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Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces

Fullname:AVI'08 Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces
Editors:Paolo Bottoni; Stefano Levialdi
Location:Napoli, Italy
Dates:2008-May-28 to 2008-May-30
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-60558-141-5; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: AVI08
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. Invited papers
  2. Interaction techniques
  3. Content-focused applications
  4. Visualization techniques
  5. User experience
  6. Surface-oriented interaction
  7. Semantics-based applications
  8. User studies on visualization
  9. Interaction environment design
  10. Interactive querying and retrieval
  11. Advanced visualization
  12. Posters Day 1: Interaction environments and semantics based applications
  13. Posters Day 2: Visualization and user experience
  14. Posters Day 3: Retrieval, natural interaction and interaction techniques
  15. Demos session

Invited papers

Ambient mobility: human environment interface and interaction challenges BIBAFull-Text 3
  José Luis Encarnação
Computational photography and video: interacting and creating with videos and images BIBAFull-Text 4
  Irfan Essa
Principles of entertainment in inhabited television BIBAKFull-Text 5-12
  Marco Fanciulli

Interaction techniques

Flower menus: a new type of marking menu with large menu breadth, within groups and efficient expert mode memorization BIBAKFull-Text 15-22
  Gilles Bailly; Eric Lecolinet; Laurence Nigay
Efficient web browsing on small screens BIBAKFull-Text 23-30
  Hamed Ahmadi; Jun Kong
Bridging the gap between real printouts and digital whiteboard BIBAKFull-Text 31-38
  Peter Brandl; Michael Haller; Juergen Oberngruber; Christian Schafleitner
Exploring blog archives with interactive visualization BIBAKFull-Text 39-46
  A Indratmo; Julita Vassileva; Carl Gutwin

Content-focused applications

Using subjective and physiological measures to evaluate audience-participating movie experience BIBAKFull-Text 49-56
  Tao Lin; Akinobu Maejima; Shigeo Morishima
Content aware video presentation on high-resolution displays BIBAKFull-Text 57-64
  Clifton Forlines
SparTag.us: a low cost tagging system for foraging of web content BIBAKFull-Text 65-72
  Lichan Hong; Ed H. Chi; Raluca Budiu; Peter Pirolli; Les Nelson

Visualization techniques

Timeline trees: visualizing sequences of transactions in information hierarchies BIBAKFull-Text 75-82
  Michael Burch; Fabian Beck; Stephan Diehl
Visualizing antenna design spaces BIBAKFull-Text 83-90
  Kent Wittenburg; Tom Lanning; Darren Leigh; Kathy Ryall
The in-context slider: a fluid interface component for visualization and adjustment of values while authoring BIBAKFull-Text 91-99
  Andrew Webb; Andruid Kerne

User experience

Exploring the feasibility of video mail for illiterate users BIBAKFull-Text 103-110
  Archana Prasad; Indrani Medhi; Kentaro Toyama; Ravin Balakrishnan
The inspection of very large images by eye-gaze control BIBAKFull-Text 111-118
  Nicholas Adams; Mark Witkowski; Robert Spence
Evaluation of pointing performance on screen edges BIBAKFull-Text 119-126
  Caroline Appert; Olivier Chapuis; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

Surface-oriented interaction

Starburst: a target expansion algorithm for non-uniform target distributions BIBAKFull-Text 129-137
  Patrick Baudisch; Alexander Zotov; Edward Cutrell; Ken Hinckley
Physical handles at the interactive surface: exploring tangibility and its benefits BIBAKFull-Text 138-145
  Lucia Terrenghi; David Kirk; Hendrik Richter; Sebastian Krämer; Otmar Hilliges; Andreas Butz
TapTap and MagStick: improving one-handed target acquisition on small touch-screens BIBAKFull-Text 146-153
  Anne Roudaut; Stéphane Huot; Eric Lecolinet
Combining and measuring the benefits of bimanual pen and direct-touch interaction on horizontal interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 154-161
  Peter Brandl; Clifton Forlines; Daniel Wigdor; Michael Haller; Chia Shen

