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Proceedings of AUIC'01, Australasian User Interface Conference-01-29

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2nd Australasian conference on User interface
Editors:Paul Calder; Michael Rees
Location:Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Dates:2001-Jan-29 to 2001-Feb-01
Standard No:ISBN: 0-7695-0969-X; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: AUIC01
The computer science of everyday things BIBAFull-Text 3
  Harold Thimbleby
Goldleaf hierarchical document browser BIBAFull-Text 13
  Jolon Faichney; Ruben Gonzalez
Adapting the web interface: an adaptive web browser BIBAFull-Text 21
  K. Henricksen; J. Indulska
Linking between real and virtual spaces: building the mixed reality stage environment BIBAFull-Text 29
  Monika Fleischmann; Wolfgang Strauss
Visualizing content based relations in texts BIBAFull-Text 34
  Edgar Weippl
Towards model based prediction of human error rates in interactive systems BIBAFull-Text 42
  David Leadbetter; Andrew Hussey; Peter Lindsay; Andrew Neal; Mike Humphreys
Navigating information as a cityscape BIBAFull-Text 50
  Chris P. Rainsford; Michael I. Y. Williams
Smarter cut-and-paste for programming text editors BIBAFull-Text 56
  Glen Wallace; Robert Biddle; Ewan Tempero
Using force feedback for multi-sensory display BIBAFull-Text 64
  Keith V. Nesbitt; Randall J. Gallimore; Bernard J. Orenstein
A method for the early stages of interactive system design using UML and Lean Cuisine+ BIBAFull-Text 69
  Chris Scogings; Chris Phillips
Steerable interactive television: virtual reality technology changes user interfaces of viewers and of program producers BIBAFull-Text 77
  Ronald Pose
A pilot study of teaching the strategic use of common computer applications BIBAFull-Text 85
  Richard C. Thomas; Marian R. K. Foster
Context in 3D planar navigation BIBAFull-Text 93
  Scott Vallance; Paul Calder
Cost/benefit based adaptive dialog: case study using empirical medical practice norms and intelligent split menus BIBAFull-Text 100
  Jim Warren
Solving the occlusion problem for three-dimensional distortion-oriented displays BIBAFull-Text 108
  Donovan Winch; Paul Calder; Raymond Smith
An animated 3D manipulator for distributed collaborative window-based applications BIBAFull-Text 116
  Matthew L. Davies; Bruce H. Thomas
Drawing lessons in the design of tangible media from a study of interactions with mechanical products BIBAFull-Text 124
  Margot Brereton
Comparing and reconciling usability-centered and use case-driven requirements engineering processes BIBAFull-Text 132
  A. Seffah; R. Djouab; H. Antunes