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Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces

Fullname:AVI'10 International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces
Editors:Giuseppe Santucci
Location:Roma, Italy
Dates:2010-May-26 to 2010-May-28
Standard No:ISBN: 1-4503-0076-6, 978-1-4503-0076-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: AVI10
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  1. Invited speakers
  2. Visual analytics
  3. Visual interaction I
  4. Visual interaction II
  5. Visual interaction & collaboration
  6. Controlled studies
  7. Interfaces to go
  8. Evaluation
  9. Information visualization
  10. Interaction
  11. Interface design
  12. Posters: May, 26th
  13. Posters: May, 27th
  14. Posters: May, 28th
  15. Demos
  16. Workshops

Invited speakers

Advanced visual analytics interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 3-10
  Daniel A. Keim; Peter Bak; Enrico Bertini; Daniela Oelke; David Spretke; Hartmut Ziegler
Aesthetics and trust: visual decisions about web pages BIBAFull-Text 11-15
  Patrick J. Lynch
Architecting next-generation user interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 16-22
  Daniel Wigdor

Visual analytics

A new weaving technique for handling overlapping regions BIBAKFull-Text 25-32
  Martin Luboschik; Axel Radloff; Heidrun Schumann
Wakame: sense making of multi-dimensional spatial-temporal data BIBAKFull-Text 33-40
  Clifton Forlines; Kent Wittenburg
Finding business information by visualizing enterprise document activity BIBAKFull-Text 41-48
  Xiaoyu Wang; Bill Janssen; Eric Bier
Visual quality metrics and human perception: an initial study on 2D projections of large multidimensional data BIBAKFull-Text 49-56
  Andrada Tatu; Peter Bak; Enrico Bertini; Daniel Keim; Joern Schneidewind

Visual interaction I

iChase: supporting exploration and awareness of editing activities on Wikipedia BIBAKFull-Text 59-66
  Nathalie Henry Riche; Bongshin Lee; Fanny Chevalier
A visual tool for using design patterns as pattern languages BIBAKFull-Text 67-74
  Paloma Díaz; Ignacio Aedo; Mary Beth Rosson; John M. Carroll
Gameplay on a multitouch screen to foster learning about historical sites BIBAKFull-Text 75-78
  C. Ardito; M. F. Costabile; R. Lanzilotti

Visual interaction II

Exploring the design space of multiscale 3D orientation BIBAKFull-Text 81-88
  James McCrae; Michael Glueck; Tovi Grossman; Azam Khan; Karan Singh
Task-driven service discovery and selection BIBAKFull-Text 89-92
  Kyriakos Kritikos; Fabio Paternò
Towards an environment for designing and evaluating multimedia art guides BIBAKFull-Text 93-96
  Augusto Celentano; Renzo Orsini; Fabio Pittarello
3-D interaction with a large wall display using transparent markers BIBAKFull-Text 97-100
  Akito Hyakutake; Koichiro Ozaki; Kris Makoto Kitani; Hideki Koike

Visual interaction & collaboration

Designing a cross-channel information management tool for workers in enterprise task forces BIBAKFull-Text 103-110
  Gregorio Convertino; Sanjay Kairam; Lichan Hong; Bongwon Suh; Ed H. Chi
CompUTE: a runtime infrastructure for device composition BIBAKFull-Text 111-118
  Jakob E. Bardram; Christina Fuglsang; Simon C. Pedersen
Design TeamMate: a platform to support design activities of small teams BIBAKFull-Text 119-126
  Jean-Bernard Martens; Frans Parthesius; Berke Atasoy
Complete fashion coordinator: a support system for capturing and selecting daily clothes with social networks BIBAKFull-Text 127-132
  Hitomi Tsujita; Koji Tsukada; Keisuke Kambara; Itiro Siio
User requirements for a web based spreadsheet-mediated collaboration BIBAKFull-Text 133-136
  Athula Ginige; Luca Paolino; Monica Sebillo; Richa Shrodkar; Giuliana Vitiello

