Information about Points of Interest BIBAFull-Text 61-72
  Ana O. Alves; Francisco C. Pereira; Filipe Rodrigues; João Oliveirinha
AmbiSec: Securing Smart Spaces Using Entropy Harvesting BIBAFull-Text 73-85
  Paolo Barsocchi; Stefano Chessa; Ivan Martinovic; Gabriele Oligeri
Taxi-Aware Map: Identifying and Predicting Vacant Taxis in the City BIBAFull-Text 86-95
  Santi Phithakkitnukoon; Marco Veloso; Carlos Bento; Assaf Biderman; Carlo Ratti
Dynamic Privacy Management in Pervasive Sensor Networks BIBAKFull-Text 96-106
  Nan-Wei Gong; Mathew Laibowitz; Joseph A. Paradiso
Geo-Social Interaction: Context-Aware Help in Large Scale Public Spaces BIBAKFull-Text 107-116
  Nasim Mahmud; Petr Aksenov; Ansar-Ul-Haque Yasar; Davy Preuveneers; Kris Luyten; Karin Coninx; Yolande Berbers
The Operator Guide: An Ambient Persuasive Interface in the Factory BIBAKFull-Text 117-126
  Alexander Meschtscherjakov; Wolfgang Reitberger; Florian Pöhr; Manfred Tscheligi
Reduction of Driver Stress Using AmI Technology while Driving in Motorway Merging Sections BIBAKFull-Text 127-137
  Kashif Zia; Andreas Riener; Alois Ferscha
Subjective Difficulty Estimation for Interactive Learning by Sensing Vibration Sound on Desk Panel BIBAKFull-Text 138-147
  Nana Hamaguchi; Keiko Yamamoto; Daisuke Iwai; Kosuke Sato
Ontology Driven Piecemeal Development of Smart Spaces BIBAKFull-Text 148-156
  Eila Ovaska
Exploiting Acoustic Source Localization for Context Classification in Smart Environments BIBAKFull-Text 157-166
  Christian Kleine-Cosack; Marius H. Hennecke; Szilárd Vajda; Gernot A. Fink
Real-Time Gaze Tracking for Public Displays BIBAFull-Text 167-176
  Andreas Sippl; Clemens Holzmann; Doris Zachhuber; Alois Ferscha
An Agent-Based Approach to Care in Independent Living BIBAKFull-Text 177-186
  Bostjan Kaluza; Violeta Mirchevska; Erik Dovgan; Mitja Lustrek; Matjaz Gams
Making AAL Platforms a Reality BIBAKFull-Text 187-196
  Antonio Kung; Bruno Jean-Bart
A Unified Architecture for Supporting Direct Tag-Based and Indirect Network-Based Resource Discovery BIBAFull-Text 197-206
  Simone Mora; Babak A. Farshchian
Multilevel and Hybrid Architecture for Device Abstraction and Context Information Management in Smart Home Environments BIBAKFull-Text 207-216
  Víctor Peláez; Roberto González; Luis Ángel San Martín; Antonio M. Campos; Vanesa Lobato
A Distributed Many-Camera System for Multi-person Tracking BIBAFull-Text 217-226
  Claus Lenz; Thorsten Röder; Martin Eggers; Sikandar Amin; Thomas Kisler; Bernd Radig; Giorgio Panin; Alois Knoll
An Open Distributed Framework for Adaptive User Interaction in Ambient Intelligence BIBAFull-Text 227-238
  Mohammad-Reza Tazari
A Vision-Based System for Object Identification and Information Retrieval in a Smart Home BIBAKFull-Text 239-247
  Raphael Grech; Dorothy Ndedi Monekosso; Deon de Jager; Paolo Remagnino
SeSaMoNet 2.0: Improving a Navigation System for Visually Impaired People BIBAKFull-Text 248-253
  Ugo Biader Ceipidor; Carlo Maria Medaglia; Eliseo Sciarretta
Plugin Driven Architecture for Intelligent Management of Building BIBAKFull-Text 254-258
  Alessandro Olivi; Roberto Borsini; Alessandro Bastari
Enhancing the Expressiveness of Fingers: Multi-touch Ring Menus for Everyday Applications BIBAKFull-Text 259-264
