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Proceedings of AUIC'11, Australasian User Interface Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of the 12th Australasian Conference on User Interfaces -- Volume 117
Editors:Christof Lutteroth; Haifeng Shen
Location:Perth, Australia
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-920682-97-2; hcibib: AUIC11
Links:Online Proceedings
A New CAPTCHA Interface Design for Mobile Devices BIBAHTML 3-8
  R. Lin; S.-Y. Huang; G. B. Bell; Y.-K. Lee
Domain specific vs Generic Network Visualization: an Evaluation with Metabolic Networks BIBAHTML 9-18
  R. Bourqui; H. C. Purchase
Investigating Objective Measures of Web Page Aesthetics and Usability BIBAHTML 19-28
  H. C. Purchase; J. Hamer; A. Jamieson; O. Ryan
The Crowd in the Cloud: Moving Beyond Traditional Boundaries for Large Scale Experiences in the Cloud BIBAHTML 29-38
  A. Roughton; J. Downs; B. Plimmer; I. Warren
Visualising Environmental Corrosion in Outdoor Augmented Reality BIBAHTML 39-46
  J. A. Walsh; B. H. Thomas
Progressive User Interfaces for Regressive Analysis: Making Tracks with Large, Low-Level Systems BIBAHTML 47-56
  J. Baldwin; P. Sinha; M. Salois; Y. Coady
Feasibility Study of a Robotic Medication Assistant for the Elderly BIBAHTML 57-66
  P. Tiwari; J. Warren; K. Day; B. MacDonald; C. Jayawardena; I. H. Kuo; A. Igic; C. Datta
Sketch-Based Crowd Modelling BIBAHTML 67-76
  L. Guan; B. C. Wuensche