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Fourth Annual ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Assistive Technologies

Fullname:Fourth International ACM SIGCAPH Conference on Assistive Technologies
Location:Arlington, Virginia, USA
Dates:2000-Nov-13 to 2000-Nov-15
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-314-8 ACM Order number 444000; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ASSETS00
Low Vision: The Role of Visual Acuity in the Efficiency of Cursor Movement BIBAKPDF 1-8
  Julie A. Jacko; Armando B. Barreto; Gottlieb J. Marmet; Josey Y. M. Chu; Holly S. Bautsch; Ingrid U. Scott; Robert H. Rosa
A Framework of Assistive Pointers for Low Vision Users BIBAKPDF 9-16
  Julie Fraser; Carl Gutwin
Constructing Sonified Haptic Line Graphs for the Blind Student: First Steps BIBAKPDF 17-25
  Rameshsharma Ramloll; Wai Yu; Stephen Brewster; Beate Riedel; Mike Burton; Gisela Dimigen
Tactile Imaging Using Watershed-Based Image Segmentation BIBAKPDF 26-33
  Sergio E. Hernandez; Kenneth E. Barner
A Study of Blind Drawing Practice: Creating Graphical Information Without the Visual Channel BIBAKPDF 34-41
  Hesham M. Kamel; James A. Landay
New Technology Enables Many-Fold Reduction in the Cost of Refreshable Braille Displays BIBAKPDF 42-49
  John Roberts; Oliver Slattery; David Kardos; Brett Swope
A Storytelling Robot for Pediatric Rehabilitation BIBAKPDF 50-55
  Catherine Plaisant; Allison Druin; Corinna Lathan; Kapil Dakhane; Kris Edwards; Jack Maxwell Vice; Jaime Montemayor
A Virtual Reality-Based Exercise Program for Stroke Rehabilitation BIBAKPDF 56-63
  David Jack; Rares Boian; Alma Merians; Sergei V. Adamovich; Marilyn Tremaine; Michael Recce; Grigore C. Burdea; Howard Poizner
Fast Web by Using Updated Content Extraction and a Bookmark Facility BIBAKPDF 64-71
  Tsuyoshi Ebina; Seiji Igi; Teruhisa Miyake
A Comparison of Voice Controlled and Mouse Controlled Web Browsing BIBAKPDF 72-79
  Kevin Christian; Bill Kules; Ben Shneiderman; Adel Youssef
Evaluating Web Resources for Disability Access BIBAKPDF 80-84
  Murray Rowan; Peter Gregor; David Sloan; Paul Booth
An Empirical Investigation of Ways in which Some of the Problems Encountered by Some Dyslexics May be Alleviated Using Computer Techniques BIBAKPDF 85-91
  Peter Gregor; Alan F. Newell
An Intelligent Tutoring System for Deaf Learners of Written English BIBAKPDF 92-100
  Lisa N. Michaud; Kathleen F. McCoy; Christopher A. Pennington
The Development of Language Processing Support for the ViSiCAST Project BIBAKPDF 101-108
  R. Elliott; J. R. W. Glauert; J. R. Kennaway; I. Marshall
The LF-ASD Brain Computer Interface: On-Line Identification of Imagined Finger Flexions in Subjects with Spinal Cord Injuries BIBAKPDF 109-113
  Steven G. Mason; Ziba Bozorgzadeh; Gary E. Birch
Human Factors Issues in the Neural Signals Direct Brain-Computer Interfaces BIBAKPDF 114-120
  Melody M. Moore; Philip R. Kennedy
Neck Range of Motion and Use of Computer Head Controls BIBAKPDF 121-128
  Edmund LoPresti; David M. Brienza; Jennifer Angelo; Lars Gilbertson; Jonathan Sakai
Investigating the Applicability of User Models for Motion-Impaired Users BIBAKPDF 129-136
  Simeon Keates; John Clarkson; Peter Robinson
Evaluation of Scanning User Interfaces Using Real-Time-Data Usage Logs BIBAKPDF 137-141
  Peter O'Neill; Chris Roast; Mark Hawley
A Java Programming Tool for Students with Visual Disabilities BIBAKPDF 142-148
  Ann C. Smith; Joan M. Francioni; Sam D. Matzek
Programming by Voice, VocalProgramming BIBAKPDF 149-155
  Stephen C. Arnold; Leo Mark; John Goldthwaite
A Semantic Transcoding System to Adapt Web Services for Users with Disabilities BIBAKPDF 156-163
  Anita W. Huang; Neel Sundaresan
Transcoding Proxy for Nonvisual Web Access BIBAKPDF 164-171
  Hironobu Takagi; Chieko Asakawa
Annotation-Based Transcoding for Nonvisual Web Access BIBAKPDF 172-179
  Chieko Asakawa; Hironobu Takagi
A Domain Specific Language Framework for Non-Visual Browsing of Complex HTML Structures BIBAKPDF 180-187
  E. Pontelli; W. Xiong; G. Gupta; A. I. Karshmer
Constructive Exploration of Spatial Information by Blind Users BIBAKPDF 188-192
  Jochen Schneider; Thomas Strothotte
Wearable Interfaces for Orientation and Wayfinding BIBAKPDF 193-200
  David A. Ross; Bruce B. Blasch