  Dietrich Kammer; Frank Lamack; Rainer Groh
Privacy Policy Enforcement for Ambient Ubiquitous Services BIBAKFull-Text 265-269
  Were Oyomno; Pekka Jäppinen; Esa Kerttula
A Concept for a First Communication Initiation for Ambient Intelligent Industrial Environments BIBAKFull-Text 270-274
  Florian Floerchinger; Marc Seissler
A Bluetooth-Based Device Management Platform for Smart Sensor Environment BIBAKFull-Text 275-279
  Ivan Boon-Kiat Lim; Kin Choong Yow
Investigation and Demonstration of Local Positioning System Using Ultrasonic Sensors for Wide Indoor Areas BIBAKFull-Text 280-284
  Takashi Hada; Hikaru Sunaga; Masaki Akiyama; Shigenori Ioroi; Hiroshi Tanaka
Automatic Pedestrian Detection and Counting Applied to Urban Planning BIBAKFull-Text 285-289
  Thomas Michelat; Nicolas Hueber; Pierre Raymond; Alexander Pichler; Pascal Schaal; Bernard Dugaret
This Is Me: Using Ambient Voice Patterns for In-Car Positioning BIBAKFull-Text 290-294
  Michael Feld; Tim Schwartz; Christian A. Müller
Selective Delivery of Points of Interest BIBAFull-Text 295-299
  Nuno Gil Fonseca; Luís Rente; Carlos Bento
Ambient Intelligence Research Landscapes: Introduction and Overview BIBAKFull-Text 300-303
  Norbert Streitz
Challenges and Limitations of Intelligent Ambient Assisted Living Environments BIBAKFull-Text 304-309
  Reiner Wichert
The DFKI Competence Center for Ambient Assisted Living BIBAKFull-Text 310-314
  Jochen Frey; Christoph Stahl; Thomas Röfer; Bernd Krieg-Brückner; Jan Alexandersson
Intersecting the Architecture of the Internet of Things with the Future Retail Industry BIBAFull-Text 315-319
  Carsten Magerkurth; Stephan Haller; Pascal Hagedorn
On the Role of ExperienceLab in Professional Domain Ambient Intelligence Research BIBAKFull-Text 320-324
  Evert van Loenen; Richard van de Sluis; Boris E. R. de Ruyter; Emile H. L. Aarts
The Christian Doppler Laboratory on Contextual Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 325-332
  Thomas Grill; Wolfgang Reitberger; Marianna Obrist; Alexander Meschtscherjakov; Manfred Tscheligi
Workshop on Interaction Techniques in Real and Simulated Assistive Smart Environments BIBAKFull-Text 333-336
  Felix Kamieth; Johannes Schäfer; Juan-Carlos Naranjo; Antonella Arca; Jacopo Aleotti
Workshop on Pervasive Computing and Cooperative Environments in a Global Context BIBAFull-Text 337-338
  Kirusnapillai Selvarajah; Neil A. Speirs
'Designing Ambient Interactions -- Pervasive Ergonomic Interfaces for Ageing Well' (DAI'10) BIBAKFull-Text 339-341
  Arjan Geven; Sebastian Prost; Manfred Tscheligi; John Soldatos; Mari Feli González
3rd Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experience (SAME) -- In Conjunction with AmI-2010 BIBAKFull-Text 342-345
  Artur Lugmayr; Björn Stockleben; Juha Kaario; Bogdan Pogorelc; Thomas Risse
Workshop AccessibleTV "Accessible User Interfaces for Future TV Applications" BIBAKFull-Text 346-348
  Volker Hahn; Pascal Hamisu; Christopher Jung; Gregor Heinrich; Carlos Duarte; Patrick Langdon
First Workshop on Radically Innovative AAL Services BIBAKFull-Text 349-350
  Juan-Pablo Lázaro; Sergio Guillén
First Workshop on Convergence and Consolidation towards Standard AAL Platform Services BIBAKFull-Text 351-352
  Juan-Pablo Lázaro; Sergio Guillén; Babak A. Farshchian; Marius Mikalsen