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Proceedings of the 23rd Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the 23rd Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
Editors:Nicholas J. Belkin; Peter Ingwersen; Mun-Kew Leong
Location:Athens, Greece
Dates:2000-Jul-24 to 2000-Jul-28
Standard No:ISBN 1-58113-226-3; ACM Order Number 606000; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IR00
  1. Salton Award Lecture
  2. Relevance
  3. Evaluation
  4. Topic Detection and Tracking
  5. Multimedia Information Retrieval
  6. Theory and Practice in Information Retrieval
  7. Natural Language Processing and Summarization for IR
  8. Information Filtering
  9. Question Answering
  10. Clustering
  11. Efficiency
  12. Hypertext Classification
  13. WWW Information Retrieval
  14. Poster Session
  15. Demonstration Session

Salton Award Lecture

On Theoretical Argument in Information Retrieval BIBPDF 1
  Stephen Robertson


Relevance and Contributing Information Types of Searched Documents in Task Performance BIBPDF 2-9
  Pertti Vakkari
Relevance Feedback with a Small Number of Relevance Judgements: Incremental Relevance Feedback vs. Document Clustering BIBPDF 10-16
  Makoto Iwayama


Do Batch and User Evaluations give The same Results? BIBPDF 17-24
  William Hersh; Andrew Turpin; Susan Price; Benjamin Chan; Dale Kramer; Lynetta Sacherek; Daniel Olson
A Novel Method for the Evaluation of Boolean Query Effectiveness Across a Wide Operational Range BIBPDF 25-32
  Eero Sormunen
Evaluating Evaluation Measure Stability BIBPDF 33-40
  Chris Buckley; Ellen M. Voorhees
IR Evaluation Methods for Retrieving Highly Relevant Documents BIBPDF 41-48
  Kalervo Jarvelin; Jaana Kekalainen

Topic Detection and Tracking

Automatic Generation of Overview Timelines BIBPDF 49-56
  Russell Swan; James Allan
Event Tracking Based on Domain Dependency BIBPDF 57-64
  Fumiyo Fukumoto; Yoshimi Suzuki
Improving text Categorization Methods For event Tracking BIBPDF 65-72
  Yiming Yang; Tom Ault; Thomas Pierce; Charles W. Lattimer

Multimedia Information Retrieval

Evaluation of a Simple and Effective Music Information Retrieval Method BIBPDF 73-80
  Stephen Downie; Michael Nelson
Phonetic Confusion Matrix Based Spoken Document Retrieval BIBPDF 81-87
  Savitha Srinivasan; Dragutin Petkovic
Multiple Evidence Combination in Image Retrieval: Diogenes Searches for People on the Web BIBPDF 88-95
  Y. Alp Aslandogan; Clement T. Yu

Theory and Practice in Information Retrieval

Link-Based and Content-Based Evidential Information in a Belief Network Model BIBPDF 96-103
  Ilmerio Silva; Berthier Ribeiro-Neto; Pavel Calado; Edleno Moura; Nivio Ziviani
The Feature Quantity: An Information Theoretic Perspective of Tfidf-Like Measures BIBPDF 104-111
  Akiko Aizawa
INSYDER -- An Information Assistant for Business Intelligence BIBPDF 112-119
  Harald Reiterer; Gabriela Mussler; Thomas M. Mann; Siegfried Handschuh
Structured Translation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval BIBPDF 120-127
  Ruth Sperer; Douglas W. Oard

Natural Language Processing and Summarization for IR

Automatic Adaptation of Proper Noun Dictionaries through Cooperation of Machine Learning and Probabilistic Methods BIBPDF 128-135
  Georgios Petasis; Alessandro Cucchiarelli; Paola Velardi; Georgios Paliouras; Vangelis Karkaletsis; Constantine D. Spyropoulos
Document Centered Approach to Text Normalization BIBPDF 136-143
  Andrei Mikheev
OCELOT: A System for Summarizing Web Pages BIBPDF 144-151
  Adam L. Berger; Vibhu O. Mittal
Extracting Sentence Segments for Text Summarization: A Machine Learning Approach BIBPDF 152-159
  Wesley T. Chuang; Jihoon Yang

