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First Annual ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Assistive Technologies

Fullname:First International ACM/SIGCAPH Conference on Assistive Technologies
Editors:Ephraim P. Glinert
Location:Marina del Rey, California
Dates:1994-Oct-31 to 1994-Nov-01
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-649-2; ACM Order number 444940; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ASSETS94
  1. Keynote Address
  2. Hearing Impairments
  3. Augmentative Communication -- I
  4. Vision Impairments -- I
  5. Motor Impairments
  6. Vision Impairments -- II
  7. Augmentative Communication -- II
  8. New Directions
  9. Panel

Keynote Address

Counting Our Assets and Liabilities: A Balance Sheet for Computing's First Half Century BIBAPDF ix
  Randy W. Dipner

Hearing Impairments

Pattern Recognition and Synthesis for Sign Language Translation System BIBAPDF 1-8
  Masaru Ohki; Hirohiko Sagawa; Tomoko Sakiyama; Eiji Oohira; Hisashi Ikeda; Hiromichi Fujisawa
Multimedia Dictionary of American Sign Language BIBAPDF 9-16
  Sherman Wilcox; Joanne Scheibman; Doug Wood; Dennis Cokely; William C. Stokoe
A System for Teaching Speech to Profoundly Deaf Children using Synthesized Acoustic and Articulatory Patterns BIBAPDF 17-22
  Elizabeth Keate; Hector Javkin; Norma Antonanzas-Barroso; Ranjun Zou

Augmentative Communication -- I

Iconic Language Design for People with Significant Speech and Multiple Impairments BIBAPDF 23-30
  P. L. Albacete; S. K. Chang; G. Polese; B. Baker
The Application of Spatialization and Spatial Metaphor to Augmentative and Alternative Communication BIBAPDF 31-38
  Patrick Demasco; Alan F. Newell; John L. Arnott

Vision Impairments -- I

Screen Reader/2: Access to OS/2 and the Graphical User Interface BIBAPDF 39-46
  Jim Thatcher
Providing Access to Graphical User Interfaces -- Not Graphical Screens BIBAPDF 47-54
  W. Keith Edwards; Elizabeth D. Mynatt; Kathryn Stockton
Increasing Access to Information for the Print Disabled through Electronic Documents in SGML BIBAPDF 55-61
  Bart Bauwens; Jan Engelen; Filip Evenepoel; Chris Tobin; Tom Wesley
Interactive Audio Documents BIBAKPDF 62-68
  T. V. Raman; David Gries

Motor Impairments

An Overview of Programs and Projects at the Rehabilitation Research and Development Center BIBAPDF 69-76
  David L. Jaffe
Using the Baby-Babble-Blanket for Infants with Motor Problems: An Empirical Study BIBAKPDF 77-84
  Harriet J. Fell; Linda J. Ferrier; Hariklia Delta; Regina Peterson; Zehra Mooraj; Megan Valleau

Vision Impairments -- II

Personal Guidance System for the Visually Impaired BIBA 85-91
  Jack M. Loomis; Reginald G. Golledge; Roberta L. Klatzky; Jon M. Speigle; Jerome Tietz
Hyperbraille -- A Hypertext System for the Blind BIBA 92-99
  Thomas Kieninger; Norbert Kuhn
Automatic Impact Sound Generation for using in Non-Visual Interfaces BIBAK 100-106
  A. Darvishi; E. Munteanu; V. Guggiana; H. Schauer; M. Motavalli; M. Rauterberg

Augmentative Communication -- II

A Communication Tool for People with Disabilities: Lexical Semantics for Filling in the Pieces BIBA 107-114
  Kathleen F. McCoy; Patrick W. Demasco; Mark A. Jones; Christopher A. Pennington; Peter B. Vanderheyden; Wendy M. Zickus
Validation of a Keystroke-Level Model for a Text Entry System Used by People with Disabilities BIBA 115-122
  Heidi Horstmann Koester; Simon P. Levine

New Directions

An Experimental Sound-Based Hierarchical Menu Navigation System for Visually Handicapped Use of Graphical User Interfaces BIBA 123-128
  Arthur I. Karshmer; Pres Brawner; George Reiswig
A Rule-Based System that Suggests Computer Adaptations for Users with Special Needs BIBA 129-135
  William W. McMillan; Michael Zeiger; Lech Wisniewski
LVRS: The Low Vision Research System BIBA 136-140
  Mitchell Krell
EEG as a Means of Communication: Preliminary Experiments in EEG Analysis using Neural Networks BIBA 141-147
  Charles W. Anderson; Saikumar V. Devulapalli; Erik A. Stolz
Audio Formatting of a Graph BIBA 148-152
  Sophie H. Zhang; Mukkai Krishnamoorthy
Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology (DO-IT) on the Electronic Highway BIBA 153-156
  Sheryl Burgstahler; Dan Comden


Interface Modeling Issues in Providing Access to GUIs for the Visually Impaired BIBA 157
  A. D. N. Edwards; E. D. Mynatt; J. Thatcher