Controlled studies

Lift-and-drop: crossing boundaries in a multi-display environment by Airlift BIBAKFull-Text 139-146
  Thomas Bader; Astrid Heck; Jürgen Beyerer
Knotty gestures: subtle traces to support interactive use of paper BIBAKFull-Text 147-154
  Theophanis Tsandilas; Wendy E. Mackay
Supporting menu design with radial layouts BIBAKFull-Text 155-162
  Krystian Samp; Stefan Decker
Structured laser pointer: enabling wrist-rolling movements as a new interactive dimension BIBAKFull-Text 163-166
  Yongqiang Qin; Yuanchun Shi; Hao Jiang; Chun Yu
The effect of stereoscopy and motion cues on 3D interpretation task performance BIBAKFull-Text 167-170
  Boris W. van Schooten; Elisabeth M. A. G. van Dijk; Elena Zudilova-Seinstra; Avan Suinesiaputra; Johan H. C. Reiber

Interfaces to go

Wavelet menus on handheld devices: stacking metaphor for novice mode and eyes-free selection for expert mode BIBAKFull-Text 173-180
  Jérémie Francone; Gilles Bailly; Eric Lecolinet; Nadine Mandran; Laurence Nigay
Text entry for mobile devices using ad-hoc abbreviation BIBAKFull-Text 181-188
  Stefano Pini; Sangmok Han; David R. Wallace
Bimanual handheld mixed reality interfaces for urban planning BIBAKFull-Text 189-196
  Markus Sareika; Dieter Schmalstieg


An heuristic set for evaluation in information visualization BIBAKFull-Text 199-206
  Camilla Forsell; Jimmy Johansson
GPS and road map navigation: the case for a spatial framework for semantic information BIBAKFull-Text 207-214
  Ginette Wessel; Caroline Ziemkiewicz; Remco Chang; Eric Sauda
Implied dynamics in information visualization BIBAFull-Text 215-222
  Caroline Ziemkiewicz; Robert Kosara

Information visualization

MIAOW: a 3D image browser applying a location- and time-based hierarchical data visualization technique BIBAKFull-Text 225-232
  Ai Gomi; Takayuki Itoh
An automatic generation of schematic maps to display flight routes for air traffic controllers: structure and color optimization BIBAKFull-Text 233-240
  Christophe Hurter; Mathieu Serrurier; Roland Alonso; Gilles Tabart; Jean-Luc Vinot
Tracing genealogical data with TimeNets BIBAKFull-Text 241-248
  Nam Wook Kim; Stuart K. Card; Jeffrey Heer
Video abstraction and detection of anomalies by tracking movements BIBAKFull-Text 249-252
  Paolo Buono; Adalberto L. Simeone
Setting the bar for set-valued attributes BIBAKFull-Text 253-256
  Kent Wittenburg


Multi-con: exploring graphs by fast switching among multiple contexts BIBAKFull-Text 259-266
  Ying Tu
Pac-pac: pinching gesture recognition for tabletop entertainment system BIBAFull-Text 267-273
  Kentaro Fukuchi; Toshiki Sato; Haruko Mamiya; Hideki Koike
Social robots and ECAs for accessing smart environments services BIBAKFull-Text 275-278
  Berardina De Carolis; Irene Mazzotta; Nicole Novielli; Sebastiano Pizzutilo

Interface design

Comic Engine: interactive system for creating and browsing comic books with attention cuing BIBAKFull-Text 281-288
  Hiroaki Tobita
Jelly: a multi-device design environment for managing consistency across devices BIBAKFull-Text 289-296
  Jan Meskens; Kris Luyten; Karin Coninx
A reflex in eye-hand coordination for calibrating coordinates of a tabletop display BIBAKFull-Text 297-300
  Makio Ishihara; Yukio Ishihara

Posters: May, 26th

Visual, in-place data flow modeling BIBAKFull-Text 303-306
  Uwe Jugel
A design pattern language for accessible web sites BIBAKFull-Text 307-310
  Daniela Fogli; Loredana Parasiliti Provenza; Cristian Bernareggi
An architecture and a visual interface for tagging the 3D web BIBAKFull-Text 311-315
  Fabio Pittarello
MetroNG: multimodal interactive scheduling interface BIBAKFull-Text 317-320
  David Bednárek; Jir;í Dokulil; Jakub Yaghob; Filip Zavoral
Adjustable context adaptations for user interfaces at runtime BIBAKFull-Text 321-324
  Veit Schwartze; Marco Blumendorf; Sahin Albayrak
Power and energy visualization for the micro-management of household electricity consumption BIBAKFull-Text 325-328
  Paul Monigatti; Mark Apperley; Bill Rogers