Semantics-based applications

Semiotic engineering in practice: redesigning the CoScripter interface BIBAKFull-Text 165-172
  Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza; Allen Cypher
Affective geographies: toward a richer cartographic semantics for the geospatial web BIBAKFull-Text 173-180
  Elisa Giaccardi; Daniela Fogli
Recognition and processing of hand-drawn diagrams using syntactic and semantic analysis BIBAKFull-Text 181-188
  Florian Brieler; Mark Minas

User studies on visualization

Exploring video streams using slit-tear visualizations BIBAKFull-Text 191-198
  Anthony Tang; Saul Greenberg; Sidney Fels
Exploring the role of individual differences in information visualization BIBAKFull-Text 199-206
  Cristina Conati; Heather Maclaren
An empirical evaluation of interactive visualizations for preferential choice BIBAKFull-Text 207-214
  Jeanette Bautista; Giuseppe Carenini

Interaction environment design

Model-based layout generation BIBAKFull-Text 217-224
  Sebastian Feuerstack; Marco Blumendorf; Veit Schwartze; Sahin Albayrak
A mixed-fidelity prototyping tool for mobile devices BIBAKFull-Text 225-232
  Marco de Sá; Luís Carriço; Luís Duarte; Tiago Reis
Gummy for multi-platform user interface designs: shape me, multiply me, fix me, use me BIBAKFull-Text 233-240
  Jan Meskens; Jo Vermeulen; Kris Luyten; Karin Coninx

Interactive querying and retrieval

KMVQL: a visual query interface based on Karnaugh map BIBAKFull-Text 243-250
  Jiwen Huo
Query-through-drilldown: data-oriented extensional queries BIBAKFull-Text 251-259
  Alan Dix; Damon Oram
Automatically adapting web sites for mobile access through logical descriptions and dynamic analysis of interaction resources BIBAKFull-Text 260-267
  Fabio Paternò; Carmen Santoro; Antonio Scorcia

Advanced visualization

A physics-based approach for interactive manipulation of graph visualizations BIBAKFull-Text 271-278
  Andre Suslik Spritzer; Carla M. D. S. Freitas
Agent warp engine: formula based shape warping for networked applications BIBAKFull-Text 279-286
  Alexander Repenning; Andri Ioannidou
Image geo-mashups: the example of an augmented reality weather camera BIBAKFull-Text 287-294
  Jana Gliet; Antonio Krüger; Otto Klemm; Johannes Schöning