Information Filtering

An Experimental Comparison of Naive Bayesian and Keyword-Based Anti-Spam Filtering with Personal E-mail Messages BIBPDF 160-167
  Ion Androutsopoulos; John Koutsias; Konstantinos V. Chandrinos; Constantine D. Spyropoulos
Text Filtering by Boosting Naive Bayes Classifiers BIBPDF 168-175
  Yu-Hwan Kim; Shang-Yoon Hahn; Byoung-Tak Zhang
Document Filtering Method using Non-Relevant Information Profile BIBPDF 176-183
  Keiichiro Hoashi; Kazunori Matsumoto; Naomi Inoue; Kazuo Hashimoto

Question Answering

Question-Answering by Predictive Annotation BIBPDF 184-191
  John Prager; Eric Brown; Anni Coden; Dragomir Radev
Bridging the Lexical Chasm: Statistical Approaches to Answer-Finding BIBPDF 192-199
  Adam Berger; Rich Caruana; David Cohn; Dayne Freitag; Vibhu Mittal
Building a Question Answering Test Collection BIBPDF 200-207
  Ellen M. Voorhees; Dawn M. Tice


Document Clustering using Word Clusters via the Information Bottleneck Method BIBPDF 208-215
  Noam Slonim; Naftali Tishby
Latent Semantic Space: Iterative Scaling Improves Precision of Inter-Document Similarity Measurement BIBPDF 216-223
  Rie Kubota Ando
An Investigation of Linguistic Features and Clustering Algorithms for Topical Document Clustering BIBPDF 224-231
  Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou; Luis Gravano; Ankineedu Maganti
The Impact of Database Selection on Distributed Searching BIBPDF 232-239
  Allison L. Powell; James C. French; Jamie Callan; Margaret Connell; Charles L. Viles


Hill Climbing Algorithms for Content-Based Retrieval of Similar Configurations BIBPDF 240-247
  Dimitris Papadias
Partial Collection Replication versus Caching for Information Retrieval Systems BIBPDF 248-255
  Zhihong Lu; Kathryn S. McKinley

Hypertext Classification

Hierarchical Classification of Web Content BIBPDF 256-263
  Susan Dumais; Hao Chen
A Practical Hypertext Catergorization Method using Links and Incrementally Available Class Information BIBPDF 264-271
  Hyo-Jung Oh; Sung Hyon Myaeng; Mann-Ho Lee

WWW Information Retrieval

Topical Locality in the Web BIBPDF 272-279
  Brian D. Davison
Interactive Internet Search: Keyword, Directory and Query Reformulation Mechanisms Compared BIBPDF 280-287
  Peter Bruza; Robert McArthur; Simon Dennis
Incorporating Quality Metrics in Centralized/Distributed Information Retrieval on the World Wide Web BIBPDF 288-295
  Xiaolan Zhu; Susan Gauch
Does "Authority" Mean Quality? Predicting Expert Quality Ratings of Web Documents BIBPDF 296-303
  Brian Amento; Loren Terveen; Will Hill

