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Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces

Fullname:AVI'00 Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces
Editors:Stefano Levialdi; Vita Di Gesù; Laura Tarantino
Location:Palermo, Italy
Dates:2000-May-24 to 2000-May-26
Standard No:ISBN: 1-58113-252-2; Order Number:608006; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: AVI00
From hierarchies to polyarchies: visualizing multiple relationships BIBAFull-Text 13
  George Robertson
The virtual human as a multimodal interface BIBAKFull-Text 14-20
  Daniel Thalmann
Instructions and descriptions: some cognitive aspects of programming and similar activities BIBAKFull-Text 21-28
  Thomas R. G. Green
An algorithm for blob hierarchy layout BIBAKFull-Text 29-40
  David Harel; Gregory Yashchin
A comparison of set-based and graph-based visualisations of overlapping classification hierarchies BIBAKFull-Text 41-50
  Martin Graham; Jessie B. Kennedy; Chris Hand
Architectures to make simple visualisations using simple systems BIBAKFull-Text 51-60
  Alan Dix; Russell Beale; Andy Wood
Diagrams based on structural object perception BIBAKFull-Text 61-67
  Pourang Irani; Colin Ware
An architecture for pen-based interaction on electronic whiteboards BIBAKFull-Text 68-75
  Takeo Igarashi; W. Keith Edwards; Anthony LaMarca; Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Device independent text input: a rationale and an example BIBAKFull-Text 76-83
  Poika Isokoski; Roope Raisamo
Automatic animation of discussions in USENET BIBAKFull-Text 84-91
  Jun Yabe; Shin Takahashi; Estuya Shibayama
Smart graphics in adaptive way descriptions BIBAFull-Text 92-97
  Antonio Krüger; Jörg Baus; Andreas Butz
An intuitive VR user interface for design review BIBAKFull-Text 98-101
  Christian Knöpfle; Gerrit Voß
Reification, polymorphism and reuse: three principles for designing visual interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 102-109
  Michel Beaudouin-Lafon; Wendy E. Mackay
Guidelines for using multiple views in information visualization BIBAKFull-Text 110-119
  Michelle Q. Wang Baldonado; Allison Woodruff; Allan Kuchinsky
Using information in task models to support design of interactive safety-critical applications BIBAKFull-Text 120-127
  Fabio Paternò; Vincenzo Sabbatino; Carmen Santoro
Snap-together visualization: a user interface for coordinating visualizations via relational schemata BIBAKFull-Text 128-135
  Chris North; Ben Shneiderman
User interface patterns for hypermedia applications BIBAKFull-Text 136-142
  Gustavo Rossi; Daniel Schwabe; Fernando Lyardet
Validating the SUE inspection technique BIBAKFull-Text 143-150
  Antoella De Angeli; Maristella Matera; M. Francesca Costabile; Franca Garzotto; Paolo Paolini
Teallach's presentation model BIBAKFull-Text 151-154
  Peter J. Barclay; Jessie Kennedy
Generating user interface code in a model based user interface development environment BIBAKFull-Text 155-160
  Paulo Pinheiro da Silva; Tony Griffiths; Norman W. Paton
The effect of information scent on searching information: visualizations of large tree structures BIBAKFull-Text 161-172
  Peter Pirolli; Stuart K. Card; Mija M. Van Der Wege
Multidimensional information visualization through sliding rods BIBAKFull-Text 173-180
  Tom Lanning; Kent Wittenburg; Michael Heinrichs; Christina Fyock; Glenn Li
A Web-based approach to interactive visualization in context BIBAKFull-Text 181-188
  Audris Mockus; Stacie Hibino; Todd Graves
Rapid serial visual presentation: a space-time trade-off in information presentation BIBAKFull-Text 189-192
  Oscar de Bruijn; Robert Spence
Automated generation of agent behaviour from formal models of interaction BIBAKFull-Text 193-200
  Fiorella de Rosis; Berardina De Carolis; Sebastiano Pizzutilo