Posters Day 1: Interaction environments and semantics based applications

How coherent environments support remote gestures BIBAKFull-Text 297-300
  Naomi Yamashita; Keiji Hirata; Toshihiro Takada; Yasunori Harada
SLMeeting: supporting collaborative work in Second Life BIBAKFull-Text 301-304
  Andrea De Lucia; Rita Francese; Ignazio Passero; Genoveffa Tortora
Balancing physical and digital properties in mixed objects BIBAKFull-Text 305-308
  Céline Coutrix; Laurence Nigay
A flexible, declarative presentation framework for domain-specific modeling BIBAKFull-Text 309-312
  Tamás Mészáros; Gergely Mezei; Tihamér Levendovszky
Advanced visual systems supporting unwitting EUD BIBAKFull-Text 313-316
  Maria Francesca Costabile; Piero Mussio; Loredana Parasiliti Provenza; Antonio Piccinno
VCode and VData: illustrating a new framework for supporting the video annotation workflow BIBAKFull-Text 317-321
  Joey Hagedorn; Joshua Hailpern; Karrie G. Karahalios
An investigation of dynamic landmarking functions BIBAKFull-Text 322-325
  Philip Quinn; Andy Cockburn; A Indratmo; Carl Gutwin
Eulr: a novel resource tagging facility integrated with Flickr BIBAKFull-Text 326-330
  Rosario De Chiara; Andrew Fish; Salvatore Ruocco
Ambiguity detection in multimodal systems BIBAKFull-Text 331-334
  Maria Chiara Caschera; Fernando Ferri; Patrizia Grifoni
Fostering conversation after the museum visit: a WOZ study for a shared interface BIBAKFull-Text 335-338
  Cesare Rocchi; Daniel Tomasini; Oliviero Stock; Massimo Zancanaro
Exploring emotions and multimodality in digitally augmented puppeteering BIBAKFull-Text 339-342
  Lassi A. Liikkanen; Giulio Jacucci; Eero Huvio; Toni Laitinen; Elisabeth Andre
Face bubble: photo browsing by faces BIBAKFull-Text 343-346
  Jun Xiao; Tong Zhang
Browsing a website with topographic hints BIBAFull-Text 347-350
  S. Rossi; A. Inserra; E. Burattini
Visual tag authoring: picture extraction via localized, collaborative tagging BIBAKFull-Text 351-354
  Andrea Bellucci; Stefano Levialdi Ghiron; Ignacio Aedo; Alessio Malizia
Time2Hide: spatial searches and clutter alleviation for the desktop BIBAKFull-Text 355-358
  George Lepouras; Aggelos Papatriantafyllou; Akrivi Katifori; Alan Dix

Posters Day 2: Visualization and user experience

Users' quest for an optimized representation of a multi-device space BIBAKFull-Text 359-362
  Dzmitry Aliakseyeu; Andrés Lucero; Jean-Bernard Martens
Multiview user interfaces with an automultiscopic display BIBAKFull-Text 363-366
  Wojciech Matusik; Clifton Forlines; Hanspeter Pfister
Adapting a single-user, single-display molecular visualization application for use in a multi-user, multi-display environment BIBAFull-Text 367-371
  Clifton Forlines; Ryan Lilien
As time goes by: integrated visualization and analysis of dynamic networks BIBAKFull-Text 372-375
  Mathias Pohl; Florian Reitz; Peter Birke
Revealing uncertainty for information visualization BIBAKFull-Text 376-379
  Meredith Skeels; Bongshin Lee; Greg Smith; George Robertson
Perceptual usability: predicting changes in visual interfaces & designs due to visual acuity differences BIBAKFull-Text 380-383
  Mike Bennett; Aaron Quigley
Illustrative halos in information visualization BIBAKFull-Text 384-387
  Martin Luboschik; Heidrun Schumann
Shadow tracking on multi-touch tables BIBAKFull-Text 388-391
  Florian Echtler; Manuel Huber; Gudrun Klinker
LocaweRoute: an advanced route history visualization for mobile devices BIBAKFull-Text 392-395
  Taina M. Lehtimäki; Timo Partala; Mika Luimula; Pertti Verronen
The effect of animated transitions in zooming interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 396-399
  Maruthappan Shanmugasundaram; Pourang Irani
Visual design of service deployment in complex physical environments BIBAKFull-Text 400-403
  Augusto Celentano; Fabio Pittarello
Visualizing program similarity in the Ac plagiarism detection system BIBAKFull-Text 404-407
  Manuel Freire
Visual representation of web design patterns for end-users BIBAKFull-Text 408-411
  Paloma Díaz; Ignacio Aedo; Mary Beth Rosson

