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Third Annual ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Assistive Technologies

Fullname:Third International ACM SIGCAPH Conference on Assistive Technologies
Location:Marina del Rey, California
Dates:1998-Apr-15 to 1998-Apr-17
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-020-1 ACM Order number 444980; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ASSETS98
Smart Rooms, Desks, and Clothes BIBAKPDFTXT 1-2
  Alexander Pentland
Comparing Effects of Navigational Interface Modalities on Speaker Prosodics BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 3-10
  Julie Baca
Computer-Based Cognitive Prosthetics: Assistive Technology for the Treatment of Cognitive Disabilities BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 11-18
  Elliot Cole; Parto Dehdashti
Toward the Use of Speech and Natural Language Technology in Intervention for a Language-Disordered Population BIBAPDFTXT 19-26
  Jill Fain Lehman
Lessons from Developing Audio HTML Interfaces BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 27-34
  Frankie James
The Use of Gestures in Multimodal Input BIBAKPDFTXT 35-42
  Simeon Keates; Peter Robinson
VRML-Based Representations of ASL Fingerspelling on the World-Wide Web BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 43-45
  S. Augustine Su; Richard K. Furuta
Programming for Usability in Nonvisual User Interfaces BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 46-48
  Gerhard Weber
Expanded Interactions: Broadening Human-Centered Computing BIBAKPDFTXT 49-50
  Richard A. Foulds; Arthur W., III Joyce
Conversational Gestures for Direct Manipulation on the Audio Desktop BIBAWeb PagePDFTXT 51-58
  T. V. Raman
Automatic Babble Recognition for Early Detection of Speech Related Disorders BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 59-66
  Harriet J. Fell; Joel MacAuslan; Karen Chenausky; Linda J. Ferrier
A Tool for Creating Eye-Aware Applications that Adapt to Changes in User Behavior BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 67-74
  Greg Edwards
Designing Interfaces for an Overlooked User Group: Considering the Visual Profiles of Partially Sighted Users BIBAKPDFTXT 75-77
  Julie A. Jacko; Andrew Sears
Modeling and Generating Sign Language as Animated Line Drawings BIBAHTMLPDFTXT 78-84
  Frank Godenschweger; Thomas Strothotte
TGuide: A Guidance System for Tactile Image Exploration BIBAKPDFTXT 85-91
  Martin Kurze
Haptic Virtual Reality for Blind Computer Users BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 92-99
  Chetz Colwell; Helen Petrie; Diana Kornbrot; Andrew Hardwick; Stephen Furner
Auditory Navigation in Hyperspace: Design and Evaluation of a Non-Visual Hypermedia System for Blind Users BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 100-107
  Sarah Morley; Anne-Marie O'Neill Helen Petrie; Peter McNally
SUITEKeys: A Speech Understanding Interface for the Motor-Control Challenged BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 108-115
  Bill Manaris; Alan Harkreader
Adaptation of a Cash Dispenser to the Needs of Blind and Visually Impaired People BIBAKPDFTXT 116-123
  Jens M. Manzke
Some Thoughts on Assistive Technology for the Blind BIBAPDFTXT 124-125
  Abraham Nemeth
An Interactive Method for Accessing Tables in HTML BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 126-128
  Toshiya Oogane; Chieko Asakawa
Alliance for Technology Access: Making Assistive Technology Accessible to the Community BIBAPDFTXT 129
  Mary Ann Glicksman
Dual Level Intraframe Coding for Increased Video Telecommunication Bandwidth BIBAKWeb PagePDFTXT 130-135
  David M. Saxe; Richard A. Foulds; Arthur W., III Joyce
Reading and Writing Mathematics: The MAVIS Project BIBAKPDFTXT 136-143
  A. I. Karshmer; G. Gupta; S. Geiiger; C. Weaver
Making VRML Accessible for People with Disabilities BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 144-148
  Sandy Ressler; Qiming Wang
User Interface of a Home Page Reader BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 149-156
  Chieko Asakawa; Atakashi Itoh
Digital Talking Books on a PC: A Usability Evaluation of the Prototype DAISY Playback Software BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 157-164
  Sarah Morley
A Phoneme Probability Display for Individuals with Hearing Disabilities BIBAHTMLPDFTXT 165-168
  Deb Roy; Alex Pentland
Augmenting Home and Office Environments BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 169-172
  Elizabeth Mynatt; Douglas Blattner; Meera M. Blattner; Blair MacIntyre; Jennifer Mankoff
A Model of Keyboard Configuration Requirements BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 173-181
  Shari Trewin; Helen Pain
Head Pointing and Speech Control as a Hands-Free Interface to Desktop Computing BIBAPDFTXT 182-188
  Rainer Malkewitz
Factors Leading to the Successful Use of Voice Recognition Technology BIBAKPDFTXT 189-196
  Tanya Goette
Towards an EOG-Based Eye Tracker for Computer Control BIBAPDFTXT 197-203
  David W. Patmore; R. Benjamin Knapp
A Web Navigation Tool for the Blind BIBAKHTMLPDFTXT 204-206
  Mary Zajicek; Chris Powell; Chris Reeves