Adaptive user interface for process control based on multi-agent approach BIBAKFull-Text 201-204
  Gianni Viano; Andrea Parodi; James Alty; Chris Khalil; Inaki Angulo; Daniele Biglino; Michel Crampes; Christophe Vaudry; Veronique Daurensan; Philippe Lachaud
An architecture for automatic gesture analysis BIBAFull-Text 205-210
  E. Ardizzone; A. Chella; R. Pirrone
A visual tool for querying geographic databases BIBAKFull-Text 211-216
  Andreas D. Blaser; Max. J. Egenhofer
Supporting visual exploration of object movement BIBAKFull-Text 217-220
  Natalia Andrienko; Gennady Andrienko; Peter Gatalsky
Interactive visualisation of a travel itinerary BIBAKFull-Text 221-226
  Mark Apperley; Dale Fletcher; Bill Rogers; Kirsten Thomson
Context and interaction in zoomable user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 227-231
  Stuart Pook; Eric Lecolinet; Guy Vaysseix; Emmanuel Barillot
Hierarchical flip zooming: enabling parallel exploration of hierarchical visualizations BIBAKFull-Text 232-237
  Staffan Björk
Dynamic label sampling on fisheye maps for information exploration BIBAKFull-Text 238-241
  Junichi Tatemura
CBM: a visual query interface model based on annotated cartoon diagrams BIBKFull-Text 242-245
  Dong-Guk Shin; Ravi Shankar Nori
Conversation space: visualising multi-threaded conversation BIBAKFull-Text 246-249
  Dimitri Popolov; Michael Callaghan; Paul Luker
Getting the mobile users in: three systems that support collaboration in an environment with heterogeneous communication devices BIBAKFull-Text 250-254
  Thomas Rist; Patrick Brandmeier; Gerd Herzog; Elisabeth André
KVispatch: a visual language that rewrites kinematic objects in animation BIBAFull-Text 255-260
  Kenji Miyamoto; Yasunori Harada; Richard Potter
Graphical information models as interfaces for Web document repositories BIBAKFull-Text 261-265
  Virpi Lyytikäinen; Pasi Tiitinen; Airi Salminen
Towards mutual comprehension through interaction BIBAKFull-Text 266-269
  Nadia Bianchi Berthouze; Paolo Bottoni; Toshikazu Kato
Button selection for general GUIs using eye and hand together BIBAKFull-Text 270-273
  Masatake Yamato; Katsuro Inoue; Akito Monden; Koji Torii; Ken-ichi Matsumoto
Using dialog and context in a speech-based interface for an information visualization environment BIBAKFull-Text 274-275
  Kenneth Cox; Rebecca E. Grinter; David Mantilla
User interfaces for digital television: a navigator case study BIBAKFull-Text 276-279
  Leena Eronen; Petri Vuorimaa
Mail-by-example: a visual query interface for email management BIBAKFull-Text 280-281
  Karin Becker; Michelle O. Cardoso; Caren M. Nichele; Michele Frighetto
A fast multi-scale method for drawing large graphs BIBAFull-Text 282-285
  David Harel; Yehuda Koren
A meta heuristic for graph drawing: learning the optimal graph-drawing method for clustered graphs BIBAKFull-Text 286-289
  Oliver Niggemann; Benno Stein
Relevance of graph-drawing algorithms to graph-based interfaces BIBAFull-Text 290-291
  Bertrand Ibrahim; Honitriniela Randriamparany; Hidenori Yoshizumi
On better understanding UML diagrams through interactive three-dimensional visualization and animation BIBAFull-Text 292-295
  Oliver Radfelder; Martin Gogolla
Formalising interactive behaviour in 3D-spatiotemporal worlds BIBAKFull-Text 296-297
  Alex Vakaloudis; Babis Theodoulidis; Chris Harrison
A modular approach for exploring the semantic structure of technical document collections BIBAKFull-Text 298-301
  Andreas Becks; Stefan Sklorz; Matthias Jarke
Specifying interface properties in object-oriented conceptual models BIBAKFull-Text 302-304
  Oscar Pastor; Pedro J. Molina; Alberto Aparicio
Augmenting virtual prototyping with physical objects BIBAKFull-Text 305-306
  Virtu Halttunen; Tuomo Tuikka
VISPS, a visual system for plan specification BIBAKFull-Text 307-310
  Marco Porta