Posters Day 3: Retrieval, natural interaction and interaction techniques

Memoria mobile: sharing pictures of a point of interest BIBAKFull-Text 412-415
  Rui Jesus; Ricardo Dias; Rute Frias; Arnaldo J. Abrantes; Nuno Correia
An eye tracking approach to image search activities using RSVP display techniques BIBAKFull-Text 416-420
  Simone Corsato; Mauro Mosconi; Marco Porta
Advanced interfaces for music enjoyment BIBAKFull-Text 421-424
  Adriano Baratè; Luca A. Ludovico
Funky wall: presenting mood boards using gesture, speech and visuals BIBAKFull-Text 425-428
  Andrés Lucero; Dzmitry Aliakseyeu; Jean-Bernard Martens
Toward a natural interface to virtual medical imaging environments BIBAKFull-Text 429-432
  Luigi Gallo; Giuseppe De Pietro; Antonio Coronato; Ivana Marra
Music selection using the PartyVote democratic jukebox BIBAKFull-Text 433-436
  David Sprague; Fuqu Wu; Melanie Tory
A haptic rendering engine of web pages for blind users BIBAKFull-Text 437-440
  Nikolaos Kaklanis; Juan González Calleros; Jean Vanderdonckt; Dimitrios Tzovaras
Realizing the hidden: interactive visualization and analysis of large volumes of structured data BIBAFull-Text 441-444
  Olaf Noppens; Thorsten Liebig
A wearable Malossi alphabet interface for deafblind people BIBAKFull-Text 445-448
  Nicholas Caporusso
SyncDecor: communication appliances for virtual cohabitation BIBAKFull-Text 449-453
  Hitomi Tsujita; Koji Tsukada; Itiro Siio
Toward haptic mathematics: why and how BIBAKFull-Text 454-457
  C. Bernareggi; A. Marcante; P. Mussio; L. Parasiliti Provenza; Sara Vanzi
The need for an interaction cost model in adaptive interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 458-461
  Bowen Hui; Sean Gustafson; Pourang Irani; Craig Boutilier
Theia: open environment for multispectral image analysis BIBAKFull-Text 462-465
  Vito Roberto; Massimiliano Hofer
The multi-touch SoundScape renderer BIBAFull-Text 466-469
  Katharina Bredies; Nick Alexander Mann; Jens Ahrens; Matthias Geier; Sascha Spors; Michael Nischt

Demos session

Interactive visual interfaces for evacuation planning BIBAKFull-Text 472-473
  Gennady Andrienko; Natalia Andrienko; Ulrich Bartling
Supporting visual exploration of massive movement data BIBAKFull-Text 474-475
  Natalia Andrienko; Gennady Andrienko
Scenique: a multimodal image retrieval interface BIBAKFull-Text 476-477
  Ilaria Bartolini; Paolo Ciaccia
Multimodal user interfaces for smart environments: the multi-access service platform BIBAKFull-Text 478-479
  Marco Blumendorf; Sebastian Feuerstack; Sahin Albayrak
Interactive shape specification for pattern search in time series BIBAKFull-Text 480-481
  Paolo Buono; Adalberto Lafcadio Simeone
A system for dynamic 3D visualisation of speech recognition paths BIBAKFull-Text 482-483
  Saturnino Luz; Masood Masoodian; Bill Rogers; Bo Zhang
Perspective change: a system for switching between on-screen views by closing one eye BIBAKFull-Text 484-485
  Fabian Hemmert; Danijela Djokic; Reto Wettach
Improving citizens' interactions in an e-deliberation environment BIBAKFull-Text 486-487
  Fiorella De Cindio; Cristian Peraboni; Leonardo Sonnante
"Isn't this archaeological site exciting!": a mobile system enhancing school trips BIBAKFull-Text 488-489
  Carmelo Ardito; Rosa Lanzilotti
MedioVis: visual information seeking in digital libraries BIBAKFull-Text 490-491
  Mathias Heilig; Mischa Demarmels; Werner A. König; Jens Gerken; Sebastian Rexhausen; Hans-Christian Jetter; Harald Reiterer
End-user visualizations BIBAKFull-Text 492-493
  Alexander Repenning; Andri Ioannidou
Agrafo: a visual interface for grouping and browsing digital photos BIBAKFull-Text 494-495
  João Mota; Manuel J. Fonseca; Daniel Gonçalves; Joaquim A. Jorge