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Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions
Editors:Leslie Miller; Silvana Roncagliolo
Location:Valencia, Spain
Dates:2012-Jan-30 to 2012-Feb-04
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-61208-177-9
Links:Conference Website | Proceedings
  1. Computer Games and Gaming
  2. Usability and Universal Accessibility I
  3. Usability and Universal Accessibility II
  4. Other Domain Applications
  5. Interfaces I
  6. Interfaces II
  7. Interaction & Interface Design & Evaluation I
  8. Interaction & Interface Design & Evaluation II
  9. Human-robot Interaction
  10. Human-computer Interaction in Education and Training I
  11. Human-computer Interaction in Education and Training II
  12. Interactive Systems
  13. User Modeling and User Focus I
  14. User Modeling and User Focus II

Computer Games and Gaming

GPU Based Burning Process Simulation BIBAKFull-TextPDF 1-6
  Ran Jiao; Liu Yonggan; Hao Aimin
Context-dependent Action Interpretation in Interactive Storytelling Games BIBAKFull-TextPDF 7-10
  Chung-Lun Lu; Von-Wun Soo
Developing User-Centered Video Game Concepts for Language Learning BIBAKFull-TextPDF 11-16
  Yorick Poels; Jan-Henk Annema; Bieke Zaman; Frederik Cornillie
Online Casinos: The Addiction Under Control Role of Web 2.0 and re-documentarisation BIBAKFull-TextPDF 17-21
  Karim Fraoua; Christian Bourret

Usability and Universal Accessibility I

Evaluation of User Interface Satisfaction of Mobile Maps for Touch Screen Interfaces BIBAKFull-TextPDF 22-27
  Ya-Li Lin
Tablet PCs -- An Assistive Technology for Students with Reading Difficulties? BIBAKFull-TextPDF 28-34
  Andrea A. Gasparini; Alma Leora Culén
Spatial Ability and Map-Based Software Applications BIBAKFull-TextPDF 35-40
  Michelle Rusch; Sarah Nusser; Les Miller; Georgi Batinov; Kofi Whitney
A Presentation Support System by Expanding Embodiment with a Mobile Touchscreen Device BIBAKFull-TextPDF 41-46
  Michiya Yamamoto; Taku Murabayashi; Tomio Watanabe
Designing Mobile Apps for Visually Impaired and Blind Users BIBAKFull-TextPDF 47-52
  Javier Sanchez; Joaquín Selva Roca de Togores

Usability and Universal Accessibility II

Building Bridges Between Elderly and TV Application Developers BIBAKFull-TextPDF 53-59
  José Coelho; Carlos Duarte; Pedro Feiteira; Daniel Costa; David Costa
Analysis of Volumetric Tactile Symbols Produced with 3D Printing BIBAKFull-TextPDF 60-67
  Jaume Gual; Marina Puyuelo; Joaquim Lloveras
Ethnographic Examination for Studying Information Sharing Practices in Rural South Africa BIBAKFull-TextPDF 68-74
  Amandeep Dhir; Imad Moukadem; Nobert Jere; Puneet Kaur; Sari Kujala; Antti Ylä-Jääski
Accessibility Study of Rich Web Interface Components BIBAKFull-TextPDF 75-79
  Juliana Braga; Rafael Damaceno; Rodrigo Leme; Silvia Dotta
Virtualization Technology for Multi-display Systems BIBAKFull-TextPDF 80-83
  Igor Petukhov; Lyudmila Steshina; Ilya Tanryverdiev

Other Domain Applications

A Generic Approach to Interactive University Timetabling BIBAKFull-TextPDF 84-89
  Michael Zeising; Stefan Jablonski
The Utility of Controlled Vocabularies within Bookmark Management Tasks BIBAKFull-TextPDF 90-94
  Siu-Tsen Shen; Stephen D. Prior
Designing Multi-Modal Map-Based Interfaces for Disaster Management BIBAKFull-TextPDF 95-100
  Volker Paelke; Karsten Nebe; Christian Geiger; Florian Klompmaker; Holger Fischer
Multilingual Ontology Alignment Based on Visual Representations of Ontology Concepts BIBAKFull-TextPDF 101-105
  Srdan Mihic; Dragan Ivetic
TsoKaDo: An Image Search Engine Performing Recursive Query Recommendation Based on Visual Information BIBAKFull-TextPDF 106-111
  Lazaros Tsochatzidis; Athanasios Kapoutsis; Nikos Dourvas; Savvas Chatzichristofis; Yiannis Boutalis; Konstantinos Zagoris