Poster Session

Document Classification on Neural Networks using Only Positive Examples BIBPDF 304-306
  Larry M. Manevitz; Malik Yousef
New Paradigms in Information Visualization BIBPDF 307-309
  Peter Au; Matthew Carey; Shalini Sewraz; Yike Guo; Stefan M. Ruger
Latent Semantic Indexing Model for Boolean Query Formulation BIBPDF 310-312
  DaeHo Baek; HeuiSeok Lim; HaeChang Rim
Generation of User Profiles for Information Filtering -- Research Agenda BIBPDF 313-315
  Tsvi Kuflik; Peretz Shoval
Variance Based Classifier Comparison in Text Catergorization BIBPDF 316-317
  Atsuhiro Takasu; Kenro Aihara
The Use of Phrases from Query Texts in Information Retrieval BIBPDF 318-320
  Masumi Narita; Yasushi Ogawa
Pseudo-Frequency Method: An Efficient Document Ranking Retrieval Method for n-Gram Indexing BIBPDF 321-323
  Yasushi Ogawa
Lexical Semantic Relatedness and Online New Event Detection BIBPDF 324-325
  Nicola Stokes; Paula Hatch; Joe Carthy
Modeling Question-Response Patterns by Scaling and Visualization BIBPDF 326-327
  Mark Rorvig
The Effect of Query Type on Subject Searching Behavior of Image Databases: An Exploratory Study BIBPDF 328-330
  Efthimis N. Efthimiadis; Raya Fidel
The Role of a Judge in a User Based Retrieval Experiment BIBPDF 331-333
  Mingfang Wu; Michael Fuller; Ross Wilkinson
Auto-Construction of a live Thesaurus From search Term Logs For interactive web search BIBPDF 334-336
  Shui-Lung Chuang; Hsiao-Tieh Pu; Wen-Hsiang Lu; Lee-Feng Chien
Cognitive Approach for Building User Model in an Information Retrieval Context BIBPDF 337-338
  Amina Sayeb Belhassen; Nabil Ben Abdallah; Henda Hadjami Ben Ghezala
Multimedia Information Retrieval from Recorded Presentations BIBPDF 339-341
  Wolfgang Hurst; Rainer Muller; Christoph Mayer
Influence of Speech Recognition Errors on Topic Detection BIBPDF 342-344
  J. Scott McCarley; Martin Franz
Word Document Density and Relevance Scoring BIBPDF 345-347
  Martin Franz; J. Scott McCarley
Ranking Digital Images using Combination of Evidences BIBPDF 348-350
  Iadh Ounis
Collaborative Filtering and the Generalized Vector Space Model BIBPDF 351-353
  Ian Soboroff; Charles Nicholas
Theme-Based Retrieval of Web News BIBPDF 354-356
  Nuno Maria; Mario J. Silva
Stemming and its Effects on TFIDF Ranking BIBPDF 357-359
  Mark Kantrowitz; Behrang Mohit; Vibhu Mittal
Exploration of a Heuristic Approach to Threshold Learning in Adaptive Filtering BIBPDF 360-362
  Chengxiang Zhai; Peter Jansen; David A. Evans
On the Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Information Retrieval BIBPDF 363-365
  M. Catherine McCabe; Jinho Lee; Abdur Chowdhury; David Grossman; Ophir Frieder
SWAMI: A Framework for Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Development and Evaluation BIBPDF 366-368
  Danyel Fisher; Kris Hildrum; Jason Hong; Mark Newman; Megan Thomas; Rich Vuduc
Learning Probabilistic Models of the Web BIBPDF 369-371
  Thomas Hofmann
Effects of Out of Vocabulary Words in Spoken Document Retrieval BIBPDF 372-374
  P. C. Woodland; S. E. Johnson; P. Jourlin; K. Sparck Jones
Towards an Adaptive and Task-Specific Ranking Mechanism in Web Searching BIBPDF 375-376
  Chen Ding; Chi-Hung Chi
Beyond the Traditional Query Operators BIBPDF 377-378
  Chen Ding; Chi-Hung Chi
Bayes Optimal Metasearch: A Probabilistic Model for Combining the Results of Multiple Retrieval Systems BIBPDF 379-381
  Javed A. Aslam; Mark Montague
Information Access for Context-Aware Appliances BIBPDF 382-384
  Gareth J. F. Jones; Peter J. Brown
Finding Relevant Passages using Noun-Noun Compounds: Coherence vs. Proximity BIBPDF 385-387
  Eduard Hoenkamp; Rob de Groot

Demonstration Session

Semantic Explorer -- Navigation in Documents Collections; Proxima Daily -- Learning Personal Newspaper BIBPDF 388
  Vadim Asadov; Serge Shumsky
Integrated Search Tools for Newspaper Digital Libraries BIBPDF 389
  S. L. Mantzaris; B. Gatos; N. Gouraros; P. Tzavelis
Managing Photos with AT&T Shoebox BIBPDF 390
  Timothy J. Mills; David Pye; David Sinclair; Kenneth R. Wood
ClusterBook, A Tool for Dual Information Access BIBPDF 391
  Gheorghe Muresan; David J. Harper; Ayce Goker; Peter Lowit
Uexkull: An Interactive Visual User Interface for Document Retrieval in Vector Space BIBPDF 392
  Michael Preminger; Sandor Daranyi
TimeMine: Visualizing Automatically Constructed Timelines BIBPDF 393
  Russell Swan; James Allan
The Cambridge University Multimedia Document Retrieval Demo System BIBPDF 394
  A. Tuerk; S. E. Johnson; P. Jourlin; K. Sparck Jones; P. C. Woodland