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iConference: iSchools Caucus iConference: Information Conference

SponsoriSchools Caucus iSchools
Years2006- 2005-
Linkhttp://iSchools.org http://www.ischools.org/site/conference/
DescriptionThe iSchools are interested in the relationship between information, people and technology. This is characterized by a commitment to learning and understanding the role of information in human endeavors. The iSchools take it as given that expertise in all forms of information is required for progress in science, business, education, and culture. This expertise must include understanding of the uses and users of information, as well as information technologies and their applications. The iConference is an annual gathering of information scholars, researchers, and practitioners who share a passion for making a difference through the study of people, information, and technology.

The iConference attracts faculty, students, and researchers, as well as government and private-sector professionals. All are welcome to join this shared, onsite experience that fosters interaction, spontaneity, reflection, and forward movement.

Edition Year Dates Location Website HCIBib Links Papers Pages
6 2011 02-08 / 02-11 Seattle, Washington 171 843
7 2012 02-07 / 02-10 Toronto, Canada 148 650
8 2013 02-12 / 02-15 Fort Worth, Texas
9 2014 03-04 / 03-07 Berlin, Germany
10 2015 03-24 / 03-27 Newport Beach, California