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GW 1996: Gesture Workshop

Fullname:GW 1996: Progress in Gestural Interaction, Proceedings of Gesture Workshop '96
Editors:Philip A. Harling; Alistair D. N. Edwards
Location:University of York, UK
Publisher:Springer 1997
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1371
Standard No:ISBN 3-540-76094-6; hcibib: GW96
Pages:251; 245
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website (defunct)
Introduction BIB 5
  Philip A. Harling
Towards Appearance-Based Multi-Channel Gesture Recognition BIB 7-16
  G. J. Sweeney; Andy C. Downton
ARGo: An Architecture for Sign Language Recognition and Interpretation BIB 17-30
  Annelies Braffort
Real-time Video-based Recognition of Sign Language Gestures using Guided Template Matching BIB 31-38
  Alistair Sutherland
Analyzing Human Gestural Motions using Acceleration Sensors BIB 39-59
  Frank G. Hofmann; Gsünter Hommel
Architectural Models of Gesture Systems BIB 61-73
  Monica Bordegoni; Giorgio P. Faconti
Hand Tension as a Gesture Segmentation Cue BIB 75-88
  Philip A. Harling; Alistair D. N. Edwards
Gesture in Human-Machine Communication: capture, analysis-synthesis, recognition, semantics BIB 89-95
  Sylvie Gibet; Annelies Braffort; Christophe Collet; F. Forest; Rachid Gherbi; Thierry Lebourque
Navigation in 3D using the "Flying Fish" BIB 97-104
  David Allport
Feeling It as well as Seeing It -- Haptic Display within Gestural HCI for Multimedia Telematics Services BIB 105-116
  Andrew Hardwick; Jim Rush; Stephen Furner; John Seton
Real Time Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition as a 3D Input Device for Graphical Applications BIB 117-129
  Richard Bowden; Tony Heap; David Hogg
3D Deformable Hand Models BIB 131-139
  Tony Heap; David Hogg
Structural Analysis of Co-verbal Deictic Gesture in Multimodal Dialogue Systems BIB 141-153
  Nadia Bellalem; Laurent Romary
A Hand Data Model for Gesture Recognition BIB 155-163
  S. Ben Salem; R. B. Yates
Non-Emblematic Gestures for Estimating Mood BIB 165-171
  A. Stove
How Do Users Manipulate Graphical Icons? An Empirical Study BIB 173-185
  Sandrine Robbe; Noelle Carbonell; Pierre Dauchy
GRIGRI: Gesture Recognition on Interactive Graphical Radar Image BIB 187-198
  Christophe P. Mertz; Patrick Lecoanet
Semantic Representations of Situations that Fit their Description in a Sign Language BIB 199-206
  F. Forest
The Development of a Glove-based Input System as part of the Sign PS Project BIB 207-215
  J. Cracknell; C. Ramsay; A. Cairns; P. Gregor; I. Ricketts
Synthesis of Hand-Arm Gestures BIB 217-225
  Thierry Lebourque; Sylvie Gibet
Gesture Orientation and Trajectory Deformation in Three Dimensional Space BIB 227-234
  M. Ghafouri; F. Lestienne
A Mathematical Model for Hand-Shape Analysis BIB 235-245
  Richard J. Millar; G. F. Crawford