Posters: May, 27th

An infrastructure for creating graphical indicators of the learner profile by mashing up different sources BIBAKFull-Text 329-332
  Luca Mazzola; Riccardo Mazza
Synchronous cooperation and visualization for social bookmarking systems BIBAKFull-Text 333-336
  Maxime Collomb; Mountaz Hascoët
Creating a virtual archery experience BIBAKFull-Text 337-340
  Sebastian Göbel; Christian Geiger; Christin Heinze; Dionysios Marinos
A multi-layered aesthetical web-portal interface for governmental integration issues BIBAKFull-Text 341-344
  Linn Gustavsson Christiernin; Anneli Martin
3D attentional maps: aggregated gaze visualizations in three-dimensional virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 345-348
  Sophie Stellmach; Lennart Nacke; Raimund Dachselt
Enhanced navigation and focus on TileBars with barycenter heuristic-based reordering BIBAKFull-Text 349-352
  Vinh Tuan Thai; Siegfried Handschuh
Doughnut crumbs: visual navigation for data hierarchies BIBAKFull-Text 353-356
  Teruhiko Teraoka

Posters: May, 28th

Gestures as a "creation" mechanism for tabletop interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 357-360
  Mohammed Belatar; François Coldefy
Deep Diffs: visually exploring the history of a document BIBAKFull-Text 361-364
  Ross Shannon; Aaron Quigley; Paddy Nixon
"Wheels of web" visual user interface BIBAKFull-Text 365-368
  Sravanthi Kollukuduru; Kamalakar Karlapalem
Improving the performance and usability for visual menu interface on mobile computers BIBAKFull-Text 369-372
  Yaohua Yu; Zhengjie Liu
EVEREVIS: event recognizer in video scenes BIBAKFull-Text 373-376
  Rodrigo Silva Oliveira; Tiago Oliveira Cunha; Fillipe Dias Moreira de Souza; Júlia Epischina Engrácia de Oliveira; Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo
Showtime: increasing viewer understanding of dynamic network visualisations BIBAKFull-Text 377-380
  Ross Shannon; Aaron Quigley; Paddy Nixon
Virtual-ICSI: a visual-haptic interface for virtual training in intra cytoplasmic sperm injection BIBAKFull-Text 381-384
  A. F. Abate; M. Nappi; S. Ricciardi; G. Tortora; S. Levialdi; M. De Marsico


BrainyHand: a wearable computing device without HMD and it's interaction techniques BIBAKFull-Text 387-388
  Emi Tamaki; Takashi Miyak; Jun Rekimoto
Interacting annotations in MADCOW 2.0 BIBAKFull-Text 389-390
  Danilo Avola; Paolo Bottoni; Stefano Levialdi; Emanuele Panizzi
Don't touch me: multi-user annotations on a map in large display environments BIBAKFull-Text 391-392
  Andrea Bellucci; Alessio Malizia; Paloma Diaz; Ignacio Aedo
Visual analysis of financial crimes: [system paper] BIBAFull-Text 393-394
  Emilio Di Giacomo; Walter Didimo; Giuseppe Liotta; Pietro Palladino
Experience with interactive multimedia art guides BIBAKFull-Text 395-396
  Giuseppe Barbieri; Augusto Celentano; Valeria Finocchi; Marek Maurizio; Renzo Orsini; Fabio Pittarello
EnforManga: interactive comic creation with deformation BIBAKFull-Text 397-398
  Hiroaki Tobita
Advanced brain computer interface for communication and control BIBAKFull-Text 399-400
  F. Aloise; F. Schettini; P. Aricò; L. Bianchi; A. Riccio; M. Mecella; F. Babiloni; D. Mattia; F. Cincotti