Interfaces I

Head Nod and Shake Gesture Interface for a Self-portrait Camera BIBAKFull-TextPDF 112-117
  Shaowei Chu; Jiro Tanaka
Towards 3D Data Environments using Multi-Touch Screens BIBAKFull-TextPDF 118-121
  Francisco R. Ortega; Armando Barreto; Naphtali Rishe; Malek Adjouadi
User Interface for Trust Decision Making in Inter-Enterprise Collaborations BIBAKFull-TextPDF 122-127
  Puneet Kaur; Sini Ruohomaa; Lea Kutvonen
Human Operator Perspective to Autonomic Network Management BIBAKFull-TextPDF 128-134
  Marja Liinasuo; Iina Aaltonen; Hannu Karvonen; Beatriz Fuentes; Alfonso Castro
Contents Enforme: Automatic Deformation of Content for Multi-features without Information Loss BIBAKFull-TextPDF 135-140
  Hiroaki Tobita

Interfaces II

Authenticated Tangible Interaction using RFID and Depth-Sensing Cameras BIBAKFull-TextPDF 141-144
  Florian Klompmaker; Holger Fischer; Helge Jung
Generic Brain-computer Interface for Social and Human-computer Interaction BIBAKFull-TextPDF 145-149
  Julita de la Vega Arias; Christoph Hintermüller; Christoph Guger
A Conversational System to Assist the User when Accessing Web Sources in the Medical Domain BIBAKFull-TextPDF 150-154
  Marta Gatius; Tsetsegkhand Namsrai
Face Detection CUDA Accelerating BIBAKFull-TextPDF 155-160
  Jaromír Krpec; Martin Nemec
User Attention in Mobile Devices BIBAKFull-TextPDF 161-164
  Pekka Isomursu; Minna Isomursu; Mari Ervasti

Interaction & Interface Design & Evaluation I

Semiautomatic Evaluation of Websites Usability BIBAKFull-TextPDF 165-169
  Eva Garcia; Antonio Garcia-Cabot; Luis de-Marcos; Salvador Oton; Jose-Ramon Hilera
Motion-sound Interaction Using Sonification based on Motiongrams BIBAKFull-TextPDF 170-175
  Alexander Refsum Jensenius
Touchscreen Interfaces for Visual Languages BIBAKFull-TextPDF 176-179
  Michael Hackett; Philip T. Cox
Design Guidelines for Hybrid 2D/3D User Interfaces on Tablet Devices - A User Experience Evaluation BIBAKFull-TextPDF 180-185
  Katri Salo; Leena Arhippainen; Seamus Hickey
A Usage-Centered Evaluation Methodology for Unmanned Ground Vehicles BIBAKFull-TextPDF 186-191
  Jurriaan van Diggelen; Rosemarijn Looije; Tina Mioch; Mark Neerincx; Nanja Smets

Interaction & Interface Design & Evaluation II

An Error Analysis Model for Adaptive Deformation Simulation BIBAKFull-TextPDF 192-199
  Umut Kocak; Karljohan Lundin Palmerius; Matthew Cooper
On the Evaluation of Auditory and Head-up Displays While Driving BIBAKFull-TextPDF 200-203
  Christina Dicke; Grega Jakus; Saso Tomazic; Jaka Sodnik
Evaluating the Usability and the Communicability of Grid Computing Applications BIBAKFull-TextPDF 204-207
  Cristian Rusu; Silvana Roncagliolo; Arturo Figueroa; Virginica Rusu; Dorian Gorgan
Practical Usability in XP Software Development Processes BIBAKFull-TextPDF 208-217
  Zahid Hussain; Martin Lechner; Harald Milchrahm; Sara Shahzad; Wolfgang Slany; Martin Umgeher; Thomas Vlk; Christina Koeffel; Manfred Tscheligi; Peter Wolkerstorfer

