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Proceedings of AUIC'08, Australasian User Interface Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of the ninth conference on Australasian user interface -- Volume 76
Editors:Beryl Plimmer; Gerald Weber
Location:Wollongong, Australia
Dates:2008-Jan-22 to 2008-Jan-25
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-920682-57-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: AUIC08
Links:Online Proceedings
  1. Keynote
  2. Contributed papers: novel interaction
  3. Contributed papers: collaborative interaction
  4. Contributed papers: user interface analysis
  5. Contributed papers: usability evaluation


Simple, social, ethical and beautiful: requirements for UIs in the home BIBAFull-TextPDF 3-9
  Andrew F. Monk

Contributed papers: novel interaction

Multi-sensory game interface improves player satisfaction but not performance BIBAFull-TextPDF 13-18
  Keith V. Nesbitt; Ian Hoskens
User evaluation of god-like interaction techniques BIBAFull-TextPDF 19-27
  Aaron Stafford; Wayne Piekarski
AreWeThereYet?: a temporally aware media player BIBAFull-TextPDF 29-32
  Matt Adcock; Jaewoo Chung; Chris Schmandt

Contributed papers: collaborative interaction

A collaborative guidance case study BIBAFull-TextPDF 33-42
  Duncan Stevenson; Jane Li; Jocelyn Smith; Matthew Hutchins
Enabling co-located ad-hoc collaboration on shared displays BIBAFull-TextPDF 43-50
  Peter Hutterer; Bruce H. Thomas
Public and private workspaces on tabletop displays BIBAFull-TextPDF 51-54
  Ross T. Smith; Wayne Piekarski

Contributed papers: user interface analysis

Automated usability testing framework BIBAFull-TextPDF 55-64
  Fiora T. W. Au; Simon Baker; Ian Warren; Gillian Dobbie
Automated reverse engineering of hard-coded GUI layouts BIBAFull-TextPDF 65-73
  Christof Lutteroth
Annotating UI architecture with actual use BIBAFull-TextPDF 75-78
  Neil Ramsay; Stuart Marshall; Alex Potanin

Contributed papers: usability evaluation

The effects of menu parallelism on visual search and selection BIBAFull-TextPDF 79-84
  Philip Quinn; Andy Cockburn
The "mental map" versus "static aesthetic" compromise in dynamic graphs: a user study BIBAFull-TextPDF 85-93
  Peter Saffrey; Helen Purchase