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CHASE: International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering

SponsorIEEE Computer Society, ACM SIGSOFT
LinkUmbrella Conference Series Home Page
IdentifiersC.CHASE - DBLP
DescriptionSoftware is created for and with a wide range of stakeholders, from customers to management, from value-added providers to customer service personnel. These stakeholders work with teams of software engineers to develop and evolve software systems that support their activities. All of these people and their interactions are central to software development. Thus, it is crucial to investigate the constantly changing human and cooperative aspects of software development, both before and after deployment, in order to understand current software practices, processes, and tools. In turn, this enables us to design tools, methods and support mechanisms for software engineering.

This workshop provides a unified forum for discussing high quality research studies, models, methods, and tools for human and cooperative aspects of software engineering. The series of CHASE workshops continue to be a meeting place for the academic, industrial, and practitioner communities interested in this area, and provide an opportunity to present and discuss works-in-progress.

Edition Year Dates Location Website HCIBib Links Papers Pages
1 2008 05-13 Leipzig, Germany 28 114
2 2009 05-17 Vancouver, Canada 22 115
3 2010 05-02 Cape Town, South Africa 18 127
4 2011 05-21 / 05-28 Honolulu, Hawaii 19 92
5 2012 06-02 Zurich, Switzerland 31 144
6 2013 05-20 San Francisco, California 32 160
7 2014 06-02 / 06-03 Hyderabad, India 25 132
8 2015 05-16 / 05-24 Florence, Italy 26 124