End-user development of software services and applications BIBAKFull-Text 403-404
  Maria Francesca Costabile; Boris De Ruyter; Nikolay Mehandjiev; Piero Mussio
Visual workflow composition through semantic orchestration of web services BIBAFull-Text 405
  Barbara R. Barricelli; Piero Mussio; Stefano Valtolina; Marco Padula; Paolo L. Scala; Antonio Piccinno
Seeing the self in the washing machine: the deep affordance of 2.0 philosophy in the household appliance domain BIBAFull-Text 405
  Caterina Calefato; Enrico Frumento; Monica Milani; Roberto Montanari
About composing our own smart home BIBAFull-Text 405-406
  Joëlle Coutaz; Emeric Fontaine; Nadine Mandran; Alexandre Demeure
Metadesigning e-government services: a case study in a local agency BIBAFull-Text 406
  Daniela Fogli; Loredana Parasiliti Provenza; Sergio Colosio
Future development environments for computational scientists BIBAFull-Text 406
  Andreas Heil; Matthew J. Smith; Alexander Brändle
A community based metaphor supporting EUD within communities BIBAFull-Text 406
  Marco P. Locatelli; Carla Simone
Wizard-based process modeling for business users BIBAFull-Text 406
  Jean-Philippe Lombardi; Jürgen Vogel
User task-based development of multi-device service-oriented applications BIBAFull-Text 407
  Fabio Paternó; Carmen Santoro; Lucio Davide Spano
A comparison of three service composition approaches for end users BIBAFull-Text 407
  Usman Wajid; Abdallah Namoune; Nikolay Mehandjiev
Workshop on coupled display visual interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 408-410
  Alan Dix; Aaron Quigley; Sriram Subramanian; Lucia Terrenghi
Experiences with mouse control in multi-display environments BIBAFull-Text 411
  Manuela Waldner; Dieter Schmalstieg
Primitive interaction tasks for multi-display environments (PrIME): a hands-on approach BIBAKFull-Text 412
  Mahsa Jenabi; Harald Reiterer
Investigating distributed user interfaces across interactive large displays and mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 413
  Matthias Finke; Nima Kaviani; Ivy Wang; Vincent Tsao; Sidney Fels; Rodger Lea
Partial web interface migration BIBAKFull-Text 414
  Giuseppe Ghiani; Fabio Paternò; Carmen Santoro
Fridge fridge on the wall: what can I cook for us all?: an HMI study for an intelligent fridge BIBAFull-Text 415
  Manuela Bucci; Caterina Calefato; Sergio Colombetti; Monica Milani; Roberto Montanari
WallShare: a multi-pointer system for portable devices BIBAKFull-Text 416
  Pedro G. Villanueva; José A. Gallud; Ricardo Tesoriero
Labeling large displays for interaction with mobile devices: recognition of symbols for pairing techniques BIBAKFull-Text 417
  Umer Rashid; Lucia Terrenghi; Aaron Quigley
Delegating the visual interface between a tablet and a TV BIBAKFull-Text 418
  Konstantinos Chorianopoulos; Francisco Javier Burón Fernández; Enrique García Salcines; Carlos de Castro Lozano
Exploring gesture-based interaction techniques in multi-display environments with mobile phones and a multi-touch table BIBAKFull-Text 419
  Tanja Döring; Alireza Sahami Shirazi; Albrecht Schmidt
Digital hospitality: expressing hospitality towards guests in smart homes using private and domestic displays BIBAKFull-Text 420
  Rasmus Gude
Interactive data exploration and knowledge discovery BIBAFull-Text 421-422
  Elena Zudilova-Seinstra; Jean-Bernard Martens; Tony Adriaansen
Exploring concepts collaboratively: considering how Wii interact BIBAFull-Text 423
  Christopher Foster; Liz Burd; Andrew Hatch
Generation of roadside panoramic images without obstacles BIBAKFull-Text 424
  Shunichiro Tsuji; Yasuyuki Kono
Human-information interaction in epistemic activities BIBAFull-Text 425
  Kamran Sedig
Role of externalization and composite interactions in the exploration of complex visualization spaces: a usability study BIBAFull-Text 426
  Hai-Ning Lia; Kamran Sedig
Evaluating the utilization of clustering methods connected with multivariate visualizations BIBAFull-Text 427
  Barbara Scheuner
Virtual environment for the navigation of ideas and concepts in education (V.E.N.I.C.E) BIBAFull-Text 428
  Simon Foley
Seeing more than the graph: evaluation of multivariate graph visualization methods BIBAFull-Text 429
  Andrew Cunningham; Kai Xu; Bruce Thomas
An interactive exploration environment for complex process design BIBAFull-Text 430
  Eric S. Fraga