Human-robot Interaction

Emotion Recognition Through ANS Responses Evoked by Negative Emotions BIBAKFull-TextPDF 218-223
  Eun-Hye Jang; Byoung-Jun Park; Yeongji Eum; Sang-Hyeob Kim; Chul Huh; Jin-Hun Sohn
Identification of Optimal Emotion Classifier with Feature Selections Using Physiological Signals BIBAKFull-TextPDF 224-229
  Byoung-Jun Park; Eun-Hye Jang; Sang-Hyeob Kim; Chul Huh; Jin-Hun Sohn
Interacting with Navigation Devices: A Case Study BIBAKFull-TextPDF 230-235
  Javier Calle; Esperanza Albacete; Enrique Sánchez; Dolores Cuadra
Kalman Filter for Tracking Robotic Arms Using low cost 3D Vision Systems BIBAKFull-TextPDF 236-240
  Enrique Martinez-Berti; Antonio-José Sanchez-Salmerón; Francesc Benimeli
Predicting Performance and Situation Awareness of Robot Operators in Complex Situations by Unit Task Tests BIBAKFull-TextPDF 241-246
  Tina Mioch; Nanja J. J. M. Smets; Mark A. Neerincx

Human-computer Interaction in Education and Training I

Evaluation of Cognitive Effort in the Perception of Engineering Drawings as 3D Models BIBAKFull-TextPDF 247-250
  Florin Girbacia
A Recommendation Method Based on Contents and User Feedback BIBAKFull-TextPDF 251-255
  So Ryoung Kim; Sang Min Choi; Yo Sub Han; Lae Hyun Kim
Developing a Human Computer Interaction Course for an Information Technology Major BIBAKFull-TextPDF 256-261
  Cynthia Lester
Physical Instructional Support System Using Virtual Avatars BIBAKFull-TextPDF 262-265
  Tomoaki Ogawa; Yasushi Kambayashi

Human-computer Interaction in Education and Training II

Situated Cognitive Engineering: The Requirements and Design of Automatically Directed Scenario-based Training BIBAKFull-TextPDF 266-272
  Marieke Peeters; Karel van den Bosch; John-Jules Ch. Meyer; Mark A. Neerincx
Augmented Reality in Minimally Invasive Surgery BIBAKFull-TextPDF 273-277
  Lucio Tommaso Paolis De De Paolis; Giovanni Aloisio Aloisio
Increased Cognitive Load in Resolution of Problems Caused by Human Error on New Aircrafts BIBAKFull-TextPDF 278-284
  Edgard Martins
Using Social Media for Collaborative Learning in Higher Education: A Case Study BIBAKFull-TextPDF 285-290
  Na Li; Sandy El Helou; Denis Gillet
AlgoPath: A New Way of Learning Algorithmic BIBAKFull-TextPDF 291-296
  Estelle Perrin; Sébastien Linck

Interactive Systems

Alleyoop: Interactive Information Retrieval System with Sketch Manipulations BIBAKFull-TextPDF 297-302
  Hiroaki Tobita
Interactive Hand Gesture-based Assembly for Augmented Reality Applications BIBAKFull-TextPDF 303-308
  Rafael Radkowski; Christian Stritzke
A Dance Training System that Maps Self-Images onto an Instruction Video BIBAKFull-TextPDF 309-314
  Minoru Fujimoto; Tsutomu Terada; Masahiko Tsukamoto
Interaction in Augmented Reality by Means of Z-buffer Based Collision Detection BIBAKFull-TextPDF 315-318
  Yasuyuki Souma; Hidemi Yamachi; Yasuhiro Tsujimura; Yasushi Kambayashi

User Modeling and User Focus I

The Effect of Metacognition in Cooperation on Team Behaviors BIBAKFull-TextPDF 319-325
  Kohei Nonose; Taro Kanno; Kazuo Furuta
Educational Playability Analyzing Player Experiences in Educational Video Games BIBAKFull-TextPDF 326-335
  Amer Ibrahim; Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela; Natalia Padilla Zea
User Experience: Buzzword or New Paradigm? BIBAKFull-TextPDF 336-341
  Dominique Scapin; Bernard Senach; Brigitte Trousse; Marc Pallot
Enhancing Automatic Detection of Frustration Induced During HCI with Moment-based Biosignal Features BIBAKFull-TextPDF 342-347
  Dimitris Giakoumis; Dimitrios Tzovaras; George Hassapis

User Modeling and User Focus II

Adaptivity Considerations for Enhancing User-Centric Web Experience BIBAKFull-TextPDF 348-353
  Marios Belk; Panagiotis Germanakos; Panagiotis Zaharias; George Samaras
Modality Preferences of Different User Groups BIBAKFull-TextPDF 354-359
  Benjamin Weiss; Sebastian Müller; Matthias Schulz
Users' Trust and Secure Feeling towards Cloud Services BIBAKFull-TextPDF 360-365
  Kaarina Karppinen